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Imperial College Chemistry, Focus on A Level Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Capable of all GCSE Sciences and Maths

A* in chemistry mathematics and physics a level. Tutee can come to me with an area he/she finds troublesome, and i will structure my lessons around this problem and tackle his/her fundamental issues which would ultimately lead to clear understanding. I believe the key to success is practice, however i am not the one to set too much homework.

(2 reviews)
Quality Tutor for Math,Physics,Chemistry - GCSE & A level in Grays, Essex

I'm an experienced teacher of gcse and a-level maths, physics, chemistry, computer. I'm currently teaching gcse and a level student. I've honours degree beng (hons) in electrical and electronic engineering from london southbank university. I've always achieved a* in maths and science. I've also achieved 1st class marks in mathematics and science related subjects in university.

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University student giving maths, physics and chemistry lectures to pre-university pupils in Mid Lothian, Edinburgh

I take a very practical approach to teaching, and aim to address areas of difficulty with the pupil before testing their knowledge on the subject with a series of questions to stretch their ability. This can include past papers to acclimatise the student to the type of questions they will face.

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Physics and Maths tutoring in Kent, Key Stage 2 to A level all covered at your own pace

My name is neil and i am currently studying towards a master's degree in physics. You will find that my teaching method revolves around how you learn as a student. I will work with you to find the gaps in your knowledge, and work through these skills with you at your own pace. My teaching style is fluid, and adaptable.

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A doctorate in food and nutritional science with an engineering masters gives science/engineering lessons to Alevel or undergraduates in Wiltshire area (Melksham, Chippenham, Trowbride)

I would work with you on topics that you find difficult, so the lesson structure is based on your needs. Not everyone is the same, so i tailor each lesson to the individual, making sure i understand your learning style first.

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PhD student in Physics gives maths and physics lessons to secondary school pupils and undergraduate students in Durham, Newcastle and Sunderland. I can also teach spanish

I have been studying physics for over 8 years and as a spanish language native. I am able to transmit my knowlege in a very casual way, and easy to understand. I have experience in teaching in universities and at the moment i am a demostrstor in a workshop in durham university.

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East Kilbride
French scientist gives maths physics, french tuitions to pupils in South Glasgow

My name is adrien and after 22 years working as an electronic engineer, i am embarking on my ultimate career as a teacher in maths/physics. As a football coach, i like to bring the best out of my students by mentoring them and by being available when they need me the most. Consolidation and good practice are the methods that i preach.

M irtaza
(1 review)
Imperial Physics student giving maths and chemistry lessons to GCSE/A-Level-students in London

~non-technical ~tailored to individualistic demands ~patient and gentle ~respectful and timely ~serious, enjoyable sessions that will not only ignite curiosity about what they've learned in the pupil's mind but also leave them understanding the subject better ~exam-focused approach, to ace those papers and get-in-to-desired uni!

Oxford University engineering student tutoring science and maths online and in person

I plan tutorials which reflect the student's level of understanding, with all tutees having access to notes, including suggested exam questions, which they can annotate, or use as a memory-aid following the tutorial. A focus on practice questions allows students to gain confidence with the exact problems they'll see in the exams.

Physics Student at King's College London Tutoring for A-Level and lower levels students

My method of teaching changes from student to student, as i'm very interactive with the pupil. My main achievement is that the student understands the topic in its core, creating a long-term memory of the material.

Professional and reliable graduate gives science lessons with a special interest for Biology in Derby

I use different ways of tutoring to suit my tutee's learning styles and prepare thoroughly. I believe that encouragement is key and am very supportive. I feel that all students can achieve with the right guidance, appoach and attitude. I do not give up easily and and willing to always give the best of my ability to the job in hand.

Understand Science - Professional Tuition in Mathematics and Physics by Aerospace Engineering (MEng) student in Leeds

Having worked with several teachers, i have come to realisation that many Of them do they work improperly. In my belief, a student should find out how to Fully understand a subject instead of learning schemes by heart. Because of that, as A math tutor i lay stress on profound explanation of problems and teaching proper Ways of obtaining knowledge.

Full-time, Experienced Mathematics and English Tutor. I teach in London and Online

I believe in a holistic approach to tutoring, engaging with all of the aspects of a student's relationship with their subjects that might be hindering the learning progress. I also enjoy creating strategic solutions to difficult situations, and i have experience boosting grades at short notice before re-sits.

Experienced science teacher gives chemistry (to A level), physics and EAL lessons

Calm, patient and supportive. Lesson starter to focus your thinking and assess your initial level. Explanations, demonstrations and exploration giving you new knowledge and skills. Practice of new learning, going through past exam questions and a final assessment.

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Chemical Engineering student at Imperial College, offer tutoring for Maths, Chemistry, Physics at A/AS level, GCSE, Secondary and Primary school pupils in London

My name is ferdinand, i am currently in my first year, studying chemical engineering at imperial college london. I am offering lessons to as/a level, gcse, secondary and primary students in math, physics and chemistry. My learning techniques include visualisation, questioning, and practice.

Enthusiastic civil engineering graduate great at math and physics to primary and secondary level students in Manchester area.

I am a civil engineering graduated who has taken a fondness to teaching. I enjoy teaching and helping those in the field of math and physics. My methodology has been proven to work and the best way to advance a student's academic goals is to identify weaknesses in subjects and turn those into strengths.

Mathematics at a pace to suite you at a chosen mutual date, time and place

I try to understand any problems the student is having with aspects of the subject. The strategy is then to teach technique and methods for understanding and eventually passing examinations and project work. This can be done to suite the students learning style and requirements.

(1 review)
Master student in engineering gives maths and physics lessons to undergraduate and secondary school students in Liverpool

My name is ali shubbar, i am master student studying civil engineering at ljmu. I am interesting in give lessons for undergraduate student in engineering and also give maths and physics lessons for secondary school students.

Climate Scientist in Glasgow gives math, physics, engineering and computer lessons to secondary or undergraduate students

I'm a polar climate scientists and have developed sea ice forecasts for the sea ice prediction network (sipn) and publish other climate data on my website cryospherecomputing. The data is freely available and used by other climate scientists and teachers worldwide. I will prepare lessons to ensure the best method of learning for the individual.

Algebra Guildford Master Student at Surrey with engineering and teaching background worldwide

I am a postgraduate student at the university of surrey. I come with a background in engineering and management, i have had mathematics as a major since high school, and i can teach all sorts of maths from calculus, to linear algebra and differential equations and basis maths as well.

Materials Science & Engineering, Post Graduate Student at The University of Manchester. Have experience in teaching Physics, Maths and Chemistry at the A-Levels, and good knowledge of Chemical Enginee

I am a post graduate student at the university of manchester. I have an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering. I have experience of giving lessons in physics, chemistry and mathematics to the high school and senior secondary school students.

Maths Physics Tutor All Levels Blackpool North West fully qualified with PhD

I am 27 years old, recently completing my phd in mathematics at imperial college london. I provide comprehensive tuition for all maths levels, and science up to gcse. I use many analogies and real world applications, so that my students fully understand their subject matter.

First Class Durham University graduate with tutoring experience tutoring physics and maths in Durham area

I am a recent physics and maths graduate with experience in tutoring 14- to 18-year-olds. I try to provide the 'building blocks' to coach a student to use their current understanding to reach new conclusions themselves. I focus on summarising the essential concepts and how to use these to tackle more advanced problems.

There are various ways to explain the same thing, I know many!

As a tutor and demonstrator for the university of edinburgh i have found many students struggle to understand abstract concepts and struggle with teachers offering only one way of explaining things. My best quality as a teacher is my ability to find examples, metaphors and different ways to explain concepts so they become understandable for all students.

Qualified Maths teacher with over 10 years’ experience, both at Key Stage 3 & 4 and A level. I have Degree in Chemistry and Mathematics, PGCE (Mathematics). I am also a qualified Psychotherapist. Yo

Qualified maths teacher with over 11 years’ teaching experience and 15 year's tutoring experience, both at key stage 3 & 4 and a level. My degrees include degree in chemistry and mathematics, pgce (mathematics 11 - 18). I am also a qualified psychotherapist. Your tuition will be carefully tailored to your needs. Personal learning plans are developed with the student.

BSc & MSc Passionate Neuroscientist * Science lessons up to A Level * London area willing to travel :-)

I have always had a passion for the sciences and mathematics and after excelling at secondary school went on the do my undergraduate degree in neuroscience at the university of sussex. Since, i have continued my education in this field and am currently undertaking my master’s degree in neuroscience at king's college london.

North London straight A student gives maths, chemistry and physics lessons to GCSE pupils at home and online

Currently, i am a student in year 13 who is studying maths, physics and chemistry at a-level. As i have done my gcses only two years ago, the content is still fresh in my mind, and i know exactly what examiners are looking for to get you that a or a*! Therefore, i will provide lessons for gcse maths, chemistry and physics (all exam boards) for the next few months.

(1 review)
Maths and physics graduate who wants to pass on knowledge to the

I am an enthusiastic and passionate individual who loves learning and reading. Throughout my studies i have been aided by several personal tutors and would not have made it this far without their support and teaching. Therefore i would very much like to take the opportunity to take what i have learned and give back that support to others, so they may then achieve their goals.

Sheffield Student with Chemistry Degree, and Biology and Maths A Levels. Available to tutor Chemistry up to A-Level; Maths, Biology, Physics and Combined Science up to GCSE

I am a masters' student who is happy to give tutoring to all young people from primary to a-level, as well as any adult learners who wish to boost their knowledge at this level. I am friendly and just want students to do their best. I can help with revision techniques for gcse/a-level students.

Maths tutor in London with 3 years experience and masters in aerospace engineering

I am a graduate with a masters degree in aerospace engineering and i have been tutoring pupils at gcse and a levels for the past three years. Additionally, i have experience tutoring undergrad students. Predominantly i tutor children and teenagers, however i available and capable of tutoring adults who are studying mathematics and science.

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1 year ago

Très pédagogue, facile à comprendre. Petit "stage" de 6h pendant les dernières vacances qui m'a permis de m'approprier une meilleure méthode de travail et d'approfondir notamment le chapitre des suites de Term S.

(1 review)

Élève agréable et très sérieux qui écoute les conseils et les applique rapidement. Bon courage pour le bac !

Be taught by the best tutors for your physics lessons

Physics is the study of of the entire universe down to its smallest form. From atoms to the interaction of protons, neutrons and electrons, all of life is made up of these items. Of course, it is far more complicated than this, and for many students, it is complicated to the point of simply not understanding the subject matter. That is why using the help of private teachers with physics private lessons is such a good idea. With the help of these private lessons, any student, no matter how much they are struggling, is going to receive specific, tailor crafted lessons and plans to help them understand the subject and give them the tools to move forward in the class. Not all students learn the same way, so going in and hiring physics private teachers is such an important option. With the help of these electricity private lessons and the engineering private teachers, it is possible for any student, regardless of how they learn, to finally grasp the set topic. Learning these topics is not always going to be easy, but the private teachers are there to discover how a child might learn and what is the best way for them to understand the subject.

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Ask for Jasmine

Hello Emily! I am a GCSE student and am currently revising for my year 10 mocks after Easter. At the moment I am not entirely sure of the topics that will be covered, however I thought it may be worth getting in contact to pre-organise a lesson....

2 days ago
Physics student at University of Bath, available for Physics tutoring in Bath

Ask for Mohannad

Hi , I am Mohannad and i am studying in the UK and i will be starting my A-level course on September 2015 .However at the meantime i am staying in belgium to prepare myself to start my A-level strongly because i am aiming to acheive the A and A*...

2 years ago
Docteur en science donne cours de maths et de physique pour tous les élèves de secondaires et univeristaires