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A* professional English tutor with 10 years of experience in the field of teaching

If you are looking for a qualified maths, science (physics, chemistry and maths), business studies and economics,lecturer and tutor to help in your education then you are looking at the right profile. I have track record of not only facilitating and guiding reading, writing, oral language skills but also delivering reading intervention instructions.

PhD in Engineering is willing to help anyone who struggles with maths, engineering or undergraduate dissertations. Love to proof read scientific reports. Based in Exeter, Devon but always online!

Hello! I'm a postgraduate researcher, working on phd in engineering and nanoscience. My background is civil engineering and i got the highest mark in the class on my undergraduate thesis (83%). I'll be very happy to help anyone who struggles with writing scientific/engineering reports.

A-Level English Literature student who gives secondary level English Literature and Language lessons

I am a current a-level student, who completed their gcses last year and i tutor secondary school students, from year 7-11. I am an open and friendly teacher, whose age proximity can make the process of tutoring less daunting for you/your child.

(3 reviews)
Classical Civilisation tutor with degree in South London, History and literature predominantly

I have been tutoring mostly to teenagers and aim to get them to actively engage in the more exciting sides of the subjects. I will be working with you to encourage your own interpretations of works and justifications, this is to help encourage further development rather than simply spoon-feeding answers.

(2 reviews)
Doctoral Student in English Literature Gives English Lessons to Pupils and Students

I am a doctoral student and teaching assistant in english at the university of exeter. I would be happy to teach english to anyone from primary school to university level, including test and exam preparations. My teaching principle: 'teachers open the doors, but you must enter yourself.

(2 reviews)
Doctoral graduate in Shakespeare and Theatre gives literature, English and theatre lessons to students at home and online. Dissertation, thesis and CV guidance also available.

I have a phd degree in shakespeare studies (university of birmingham). I give literature, english, theatre and film lessons to graduate and undergraduate students at home and online. I have experience teaching at an undergraduate level in the uk, and understand how university lessons are structured and how assignments are graded.

(3 reviews)
Experienced primary English teacher, based in UK, available for online and local tutoring

I am an experienced primary teacher who is up to date with the new curriculum. My teaching style encourages children to perform to the best of their ability. I am always up for a challenge and a tailor made curriculum for a child, incorporating a favourite topic, book or character will help develop a passion that can change attitudes to learning.

(2 reviews)
Hebden Bridge
Qualified Teacher of Secondary English and Study-Skills expert, teaching around Hebden Bridge and online.

I teach english language and literature at all levels from primary to undergraduate. I am also studying for a masters degree which combines the study of neuroscience and psychology with education. That is my approach to teaching, too. I teach in ways that work with my students' minds and brains to provide them with the best education possible.

(4 reviews)
Sixth form student doing English literature, sociology and economics at A level standard, who gives English lessons to primary school pupils in London.

I am an a level student studying english literature, sociology and economics at sixth form. My lessons will be fun, which will help your child develop key memory skills for future tests or indeed future success. I am a fun, creative teacher who will understand your child's way of thinking and working.

(2 reviews)
Qualified teacher with five years experience specialising in English and Maths tutoring

I am a qualified teacher with five years teaching experience. I believe that all children can learn, they just need to find the right person to teach them. I am looking forward to helping all children achieve their goals and work to the best of their ability.

(2 reviews)
Highly experienced Academic English Tutor based in Glasgow to assist you with your university writing skills.

I have 13 years experience of working with international students to offer you. My previous students have shown great improvement in their academic english skills and ielts & cambridge university examinations whilst tutoring with me. I will conduct a needs analysis with each tutee in order to tailor classes for the skills area in which improvement is necessary.

(1 review)
Sheffield based English Literature tutor - current English Literature MA student + two years of teaching experience

I am currently completing an ma in english literature. I also work part-time as a teaching assistant, working with students with special educational needs and autism. I offer lessons in english literature to students of all ages hoping to improve in this subject area. I believe that every student is unique and i design lessons around an individual student's needs.

(1 review)
Teacher of Religious Education and Philosophy with Head of Department experience and Teach First training. Cambridge and London based tuition or online tuition available.

As a teacher of religious education with head of department experience, i have taught across the key stages from ks3, ks4, and ks5. My academic background consists of a ba in theology and religious studies with first class honours. My teacher training was through the charity teach first, from which i gained my pgce and nqt qualifications with an outstanding grade.

MPhil Classics graduate offering Greek and Latin tutoring from GCSE to research level

Simply put - i am a very enthusiastic classics student and i would enjoy the opportunity to help other students with their studies; willing to offer academic tutoring from secondary school to postgraduate level.

(1 review)
GCSE, A-Level Philosophy & Politics: Philosophy of Language, Phenomenology, Ethics, Political Theory and International Relations

I'm currently a philosophy ma student studying at ucl. Having completed a joint honours undergraduate in politics and philosophy i offer a personable tutoring service to aid students in their gcse and a-level courses. Lesson structure is tailored to each student and their curriculum with special emphasis placed on assignment writing and improvement.

(1 review)
Actor, classics and drama (1:1) graduate, gives history, classics, English and creative writing (secondary) lessons and KS1/2 extension and support. .

I am supportive, warm and take pride in encouraging students to improve and gain confidence in their studies and in finding that a deep sense of enjoyment and empowerment. Passionate about education, i teach students between the ages of 6-16, either for academic support or extension, i also specialise in working with sen students.

Manchester ENGLAND Private English and Mathematics Tuition, Ages 5 - 12, Differing Abilities

* located in manchester, england * expertise and experience as a private english and mathematics tutor * catering for primary school students of differing abilities Subjects for primary school students include english and mathematics. In english, students follow a phonics-based program and learn to read, write, speak and listen.

Qualitative Researcher (Master of Research) gives dissertation and research support to undergraduate and masters students in Manchester

I am a social science student (phd) and i tutor students at master, undergraduate and certificate level, helping them achieve success in business, management, marketing, advertising and other social sciences. My tutoring is provided one-on-one, but much of the preparatory work is agreed to on the telephone.

Freelance playwright and theatre director gives academic, drama dn english lessons in Carlisle.

I am a 22 year old freelance playwright and theatre director, currently working with london producers. I established my own production company during my degree and am now working to help develop the skills of others. I am enthusiastic about teaching and like to lead practical and creative sessions as i believe this helps students retain the information they have learnt.

Newcastle upon Tyne
Creative Writing Master's student gives English Literature and Grammar lessons in Newcastle Upon Tyne at home

I am a student of master's in creative writing at northumbria university with a bachelor's degree in english literature from india. I give lessons in english, grammar, reading, writing and literature. My lesson structure is generally simple and precise with instructions about grammar and writing techniques.

English Language (EFL) and Academic tutor with 5 years experience for all levels

My specialist topics as a tutor are english language and literature. I graduated from the university of strathclyde in 2010 with a 2:1 degree in english. With this qualification i moved to south korea and i was an english language teacher for two years.

To generate understanding through real life experience, while finding the right way to relate a concept to something from a student's every life is often a key to successful comprehension.

Encouraging tutees to contribute as many students can be nervous when learning in a one-on-one environment for the first time. It is critical to be patient with them, and build their confidence through encouragement and praise. My current goal is to help the tutee become comfortable and confident in the subject, even if they occasionally make mistakes.

Fully qualified and highly experienced teacher with outstanding track record for academic success will coach you to improve your academic skills for speedy, efficient and effective success

I am highly experienced in teaching esol, business studies and management from entry level to level 6 both in private schools and further education colleges in the uk, using varied teaching approaches and methodologies, to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. I use a coaching approach to stimulate insights and generate creative solutions.

(1 review)
A Southampton based Law Undergraduate who teaches History, Literature, Spanish and Classics from GCSE to advanced level.

I prefer to teach on a one to one basis, open to skype sessions and occasional travel for students who live further away. I give lessons for gcses, as, a level and degree (for spanish). My preferred methodology is to teach students how to learn from mistakes; trial and error. I create min-essays and tests to reinforce knowledge.

Isabelle violet
St. Andrews Graduate Looking to Help you Through the ins and Outs of English

I have lots of experience in tutoring and mentoring students. I was hired by my school to be a professional after-school mentor to a classroom of twenty students aged 12-17 to lead independent study while helping them individually with their problems. I have also done private tutoring for improvement of the english language.

Law Graduate giving private lessons in academic tutoring, GCSE english, GCSE science and Law online

My name is nabila and i am a law graduate. I am giving online lessons to undergraduate law students and for those studying a level psychology and gcse english and science. I will also be happy to help students with exam revision and will pass on tips and techniques to help them achieve the best grades, which i know worked for me and for my students.

(1 review)
The Suspension Bridge of Disbelief: Master's Qualified, able to tutor philosophy, politics, and literature in Bristol

Hi everyone, Philosophy, politics, and literary studies can be some of the most exciting and enlightening things to study; providing us with insights into the inner workings of human society, lenses through which we can understand the world anew, and the ability to think critically about ourselves and the world around us.

Amy jane
Highly-qualified and professional academic tutor available to teach students of all ages

Having worked in the city of london for 7 years, i have now transitioned to working as a full-time academic tutor and freelancer, specialising in english language and literature, and french and russian as foreign languages (oral and written) across all ages and levels of ability.

Experienced, flexible, engaging, personalised English tutor with a focus on achieving success.

Hello! I will help you grow in your english abilities, whether english is your first or second language and you are 9 or 109. I have over 20 years’ experience in english teaching and assessment, including being a head of english, developing literacy skills, and consulting for exam boards and publishers.

Enthusiastic and Experienced English, Sociology, History and Humanities Tutor in Cardiff - Doctorate Researcher in English Literature at Cardiff University

I am a phd student pursuing research in the field of literature and gender studies. My interest lies in the field of english literature as well as in the subjects history, economics, politics, social science and anthropology as some of them were my core modules in my ba and ma studies. I hope to pass on my enthusiasm for these subjects to my students as a tutor.

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3 months ago

Margareth é molto professionale e puntuale nel suo lavoro; grazie a lei ho superato bene l'esame d'inglese all'università. Scrivi testi molto chiari e coincisi ed è stata un aiuto prezioso.

(1 review)

Cristina è stata molto seria e precisa. Nel complesso l'esperienza e' stata gratificante e positiva!

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Hi , I am Mohannad and i am studying in the UK and i will be starting my A-level course on September 2015 .However at the meantime i am staying in belgium to prepare myself to start my A-level strongly because i am aiming to acheive the A and A*...

2 years ago
Professionnel en sciences donne cours particuliers de maths , physique et informatique tous niveaux...