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Sheffield Student with Chemistry Degree, and Biology and Maths A Levels. Available to tutor Chemistry up to A-Level; Maths, Biology, Physics and Combined Science up to GCSE

I am a masters' student who is happy to give tutoring to all young people from primary to a-level, as well as any adult learners who wish to boost their knowledge at this level. I am friendly and just want students to do their best. I can help with revision techniques for gcse/a-level students.

Ammar abdulsahib
An experience and friendly approach PhD-Analytical-Organic Chemistry graduate ready to offer private tuition in science subjects including chemistry and Biology for students of different levels

Am flexible and friendly tutor, who would love to teach and feel that students understand fully. I always try hard to make sure students achieve their targets with a full understanding of the subject. I would like to use a variety of visual aids during my teaching, i make it interesting and practical in nature. I apply different teaching methods based on the need and ability of the students.

Chemist with several years of experience, give chemistry private lessons at home.

I explain the main concepts in a more simple way as possible, Being very clear, synthetic and focusing on the key matters of chemistry. Usually i give several exercises to improve the chemistry understanding, because i believe that it's the better way.

Experienced Chemical Engineer teaching Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering to students of all ages. Based in the North West, UK

I am a masters level qualified chemical engineer about to begin studying a phd at the university of manchester. Offering lessons in maths, physics, chemistry and computing for gcse, a-level and undergraduate level students. I always teach subjects from a practical perspective, drawing on industrial engineering experience to connect theory to problem solving in the real world.

M irtaza
Imperial Physics student giving maths and chemistry lessons to GCSE/A-Level-students in London

~non-technical ~tailored to individualistic demands ~patient and gentle ~respectful and timely ~serious, enjoyable sessions that will not only ignite curiosity about what they've learned in the pupil's mind but also leave them understanding the subject better ~exam-focused approach, to ace those papers and get-in-to-desired uni!

Medical Sciences university student in Aberdeen who will make you fall in love with science

I teach natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics) up to first year university level. My method is to make you understand the underlying mechanisms of the subject and not just memorise data. No matter how much the student is struggling with the material, if they want to learn and understand - i will be very patient and do my best to help them.

Master of Engineering holder, providing lessons in all sciences, maths and engineering from primary to undergraduate

My name is natalie wireko-brobbey, and i primarily give lessons to 10-19 year olds.

Final year university student studying Analytical Chemistry and Forensic Science, gives lessons to students in Coventry and Birmingham. Specialty in DNA isolation, analysis and interpretation.

I believe in interactive and visual learning. Aids used are animations, schematic diagrams etc. Group studying is the best way to compare notes and ideas between students attending the same classes. Repetition is key and helps memorizing information. I can make it into a fun way to avoid boring practices. Best way to study for exams is to revise using past papers.

London:Maths and Science! Best for kids KS1-GCSE EXAM/INTERVIEW practice from government and private schools.

I am a a-level student teaching kids from year 1 to year 10. I love teaching younger kids and build a good rapport with them. I also provide exam/interview practice skills from a state and private school background.

Experienced Analytical Chemist provides Chemistry and Biology lessons upto University level students

I am an experienced analytical chemist educated to master in science in analytical chemistry from loughborough university. I am very keen in teaching and would like to give lessons in chemistry and biology including (physiology and anatomy). Any questions, please contact me. I am providing first hour of tuition free of charge.

Doctoral student in Nanoscience and Chemistry, already experienced in tutoring, based in Birmingham area

I am a tutor in scientific fields, specialised in chemistry and nanoscience, with a 5 years experience supervising students in three different countries (italy, sweden, and the united kingdom). I have a solid background as a chemist, finalised by doctoral studies in chemical engineering at the university of birmingham.

Science and Engineering Postgraduate Tutoring Maths and Chemistry with 4 Years Experience

Education at ucl Msc chemical process engineering (2. 1) & bsc chemistry (2. 1) Tutoring style I focus on past papers and ensure students are realising their full potential on paper. Lessons are structured and the first lesson includes a breakdown of typical exams. Characteristics Diligent, fair, interactive, efficient.

Recent chemistry graduate gives lessons to secondary or A level pupils in north west

I am a recent chemistry graduate from the university of manchester who is friendly, approachable and very patient. I will work at whatever pace and style suits the particular student and will try to make the lessons engaging and enjoyable. I will go through whatever the student is struggling with and explain thoroughly.

Medical Science graduate with a few years of experience in teaching around the UK and abroad

Teaching properly is achieved if a student walks out of the class with genuine interest in a topic. That's what i try to convey during my lessons; my interest in science mixed with the genuine curiousity of a person who is constantly learning new things. I enjoy a conversation style lesson and find it beneficial for students when they begin to relate a topic to their own lives.

Aberdeen-based chemistry PhD student offering tuition for secondary pupils in science subjects.

I am a final-year chemistry phd student, and teach up to first year undergraduate level in science, specialising in chemistry. I'm happy to teach in-person or over skype. My lesson structure is pupil-dependent, but my preferred method is to use problems to try to encourage understanding.

Biological Sciences Undergraduate student, gives biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics lessons from primary school, up to GCSE level, with biology up to AS and A2 levels.

I am a very motivated, patient, friendly, learning enthusiast and can give science and maths lessons to pupils starting from primary school, all the way to gcse level, with biology all the way to a levels. As an aspiring neurobiologist, i understand the complex, intricate neuronal pathways that form during learning, and how to reinforce them, leading to a higher learning capacity in a shorter time.

PhD Student in Biology/Psychology/Medicine In Essex Is Ready to Pass on her Knowledge!

I am currently studying for my phd in psychological medicine. I graduated last year with a first class pharmacology degree from newcastle university and have experience working in a variety of laboratories. I received 11 a*s in my gcses and 2 a*s (maths, chemistry) and 3 as (biology, psychology, french) in my a-levels.

Plymouth University Chemistry graduate gives chemistry tuition from secondary school to A level standards in Plymouth

I am 21 years old and have recently been awarded a bachelor of science in chemistry with second class honours (upper divison) from plymouth university. I feel the only way to effectively learn anything is to be able to complete understand it first, and i believe that i am excellent at explaining difficult to understand concepts in ways that are made complicated in textbooks and online sources.

Highly experienced Dental University student gives Maths, Chemistry, Biology lessons to students from primary school through to A-Levels.

I am a dental student at king's college london offering private online tuition for students at primary school through to a-levels. I am very experienced at teaching, i have taught lessons privately, tutored as a group and also run my own tutoring business for prospective dental students. I know what type of learning style works best for each individual student.

MBA and engineer. Love to teach operations maths and quantitative analysis to students across the globe

I am based out of reading uk. I can teach you subjects either face to face or through skype and assess your assignment over mail. I can teach students of any level. I have taught students who go to school as well as students ungoing mba.

Undergraduate theoretical physics student and IB graduate teaches maths, physics, chemistry, and biology to high school students in Glasgow

I'm an ib graduate (survivor) currently studying theoretical physics at the university of glasgow. My teaching is specially suited to the new international baccalaureate syllabus, with tips for current ib students on their upcoming internally and externally assessed coursework, and cas assessment.

Englefield Green
A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. Professional teaching is not just a job i carried on for a year, but is a passion that makes my teaching style

I have been on forefront of academics since beginning of my educational carreer. Got straight 5 a's in o levels, 3 a * in a levels including chemistry, physics and mathematics as main core subjects. I then received a gold medal and held distinction in both my ba, and llb law degrees. I have also spoken at various conferences and seminars providing me ability to communicate with me fellow students.

University student in London giving online lessons in GCSE Chemistry and Maths

I'm janelle, currently studying for my mpharm (master of pharmacy) degree at kings college london. I studied at wells cathedral school before moving to the capital for university, and was also a specialist violinist there. Passions in life include music, chemistry, maths, tea and good literature. I have always loved teaching and find it incredibly rewarding.

Math tutors for under 14s plus GCSE's students with cheap price

Hi, my name is talha, I am currently doing my a levels I know that maths is not many students strongest subject, however, i am happy to help them out. I will be able to teach students who are currently doing their gcses and also students 15 and under.

I am a GCSE student looking to help and tutor children with biology and chemistry

-i am very enthusiastic and patient. -also very willing to adapt to a student's way of learning. -having a basic understanding of you is always important so that you can still have fun whilst you learn, with games, quizzes etc.

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated Tutor from Bolton. I have Postgraduate degree in Biomaterials and I teach English, Maths, Biology and chemistry up to A-levels

Identify the needs of learners and when necessary adapt course content and delivery style to meet these needs. Develop and maintain a safe and confidential relationship with tutees and parents. Provide advice and support to tutees in matters related to academic work and students’ personal development. Work with tutees to find appropriate pathways to resolve difficulties.

I am a marine engineer . I passed my bachelors from university in 2013 . from then I was working in some reputed firm . i can give lessons to children upto secondary grade . especially in science .

I used to take class for students in university. Especially science in technology and application. I feel so proud to give knowledge to those who are in need of it. I wish to teach the kids the most, because they are the ones who need it most.

Useful subjects that give the practical basics of know-how for modern living

My teaching will help to gain a good understanding in knowledge and skills that are so useful in modern life, like gcse english, maths, science, or sessions organised for the individual providing confidence and know-how with computers and websites. After a levels success, i trained in basics of ecology, then gained a degree in psychology and philosophy studies.

Seince nerd who loves to share the knowlege with other young minds

I love teaching with real life examples. Getting students envolved with examples amd activities related to stuff they enjoy. Helping them stay focused and achieve there maximum potential.

Science student teaching science and maths GCSE and below, and entrance exams, Chelmsford

I am a student teaching sciences and maths to students at gcse age or below, teaching through example, model answers, thorough exam analysis and practice. I am very calm and patient, with a strong ability to make things easy to understand.

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