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Quality Tutor for Math,Physics,Chemistry - GCSE & A level in Grays, Essex

I'm an experienced teacher of gcse and a-level maths, physics, chemistry, computer. I'm currently teaching gcse and a level student. I've honours degree beng (hons) in electrical and electronic engineering from london southbank university. I've always achieved a* in maths and science. I've also achieved 1st class marks in mathematics and science related subjects in university.

All the chemistry tips and notes you need brought to your home!

I tutor all age-groups in science and maths. My teaching style comprises: preparation of comprehensive as well as aesthetically pleasing notes for my students, regular practice questions to build their confidence followed by more abstract problems to further challenge them.

Imperial College Chemistry, Focus on A Level Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Capable of all GCSE Sciences and Maths

A* in chemistry mathematics and physics a level. Tutee can come to me with an area he/she finds troublesome, and i will structure my lessons around this problem and tackle his/her fundamental issues which would ultimately lead to clear understanding. I believe the key to success is practice, however i am not the one to set too much homework.

Recent Forensic Science graduate gives lessons on chemistry and other science subjects including biology and mathematics.

Hello! :) i am a recent msc in forensic science graduate who loves teaching. I am proficient and more than happy to give lessons in science, especially biology and chemistry, including both fundamental levels and more specific levels like analytical or organic chemistry. I also have a strong background in mathematics.

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University student giving maths, physics and chemistry lectures to pre-university pupils in Mid Lothian, Edinburgh

I take a very practical approach to teaching, and aim to address areas of difficulty with the pupil before testing their knowledge on the subject with a series of questions to stretch their ability. This can include past papers to acclimatise the student to the type of questions they will face.

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Combe Down
Biomedical Sciences student at University of Bath, giving Biology and Chemistry lessons for GCSE and AS Level in Bath/London

I am a biomedical sciences student at university of bath but originally from north london. I have been a tutor for gcse biology, chemistry, physics, maths and history for a year now and am currently teaching as level biology and chemistry while at university. I consider myself to be a very approachable and a friendly character; and have had a lot of experience with children.

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GCSE/A-Level Chemistry tuition from Oxford Chemistry Masters student with over 100 hours experience

I'm tom, and i'm currently in fourth year of reading chemistry at oxford, undertaking a masters project in chemistry education. I have extensive experience tutoring both online and in person, and my pedagogy involves setting learning objectives, asking frequent, concise questions and guiding students so they can work things out for themselves, which has proven to be effective in the past.

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Master of Engineering holder, providing lessons in all sciences, maths and engineering from primary to undergraduate

My name is natalie wireko-brobbey, and i primarily give lessons to 10-19 year olds.

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Imperial College London Chemistry Undergraduate offering Chemistry, Maths and Biology tuition to secondary, GCSE and A-level students.

Currently studying for a masters degree in chemistry at imperial college london, i am offering friendly and comprehensive tuition in chemistry, maths and biology for those wanting to improve their scientific/mathematical knowledge in preparation for gcse/a-level exams.

Satish kumar
(2 reviews)
Chemistry is the subject not to learn but to live with fun

Teaching is not the way how you want to deliver your contents to the students but it is the way how the students need to grasp and involve themselves in the interest of the subject. Teaching shouldn't be the burden for the students but it should be the style that attracts the students towards the subject.

(1 review)
CHEMISTRY & MATHS SPECIALIST - One of the capital's very finest :)

+ 1000+ hours tutoring experience + honours degree in engineering from ucl + a*a*a at a-level + a*a*a*a*a*aaaaaa at gcse + first gcse exam taken at age 12 + 2 years experience at exclusive, central london tuition firms + firms charged £100+/h + now starting my own business

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Enthusiastic Oxford University Biochemistry Graduate, keen to tutor Biology and Chemistry to students in Darlington and Newton Aycliffe

As an enthusiastic learner, i've developed a number of successful ways to learn. I understand that different people learn in different ways and believe in trialling lots of techniques to optimise learning. Further, i am keen to inspire students and provide context to what they are learning to help them build a genuine interest in the area.

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An A* GCSE and A-Level Maths Tutor in Streatham and Mitcham area

I can teach maths, chemistry and biology to anyone in a-levels and below My way of teaching will be going through the content first and then go through as many past papers as possible to excel in answering any type of exam questions

(1 review)
Master of explanation, biology mastermind who teaches science periodically... enthusiastic tutor seeking enthusiastic tutees!

My teaching style is tailored to the individual and their needs. Each student learns differently and different styles will work better than others.

M irtaza
(1 review)
Imperial Physics student giving maths and chemistry lessons to GCSE/A-Level-students in London

~non-technical ~tailored to individualistic demands ~patient and gentle ~respectful and timely ~serious, enjoyable sessions that will not only ignite curiosity about what they've learned in the pupil's mind but also leave them understanding the subject better ~exam-focused approach, to ace those papers and get-in-to-desired uni!

(1 review)
Experienced and dedicated teacher, gives chemistry and mathematics lessons to GCSE level students and chemistry lessons to AS, A, IB and university pupils in Lisburn and Belfast.

I have more than 2 years of university level teaching experience. I hold a ph. d . In chemistry with six peer reviewed publications. I work towards building a fundamental understanding of the subject and can tailor the teaching style according to need of the student.

A-Level tuition and below in maths and physical sciences, engineering student, London

Hi! I'm a second year undergraduate studying aerospace materials at imperial college. I am here because i want to help you maximise your potential. We can do this by targeting your strengths and weaknesses , revisiting theory to get conceptual understanding, testing the knowledge using past paper questions with and without resources under timed conditions.

Chemistry and maths lessons for GCSE and A-level students in Greater Manchester by postgraduate chemistry student

I am a postgraduate chemistry student and am looking to teach gsce and a-level student maths and sciences. I am an experienced tutor, having given classes both formally and informally, and am passionate about both learning and passing on my knowledge. My teaching philosophy is simple: practice makes perfect.

University Masters Student offering maths, science and P.E. tutoring, with experience in care work, A at Maths A-Level and A* at Maths/P.E. GCSE's

Step by step logical progressions underpinned by the exam board specification for the subject and directed by your curriculum and areas you are currently covering or having difficulty with. I am patient, caring and meticulous in my work - i will put as much in as you do.

Oxford University engineering student tutoring science and maths online and in person

I plan tutorials which reflect the student's level of understanding, with all tutees having access to notes, including suggested exam questions, which they can annotate, or use as a memory-aid following the tutorial. A focus on practice questions allows students to gain confidence with the exact problems they'll see in the exams.

Professional and reliable graduate gives science lessons with a special interest for Biology in Derby

I use different ways of tutoring to suit my tutee's learning styles and prepare thoroughly. I believe that encouragement is key and am very supportive. I feel that all students can achieve with the right guidance, appoach and attitude. I do not give up easily and and willing to always give the best of my ability to the job in hand.

Oxford Chemistry PhD for lessons in Chemistry and Math at levels from Key Stage to A-Levels (Willesden Green)

I am forthcoming chemistry phd student at university of oxford keen to teach chemistry and mathematic at all levels from primary school to a-level. I try to make my teaching fun and engaging for students.

Masters of Biomedical Sciences Graduate - South West London - Teaching Chemistry, Biology and Philosophy and Ethics

After spending four years studying for a masters in biomedical science and graduating with a first from the university of southampton, i moved into science and communication. This taught me the fundamental details of science and more importantly how to provide information to a specific audience. I help students by catering to their needs when it comes to teaching.

Experienced science teacher gives chemistry (to A level), physics and EAL lessons

Calm, patient and supportive. Lesson starter to focus your thinking and assess your initial level. Explanations, demonstrations and exploration giving you new knowledge and skills. Practice of new learning, going through past exam questions and a final assessment.

(1 review)
Chemical Engineering student at Imperial College, offer tutoring for Maths, Chemistry, Physics at A/AS level, GCSE, Secondary and Primary school pupils in London

My name is ferdinand, i am currently in my first year, studying chemical engineering at imperial college london. I am offering lessons to as/a level, gcse, secondary and primary students in math, physics and chemistry. My learning techniques include visualisation, questioning, and practice.

(1 review)
University Student studying Biochemistry, giving maths, chemistry and biology tuition in Portsmouth

I'm currently studying biochemistry at university and i give chemistry, biology and maths lessons, teaching students in primary school all the way up to gcse students in portsmouth. I've helped many children get into their first choice secondary schools via the 11 + and will help your child as much as i can.

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Medicine and Medical Sciences Tutoring at A-Level or Degree Level in London from Graduate Medical Student

I am a second year distinction level graduate medical student at barts and the london school of medicine and previously graduated from bristol with a degree in biochemistry. I teach a-level chemistry and biology and degree-level medicine.

(1 review)
Experienced Graduate Teacher and Specialist OCR Assessor - Biology & Chemistry for GCSE and A Levels

Following are the subjects and age groups i have taught; 1 . Biology for gcse and a level students 2 . Chemistry for gcse students 3 . Science for ks3 students The classes were conducted as groups and one to one. The more you engage the student the more they understand, this will help a personalised learning experience for the student.

Materials Science & Engineering, Post Graduate Student at The University of Manchester. Have experience in teaching Physics, Maths and Chemistry at the A-Levels, and good knowledge of Chemical Enginee

I am a post graduate student at the university of manchester. I have an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering. I have experience of giving lessons in physics, chemistry and mathematics to the high school and senior secondary school students.

Chemistry, biology and life sciences lessons from an experienced life sciences professional

I am a very experienced life sciences professional having worked in research laboratories at glasgow and strathclyde universities for around 5 years. I tutor at all levels and teach science as a skill and of course for passing exams well.

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Ask for Jasmine

Hello! I am a GCSE student and am currently revising for a Chemistry test (which involves: The reactivity series, displacement reactions, extracting metals, salts from metal, salts from insoluble bases, making more salts, neutralisation and the pH...

1 month ago
(1 review)
Combe Down
Biomedical Sciences student at University of Bath, giving Biology and Chemistry lessons for GCSE and AS Level...

Ask for Jasmine

Hello! I am a GCSE student and am currently revising for a Chemistry test (which involves: The reactivity series, displacement reactions, extracting metals, salts from metal, salts from insoluble bases, making more salts, neutralisation and the pH...

1 month ago
(1 review)
Combe Down
Biomedical Sciences student at University of Bath, giving Biology and Chemistry lessons for GCSE and AS Level...