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(2 reviews)
Bristol student that gives Russian lessons to pupils up to A level

I am organised and creative, so hopefully each of my russian lessons is enjoyable and interesting! I can teach for both recreational and academic learners, and have a good understanding of russian examinations in schools, as i studied russian at school for 5 years.

(2 reviews)
Professional Russian language classes with native speaker and experienced russian linguist via Skype!

Hello, students! I`m a qualified (ma in linguistics) and experienced russian language tutor (native speaker) I would be delighted to offer one-to-one russian language tuition to determined learners, who are eager to build up their current knowledge or to start from scratch, and who are committed to achieving a certain level in a very short time, from beginner level to extensive.

Unique Angelique offering stimulating, individually crafted lessons in MFL at various levels

Hi, my name is angelica and i am a teacher of modern foreign languages i. e . Russian,french and spanish. I offer individually crafted lessons to students of all ages and abilities. My aim is to make every lesson i teach interactive and relevant to my students' learning needs and to ensure that all students achieve their full potential.

Russian language. London,UK. I am capable to everyone. I finished Russian school and i have an experience of teaching Russian language. The lessons with me are based on hard learning but in a comforta

My name is anna goltsman-goman. I was born in moscow, russia. I finished moscow state school with the best grades. I am happy to give lessons to children, teenagers and elder people who are interested in studying russian language. My method structure is based on level of russian language of my student. It depends if he or she knows it a bit or not at all.

Amy jane
Experienced French teacher immediately available for classes of all levels in London

Whether you're looking for simple conversation to maintain your existing french, are a complete beginner or are studying towards a specific goal, look no further for enjoyable, flexible and personally-tailored language tuition! As a professional tutor, i can offer classes of any nature to students of all abilities.

(1 review)
French and Russian courses and tutoring by a graduate teacher (online or in person)

I am an easy going person with a smile on my face. I believe that mastering a new language can be not only beneficial but also a fun experience.

Make it happen, learn different languages and diverse yourself culturally and in different aspects of life.

I am a professional teacher. I have been teaching for over 18 years: privately and in schools. I will get you to the desirable knowledge of a language whether you would like to make english language better for yourself or know french and/or russian languages as well. I include different strategies in my teaching depending on the audience i have.

Russian and Mandarin lessons with a native speaker in Glasgow all levels from beginners to advanced.

Hi. My name is natalya. I'm very friendly native russian speaker. I have ba in translation and linguistics and ma in economics. I did my masters degree in china and spent almost 10 years living in china so i'm also fluent in chinese. I offer one to one /group russian and mandarin lessons for all levels from beginners to advanced.

Experienced King's College student shares knowledge and wisdom of learning languages for students in London

I teach russian and english languages to students of all levels in a fascinating and effective way. Students will be learning new techniques to learn any language, as well as professionally the two listed above. Students will be greeted with a warm passion of languages from me and with such an enthusiasm together we can sky-rocket our useful skills and valuable attributes with a gradual progress.

Experienced teacher of University gives lessons of the Russian language via skype

I'm an experienced teacher of russian as a foreign language. I love teaching and communicating with people of all ages and abilities, from beginners to advanced level. I plan every lesson individually for each student.

Native Russian speaker will help you in learning Russian from the very beginning via Skype

I am an international student from russia at ucl majoring in international affairs and giving special emphasis to languages. I would be happy to help children and adults of all levels in their studies of russian via skype using different interactive techniques like presentations, songs, apps and so on.

Master student in ucl ioe speaks english and russian teach chinese in london

I have been a teacher in russia,china and online for 3 years. My teaching style is interesting and unique. Learning language should always be a happy thing to do. I have my own grammer system and skills to make things easy and fun. Give it a try.

(1 review)
German French Spanish Russian tuition . Birmingham. BA PGCE . Experienced teacher and tutor.

Lessons tailored to meet individual needs of student. Aim to engage student in learning early on so they to gain confidence to progress to become more active learners. Have wide range of my own materials / worksheets / textbooks and access to material via internet.

(1 review)
University student in Russian philology gives Russian lessons in all levels. Live in Russia, can teach by Skype.

I'm student of russian university. I teach in russian, english and can use french a bit. I can give you lessons in russian language in easy-to-understand interactive and friendly form. Lessons are usually provided by skype. You'd see that russian isn't difficult within couple of lessons.

Learn Russian speech with a fluent teen! Tutoring on Saturdays and Sundays.

My name is darin and i am 13 year old who wants to teach russian to people near my age. I cannot give grammar lessons or literacy tutoring but i'm certain that learning russian speech is a great start and will surely impress some one in your multilingual abilities! I teach over skype or any other video conferencing services of your choice.

Teaching Russian language by Expert, with Inexpensively price by online lessons skype

Hello to all, i'm a persian guy. My name is manuchekhr. But my native language within my persian is russian. I'm expert in these space and i would like to teach you for good speaking in russian. I'm also giving lessons in turkish language and in english without any problems.

Russian language tutor 21 years experience live in Brisbane Australia tutoring via Skype all levels

Experienced russian tutor/interpreter i teach from begginners to advanced levels. Age from 4 years to adults. You will start speak/write and read fluently after 1 year of tutoring. Russian is my first/native language. Many years of experience in teaching with great results.

Russian Teacher! Russian origin, fluent speaker. Starting from beginners. WELCOME !

I am a russian student studying business in city university london. I was born in moscow and graduated from a middle school there. I can teach fluent russian and help with accent. The lesson structures will be based according to the language level of a person and the aim of the learning new language.

I'm an Australian-Russian in London teaching Russian at any level and any age

I am a student at king's college london and i am willing to give lessons to students at any level from beginners to undergraduates and to anyone at any age I, myself, mastered the language at the age of 10 taking me only 2 years to do so, and now consider myself to be fluent both in speech and on paper

Bilingual graduate gives lessons in English or Russian to any level in Manchester

I enjoy passing my knowledge to people in a positive and friendly environment using various communicative and student focused activities. My first language is russian, and i have recently passed the celta course, therefore i am willing and eager to teach russian and english to the speakers of other languages.

Native Russian speaker with 6 years of tutoring experience gives lessons of Russian language in London

6 years of teaching languages to different level from absolute beginners to advanced. I have an experience of working with pupils, students and businessmen. Lessons are always individual. The lesson is structured into 4 parts so that to cover and develop listening, speaking, writing and reading skills. However, i am open to your own personal goals that you want to achieve from the lessons.

University aerospace student teaches Russian language for beginners with emphasis on speaking and correct writing

I am communicative person who wants to develop understanding the beauty of the russian language. Lessons are suitable for children 10-18 years old and for all people who want to learn basics in speaking and writing quickly. Lessons will have speaking part with parallel text analysis and vocabulary development and writing part (learning russian alphabet and grammar basics).

Native speaker of Russian, Polish, Ukrainian using purpose-based method of teaching, Portsmouth

Being a multilingual person, i know how tough learning a new language can be. Therefore, for the last 5 years i have been teaching my clients using a purpose-based method, and all of them have shown awesome performance during classes and at the end of the day were satisfied with their results. I offer free 30 minutes taster sessions for you to make sure that this approach works.

I provide lessons of Russian, Ukrainian and Greek as foreign languages. Native speaker

Hello! My name is irina, ilive in ukraine and my native languages are russian and ukrainian. I have 10 years experience of giving lessons for beginners. I have national university diploma. Department of greek phylology.

Experienced Teacher gives Online Spanish and Bulgarian Classes via Skype and provides free study materials

In my classes besides teaching the respective grammatical and lexical material my approach focuses on creating a positive motivation in the students by means of interactive friendly communication with them on topics of their personal or professional interest, and total immersion in the foreign language. I am patient and good-humored but exigent with my students.

Singing, Piano, Music Theory and Russian Professional gives lessons in Greater Manchester area

A highly dedicated music and language tutor with more than 25 years teaching experience who is committed to delivering high quality tuition in order that candidates can obtain excellent examination results and business candidates can meet their business objectives. I teach singing, piano/keyboard skills and music theory to children and adults of varying abilities.

Tutor of Russian and Ukrainian Language (native speaker) for all levels online from primary to masters level

During our lessons you will study all aspects of the language (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, speaking, reading comprehension, listening, sentence composition) Classes are held on skype, so you do not need to travel long distances to the place of the lesson.

Qualifed teacher with BA and Trinity College Certificate in TESOL, gives online EFL, Russian and Croatian lessons.

Qualified teacher with ba in english and russian literature gives efl, russian and croatian online lessons. Trinity certificate in tesol, certificate in online teaching. Fluent dutch, basic french. Reliable, friendly and responsible. Adult learners. General and conversation lessons.

(7 reviews)
During Russian individuals (children and adults of all levels) with experienced native teacher

Professor degree in russian foreign language with 16 years of teaching experience offers russian private lessons (all levels) to all those who wish to learn it professionally or for pleasure. All over his custom. The approach will be chosen according to your needs and your goals - the focus may be on grammar, writing or orally (communication), translation, pronunciation.

(3 reviews)
Learning Russian language with a native teacher of St. Petersburg

А вы говорите по-русски? If you want to discover the culture of russia and learn the russian language, enrich your vocabulary, manage russian grammar or improve your spoken and written skilles, you are welcome! I propose specific language lessons of russian for all levels. My goal is to make our lessons interesting and easy.

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