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Private lessons and tutoring - Academic tutoring
SuperPROF provides tuitions and academic tutoring through our wide network of qualified and certified private teachers in the United Kingdom, as well as highly experienced students offering tutoring sessions for all levels (from primary school to post-graduate studies). Our private tutors offer tuition services and private lessons for the following subjects:
Academic tutoring lessons  - afterschool pick-up & Baby-sitting lessons  - methodology lessons  - school support lessons
Tutoring sessions during your studies or professional training, our private teachers and tutors in the United Kingdom are available to give you in-home or online private lessons. Get in touch with as many private tutors as needed and find the right match for you:
Literature lessons  - physics lessons  - mathematics lessons  - engineering lessons  - marketing lessons  - chemistry lessons
Languages private lessons for all levels
During your studies, professional training or simply for your pleasure, our native speaker or trained language tutors provide you with literature, conversation lessons or exam preparation tutoring. We invite you to choose private teachers among a broad pool of selected in-home tutors in the United Kingdom that meet your needs and then check their availability and book your first lesson:
French lessons  - eSOL lessons  - chinese lessons  - spanish lessons  - italian lessons  - arabic lessons
Achieve a healthy spirit in a healthy body since we offer private lessons in the United Kingdom in an extended range of team sports or individual sports, combat sports, martial arts, winter sports, etc. Our individual teachers for sports are sport coaches, certified teachers or amateurs who wish to share their passion for sports. Take a look at the lessons ads and pick up the sport you want to practice:
Fitness lessons  - danse lessons  - running lessons  - boxing lessons  - yoga lessons  - swimming lessons
Arts, hobbies and extracurricular activities
At SuperPROF, we also take care of your leisure and extracurricular activities for children. Music, arts and all sorts of recreational activities and hobbies. All lessons ads displayed on SuperPROF are sorted out by competency and availability of the private teachers in the United Kingdom. Students can write reviews and leave comments about past private lessons:
Painting lessons  - chess lessons  - sculpture lessons  - architecture lessons  - oenology lessons  - knitting lessons