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Qualified Chef Lecturer with michelin star experience teaches you to cook or develop and hone your skills around Kent

An accomplished chef lecturer with a wealth of experience in many different styles of cooking. The lessons can be tailored to your knowledge and skills so anything from beginner to advanced. Lessons can be both practical or theoretical. An active learning approach to cooking learn by doing under guidance.

Native German&Italian speaker living in Germany gives lessons via skype, whatsapp phone,

I teach the grammar of a language and the ability to learn to speak fluently a language by listening while speaking and of course by having a conversation. I do not teach on a book. First it is important to know you and your interest in order tomset up a funny and motivating course with you.

Textiles - felt making, printing, stenciling, dying and traditional food for all levels

I am a very experienced art and design technology who trained as an architect before having children. I have been working in a multicultural east london school for 9 years but have also taught at degree and post degree level. I have taught in craft clubs which is relaxed and fun but also designed and delivered structured lessons for children and young people from 5 - 21.

Award winning gourmet traditionnal/healthy mediterranean countries cooking techniques for beginners or professionnals

I am an award winning chef. I teach basic and professionnal cooking techniques. I specialise in french/italian mediterranean cuisines. Theoritical and practical exercises will be used to enlighten your mind and imagination. Private one to one or group lessons are given on a regular basis.

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Pop up Healthy Foodie classes, by abbyabout in Horbury West Yorkshire

Abbyabout do very casual and relaxed foodie classes where you get fed and learn something new. I specialise in healthy wholesome food cooking from scratch is my passion. From authentic mexican, mediterranean and sri lankan cuisine.

Not the best, but the most unforgettable one you will ever meet

Coming from china, currently study in ucl for master degree. I love reading, traveling, photographing cooking, and everything new and challenging. I can give lessons for chinese language and literature, especially for the learners who are middle level and would like to find someone to talk about chinese literature, history and anything about china.

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Paris 1er
Cooking is my passion, I'm italian, desserts are my speciality, I will teach you some secret about cooking!

I am italian. Actually i spent 6 years in france, i am a personal trainer and nutrition consultant. My classes are for anyone who wants to learn how to cook basic or more sophisticated dishes, discover italian cuisine and its secrets, and those who want to learn to eat healthier. I'll cook for you, and with you.

Young Man Au pair on Saint-Martin de Belleville gives free gluten and vegetarian cooking classes . Cooking training in the best school in Belgium.

Hello, my name is xavier, 21 years, and i arrived as a young man aupair in saint-martin de belleville. I followed a comprehensive cooking training in the best school in belgium. Being afflicted with celiac disease (free gluten-no more contagious) i became more interested in the gluten-free cooking and have some experience.

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Did you say Carbonara? Avete detto Carbonara? Learn to make real Italian food with me

This course is for all people passionate about italian food that would learn to make real italian food with ingredients entirely italian that can be found in grenoble! Professor of italian language, mother tongue, a native of rome. .

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Certified Teacher in Home Ec Education gives cooking lessons to any age in Philadelphia

My name is kelly gregory, and i love to cook! I have my degree in family and consumer science education (which means i've taken a lot of college cooking classes) My classes range from the basics of knife skills and saute techniques to how to make a perfect stir-fry. I love to have fun, laugh, and learn! I have a laid-back teaching technique where we can learn at your pace.

Cooking Lessons in Guadalajara, Gastronomy Major, experience includes a restaurant with Michelin stars.

Private or small group lessons on italian, french, spanish, vegetarian and new california cuisines as well as bread making and vegetarian cuisine. Lesson includes a brief background of the chosen cuisine and wine pairing recommendations, ingredients are not included on the base price.

Italian, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free cuisine. I'm Italian but I live in Spain, my classes aren't only about cooking as I'm also involved in teaching and explaining theoretical concepts, histories,

I'm an authentic foodmaniac graduated in management and governance with several years experience as a chef and a manager. In my classes i'll teach you the authentic italian cuisine with tradicional recipes paired with a modern approach. You'll never find here "fake" meat or gluten-free imitation, my recipes are all about using the right ingredients in the right way.

HOLA AMIGOS - Venezuelans Brothers to give Paris during Latin cuisine to high at any level

-------------en Aten-te aute means on venezuelan pemon language, which home to go? For my brother and i, our home is where our food is. It doesn't matter in which part of the planet we are. We are a family team from venezuela that propose to discover and share our culture and our experience around the world.

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Le Cordon Bleu Trained Graduate and Experienced Chef/Pastry Chef in Denver Colorado

I graduated from scottsdale culinary institute, an accredited le cordon bleu school. I worked at tante louise (a premier french restaurant) for my apprenticeship after culinary school. I learned a lot from some of denver's best chef's. Before leaving tante louise to explore new culinary adventures i had become the pastry chef.

Vitória potira
Cool recipes and own methodology for healthy cooking in a world curitibano

Own methodology. Healthy cooking for beginners from tests, trials, tastings and a lot of willpower. Currently even in large urban centers many care about the body, and power is a pretty essential part for a balanced life. Let´s enjoy it.

Turkish food & meze & antres & middle eastern cousin by Turk

Turkish food will be teaching you by videos:) Middles eastern / mediterrenian food for everyone. Traditional and delicious 15 minutes meal to slow cooking dinner nights. By the way im a master psychologist, so that we can make a quick session You wont be regret.

Elk Grove
Experienced Chef knowledgeable in all aspects of cooking looking to share his knowledge in the sacramento area, Fairfield, Vacaville, Stockton all ok too. 22 years in the profession.

Hello, i am a chef with over 20 years of experience in the kitchen. If you are looking to learn how to cook i would like to help you. I am experienced in multiple cuisines such as french, chinese, thai, traditional american (comfort foods) contemporary american and many more. I am also skilled in baking as well, from cakes, pies, quick breads and more.

COOKING BY A PROFESSIONAL all ages, at home or in 1 professional kitchen

Professional kitchen, i teach for 10 years at all levels for all public, both in pastry and salt cooking classes take place in two parts, first technique and second passes to the practice i give courses in kitchen serving not only long-term achievement but a recipe tips and technical methods that allow you to become a real chef (e) and head!

Hugo leonardo
Maringá (Paraná)
Come and tutoring International cuisine with Chef Professor Hugo Castro, who was living in the USA

Graduated in course of technology in the university center gastronomy unicesumar (2008). Specializing in gastronomic and hotel management (senac / mg).

Learn Nepali / Newari /Indian food with a Nepali girl in/around LYON

I am a young nepalese teacher, married to a french citizen, and speaking fluently english, japanese, hindi and of course nepali. In nepal, i developed a strong experience in the education field for more than 8 years by teaching in public schools (nepali education being delivered in english and nepali).

Italian experience with and specialized in kitchen Tao / Wellness sharing his recipes at home in Paris

I'm beatrice, 27, grew up in the family restaurant near milan, italy. My kitchen history dates since birth, always alongside chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, winemakers and farmers belonging to my family and my surroundings.

Cooking classes for beginners or new techniques. healthy cooking, sports, etc in Almería

I am a nurse, a university professor in the faculty of health sciences in almeria, high performance athlete and cooking teacher. I specialize in traditional cuisine and art, i have special skills in baking. If you really want to learn in a fun and professional, i am your teacher.

WANT TO LEARN HOW TO COOK KOREAN DISHES? I also teach other Asian dishes as well! YOU NAME IT, I CAN TEACH!

Can cook all types. You name it, i can teach! I've been cooking since the age of 8. I am pro at cooking asian dishes, as well as other american dishes. I don't go by the recipe, i like to do my own thing because it always tastes better that way. I can break it down to the easiest way possible so you can do it on your own once it's taught.

Professional dancer and author of the blog "Cuisine en Scène, Côté" gives cooking and baking online tutorials from Madrid.

Hello! I am a professional dancer, passionate about cooking and author of the blog cuisine en scène (côtémaison. Fr). The sessions are aimed at people seeking counsel and advice in the world of cooking and baking. During the session, i'll try to teach you how to prepare the recipes of my blog. You can also contact me if there is a recipe of your choice that you'd like to make with my help.

Highland Heights
Professional chef offers cooking lessons and culinary theory to Northern Kentucky area.

I am a 24 year old chef with classical training at the art institute of ohio- cincinnati. I was one semester short of graduating, but a car accident left me without a way to travel to finish school. Bust rest assured, i am every bit as capable as any chef with a degree. I currently work as a lead chef at flik dining with previous work as a pastry chef at horseshoe casino (now known as jack casino).

If you want to learn the basics of cooking or pastry I could help you :)

Hello my name kmar i ferrandi amounts to paris and i am a food restaurateur option bachelor courses. I speak arabic and french english and i could you initiate the vast world of cooking or partisserie or give you some tips to improve your skills. Currently the end of second year of bachelor i have not rocket science but i could anyway best assist you to make good dishes.

Very good cook gives Basque woman during Spanish cuisine at the same Biarritz city center home

I learned from my grandmother and my mother to cook food food for a healthy and balanced way, all spanish tipical dishes and the best basque tapas at happy to show you how to prepare them very easily, come and learn with me

Learn to cook using simple recipes and advanced techniques while having FUN!!

Chef graduated from culinary school at epcc. I have worked for over 12 years in the industry, as cook and chef, with a deep background on asian (chinese, thai, japanese and korean) styles and techniques as well as italian, american comfort food, latin and mexican. I can teach from how to do a simple breakfast consisting on scrambled eggs to a fine dinning style romantic dinner.

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Ask for Nana

Hi my name's Nana, a Brit of Ghanaian descent. At the moment i have basic cooking knowledge. The most advanced thing I know how to make at the moment is a Ghanaian tomato stew, in addition i can do the basics like pasta and simple oven dishes. I...

8 months ago
Si vous voulez apprendre les bases de la cuisine ou de la patisserie je pourrais vous aidez :)