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GCSE or Secondary Education Level English Literature/Creative Writing Tutoring - Clevedon Area

I am a College student offering GCSE/Secondary Level English Tutoring In Clevedon. I was a A/B Level standard at GCSE and am an A grade English Literature A-Level student. I would use multiple resources, activities and tests to get your child through their exams or to improve their grades and would use the methods they find the best in order to help them. If these methods are unknown, one of my aims will be to help them find their preferred studying method. I will make sure to set out a list of aims and targets for us to accomplish in our time together in order to efficiently help the child.

I cannot travel around.

I teach reading, school english, modern literature, creative writing. For the level(s)GCSE.
I give lessons in person, at my home.

Melanie's Experience

Although I have not been paid to give lessons to students before, I have helped many family friends through exams, helping them from C grades to B/A grades in a course of a few months without regular sessions just by giving advice on revision methods. I appreciate all children are different and some may need more support than others but I am a patient, compassionate person who loves teaching, and so I understand the time and care it takes to encourage and support a student through education.

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