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Davis Dyslexia Tutoring and Angela's Piano Tutoring in Portsmouth - Experienced in Dyslexia and Autism - I have been a Certified Danks Davis Dyslexia Tutor since 2006 and I have been teaching Piano si

Piano Lessons in the comfort and convenience of your own home: I have been teaching piano since 2008; Learn the songs/pieces you love at your own pace; ABRSM exams/Music Theory; experienced working with children with Dyslexia and Special Educational Needs.

Danks Davis Dyslexia Tutoring: for Bright Children who Aren't Learning TM
Does your child or student need help? Do they:
* Find it difficult to read?
* Find it difficult to spell?
* Appear not to obey you?
* Find comprehension difficult?
* Find it difficult to transfer thoughts to paper?
* Forget when given more than one instruction?
My tutoring programme assists with overcoming such problems and gives life-long success!
* Individual Tuition specialising in Dyslexia, Spelling, Reading and Comprehension.
* Seven Steps to Literary Success
* Opening the Mind to the World of Words

I teach school support, academic tutoring, reading, school english. For the level(s)primary, secondary, adult education.
I give lessons in person, at the student's home.

Ang's Experience

I have taught many students aged 5-18 the Danks Davis Method which specialises in Dyslexia, Spelling, Reading and Comprehension. The students really enjoy this method and it has been successful with all of them. This is separate from my Piano Teaching, although these areas can be combined and many students have both lessons with me.

In Piano Teaching, my aim is that students gain enjoyment from the lessons and I aim to teach them what they want to learn in a way which is challenging yet achievable. My students also learn about music theory, how to read music and how to play the piano with a good technique. Many of my students have taken exams through ABRSM or Trinity College; this has yielded a 100% pass rate with several students being awarded Merit or Distinction.

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Blackpool England is where i live,the subjects i teach are English for children
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Friendly and outgoing primary school teacher covers all areas of primary curriculum
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