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Maths tutor in London with 3 years experience and masters in aerospace engineering

I am a graduate with a masters degree in aerospace engineering and i have been tutoring pupils at gcse and a levels for the past three years. Additionally, i have experience tutoring undergrad students. Predominantly i tutor children and teenagers, however i available and capable of tutoring adults who are studying mathematics and science.

Fort William
Oxford Engineering graduate teaching maths, physics, engineering and geography from Fort William

Having graduated less than 6 months ago, i was a student and school pupil very recently too, meaning i can offer a different perspective and approach to most teachers and textbooks. Everyone learns differently and i will find the best way for you, focusing on understanding rather than rote learning.

Experienced Chemical Engineer teaching Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering to students of all ages. Based in the North West, UK

I am a masters level qualified chemical engineer about to begin studying a phd at the university of manchester. Offering lessons in maths, physics, chemistry and computing for gcse, a-level and undergraduate level students. I always teach subjects from a practical perspective, drawing on industrial engineering experience to connect theory to problem solving in the real world.

M irtaza
Imperial Physics student giving maths and chemistry lessons to GCSE/A-Level-students in London

~non-technical ~tailored to individualistic demands ~patient and gentle ~respectful and timely ~serious, enjoyable sessions that will not only ignite curiosity about what they've learned in the pupil's mind but also leave them understanding the subject better ~exam-focused approach, to ace those papers and get-in-to-desired uni!

Enjoy Mathematics! in East Ham in an easy way to secure good grades!!

My teaching method is quite simple and easy. The first thing i would like to do is to understand the ability of the student and then go with the required pace. Always pay attention to the student whether he/she enjoying the course. My core strength is to explain all the hidden techniques behind the theory.

University student in Architecture gives Maths and Physics lessons to GCSE, Secondary and Primary school pupils in Lincoln.

Hi, i'm olivia! I'm currently studying architecture at the university of lincoln. I have a passion for maths and physics and would love to tutor students to help them develop confidence, competence and excellence in these subjects.

PHD student in Experimental particle physics giving maths and physics lessons in Glasgow

My technique is based on what is needed for the student. It involves going over what is done, some simple examples and some discussion before letting the student try to solve problems themselves. If needed more time is spent discussing rather than problem solving. Finally a bigger picture can be given with examples from physics or what comes next in mathematics.

Medical Science graduate with a few years of experience in teaching around the UK and abroad

Teaching properly is achieved if a student walks out of the class with genuine interest in a topic. That's what i try to convey during my lessons; my interest in science mixed with the genuine curiousity of a person who is constantly learning new things. I enjoy a conversation style lesson and find it beneficial for students when they begin to relate a topic to their own lives.

Aberdeen-based chemistry PhD student offering tuition for secondary pupils in science subjects.

I am a final-year chemistry phd student, and teach up to first year undergraduate level in science, specialising in chemistry. I'm happy to teach in-person or over skype. My lesson structure is pupil-dependent, but my preferred method is to use problems to try to encourage understanding.

Biological Sciences Undergraduate student, gives biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics lessons from primary school, up to GCSE level, with biology up to AS and A2 levels.

I am a very motivated, patient, friendly, learning enthusiast and can give science and maths lessons to pupils starting from primary school, all the way to gcse level, with biology all the way to a levels. As an aspiring neurobiologist, i understand the complex, intricate neuronal pathways that form during learning, and how to reinforce them, leading to a higher learning capacity in a shorter time.

MBA and engineer. Love to teach operations maths and quantitative analysis to students across the globe

I am based out of reading uk. I can teach you subjects either face to face or through skype and assess your assignment over mail. I can teach students of any level. I have taught students who go to school as well as students ungoing mba.

Master student in physics/engineering gives maths and physics lessons to up to A-level in Leeds and York

The world is ruled by mathematical and physical rules and get to know them means to understand a bit better where we live in.

Undergraduate theoretical physics student and IB graduate teaches maths, physics, chemistry, and biology to high school students in Glasgow

I'm an ib graduate (survivor) currently studying theoretical physics at the university of glasgow. My teaching is specially suited to the new international baccalaureate syllabus, with tips for current ib students on their upcoming internally and externally assessed coursework, and cas assessment.

University student in Engineering, giving lessons in maths, physics and geography to primary and secondary students in Leicester

Hi! I am studying aerospace engineering at the university of leicester. I teach primary, secondary and gcse level maths, physics, biology and geography. I believe that with studying, there is no elevator to success, you always have to take the stairs. Every person has different ways of learning and some will take more time than others but thats the whole beauty of teaching and learning.

Englefield Green
A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. Professional teaching is not just a job i carried on for a year, but is a passion that makes my teaching style

I have been on forefront of academics since beginning of my educational carreer. Got straight 5 a's in o levels, 3 a * in a levels including chemistry, physics and mathematics as main core subjects. I then received a gold medal and held distinction in both my ba, and llb law degrees. I have also spoken at various conferences and seminars providing me ability to communicate with me fellow students.

I am a marine engineer . I passed my bachelors from university in 2013 . from then I was working in some reputed firm . i can give lessons to children upto secondary grade . especially in science .

I used to take class for students in university. Especially science in technology and application. I feel so proud to give knowledge to those who are in need of it. I wish to teach the kids the most, because they are the ones who need it most.

University student studying Physics at QUB offers Maths and Physics lessons for up to GCSE and A Level *

I am a 2nd year student studying physics at queens university belfast. As i am not long out of secondary school myself i understand the small details students miss out which can sometimes be over looked. I am patient and can work at the learners of all abilities to ensure they achieve their full potential.

Final year Theoretical Physics student (and future teacher) offering tutoring in physics and maths up to A-Level

I am a friendly 3rd year theoretical physics student at the university of leeds, and will begin to train as a teacher in september. I'm offering engaging tutoring in physics and mathematics up to and including a-level (having achieved an a grade in both of these).

4th year University student gives Maths/Physics/Statistics lessons in Edinburgh/Glasgow to high school or undergraduate students

I am currently in my 4th year at heriot-watt university studying towards a degree in actuarial science. I teach in the areas of mathematics, physics and statistics for those in secondary education and in the areas of statistics and actiarial science for those in undergraduate education.

A Level science student in London that gives Maths & Science Lessons

I am a very optimistic, ambitious and confident individual currently studying biology, chemistry and maths as a levels. I strive to complete the goals and aims set by myself and others through hard work, self-motivation and determination. I am also a down to earth person who enjoys learning and passing on my knowledge.

Friendly College Student in Physics gives Maths and Physics Lessons to Pupils in London

I am a first-year student at imperial college london studying physics with science education. I teach students ranging from primary school to sixth form. My lessons focus on creating and achieving subject-specific goals which are relevant and individual to the student, helping to encourage a joy of learning.

Master student studying Mechanical Engineering in Imperial College gives maths and physics lessons to secondary or primary school pupils in London.What's more, as an international student from China,

I am a msc student studying mechanical engineering in imperial college london. I'd like to Teach you basic concepts in your math or physics study and help to solve your problems in your homework. I am very easygoing and enthusiastic. What's more, i can also teach you chinese and tell you more about chinese history and culture if you want.

Secondary school student offering mathematics lessons to secondary and primary school students

As a teacher i am a nice and calm teacher as long as you try as hard as you can. I am an organised person so my lessons/ tutoring will be prepared before hand and i will be able to inform you about what the lesson will be on, when it will be and if you will have to do anything before hand.

Full Time Professional London Teacher with 30000+ hours of teaching and tutoring experience

I am a qts mathematics and economics specialist, with degree in maths and master in finance and banking. Though my initial goal had to do with the banking industry, i preferred tutoring and changing the lives of my students. 80% of my new students are introduced by my past students. I have written university level books on analysis and mathematics competitions.

Summer lessons in math or physics for anyone prior to university level from college student studying engineering (available during June, July or August)

I am studying mechanical engineering at brown university in the united states, although i live in london so will be in london during june, july and august. I am more than happy to help students of any level prior to university with math or physics. Since i am in london during the summer months, i am happy to give lessons in math or physics, as frequent or intensive as you like.

Experienced Science(PhysicsChemistry) teacher examiner gives lessons for A Level, GCSE, KS3 Birmingham

I am an enthusiastic and patient teacher, more than happy to help all students with or without sen to make better progress and reach their potential. I tailor teaching methods and lessons to individual students needs, and am happy to provide general tutoring, or specific examination preparation and revision.

Scientist and researcher enjoys helping others with Physics, Maths, Other sciences and also useful numerate life skills. I have taught at levels from NVQ1 to post-graduate. Berkshire or on-line.

I teach 1-1 or small groups, and concentrate on understanding rather than rote learning. I have research and university lecturing experience, as well as school teaching and 1-1 coaching. I enjoy working with people and for me the best bit is when you understand something. Methods vary - it depends what suits you.

Mathematics and Physics teaching - Sheffield , Aerospace Engineer-year 3 in study

Aerospace engineer, 3rd year in study. When it comes to methods of teaching the best method i feel is that of derivation of the basis of a problem and then upgrading that structure to understand the concept being taught completely.

Greater london
I teach students to excel in mathematics, physics, biology and programming in London. I graduated with a first class in Engineering and have over 20 years experience workong in global and internationa

Hi, my name is lola and i am available to help you excel in your studies. I cater to secondary school, as, a - level and undergraduate students. My aim is to understand how you learn best and together we create an approach that is specific to your learning style. I am patient and focused on my student's achievements, bringing to bear my over 20yeqrs extensive industry experience.

(3 reviews)
Experienced Mathematics & Science Tutor (Primary, Secondary, GCSE, AS Level, A Level)

I am very passionate and enthusiastic in my teaching and have developed a dynamic and creative approach to my lessons. The content of each lesson is very much tailored specifically to the student's needs and aims to focus on different aspects of the subject.

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Physics is the study of of the entire universe down to its smallest form. From atoms to the interaction of protons, neutrons and electrons, all of life is made up of these items. Of course, it is far more complicated than this, and for many students, it is complicated to the point of simply not understanding the subject matter. That is why using the help of private teachers with physics private lessons is such a good idea. With the help of these private lessons, any student, no matter how much they are struggling, is going to receive specific, tailor crafted lessons and plans to help them understand the subject and give them the tools to move forward in the class. Not all students learn the same way, so going in and hiring physics private teachers is such an important option. With the help of these electricity private lessons and the engineering private teachers, it is possible for any student, regardless of how they learn, to finally grasp the set topic. Learning these topics is not always going to be easy, but the private teachers are there to discover how a child might learn and what is the best way for them to understand the subject.

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Ask for Mohannad

Hi , I am Mohannad and i am studying in the UK and i will be starting my A-level course on September 2015 .However at the meantime i am staying in belgium to prepare myself to start my A-level strongly because i am aiming to acheive the A and A*...

2 years ago
Docteur en science donne cours de maths et de physique pour tous les élèves de secondaires et univeristaires