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Kingston upon Thames
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Skateboarding School For Beginners in London. From a skilled skateboarder with over 8 years of experience.

finding your stance, pushing, foot positions, turning, cruising, up ramps, down ramps, board control, balance physics, kickturns, pumping in a halfpipe, drop in, ollie, manuals, kickflips, shuvits, airs, 180s, stalls, grinds, boardslides, skating, ledges, miniramps, bowls, reverts, skate gaps, and much more!

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London 1-to-1 skateboarding lessons by a patient, experienced skateboarder in London's best skate parks

I am a passionate skate boarder and love passing on my knowledge to beginners. I am a patient teacher who knows the right skills to teach depending on the level of the student. From the basics of learning balance and turning, to tricks like ollies and 180s, to learning how to go down ramps and drop into half-pipes.

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Multidisciplinary Artist Specialising In Graphic Design & Fine Art Photography Teaching Skate Life Lessons : What Does It Mean To Be A Skateboarder + Lessons, Based In London

Learning to fall down is the first thing I learnt about skateboarding. Life will come with challenges, you will be knocked down & the ability to get back up & try again until the lessons learnt with an obstacle overcome. Resilience & mental fortitude will develop at an alarming rate, you will feel the awareness change, welcome to Skate Life.

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Skateboard lessons with Professional skateboarder with sponsors such as santa cruz for all ages in London

Skateboarding Lessons for all ages in London with professional skateboarder with sponsorships such as santa cruz and oj wheels. coach and child protection certified as well as first aid. Nineteen years experience with 4 years previous being a coach with many successful students.

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YOUNG SKATEBOARDERS WANTED, become a pro with frank. Leeds based. I am a younger board sports lover studying in leeds

Born and raised in Leeds and having been skating for 6 years I want YOU to be the next pro! Whether its in the Streets or at the Skate park to hit the ramps you decide because either way we will achieve whatever your aiming for. we will increase your range of tricks, balance and even knowledge on the best sport ever.

La Rochelle
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During skateboard in Lyon

Hello everyone ! Here is a specific ad I suggest here you initiate the joy of skateboarding. Indeed, after 11 years of practice I decided to pass on my passion interested in Lyon.

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Skateboarding qualified instructor (BEES DEJEPS) 15 years of experience and coach for the competition at all levels Azymute skateclub. Trainer frameworks and national judge referee. Expert skateb

Coach for Azymute skate club in Nantes. State certified BEES / DEJEPS. 7 to 77 years, managing emotions, stress and adaptability to different audiences. collective and individualized course, I respond to requests from groups (EC schools etc. ..). City guide, friendliness and Aloha ..

1st lesson offered free !

Learn freeline skate in Dijon with 3 sessions with à sport educator

My name is Ugo. I am a young 30yo working in tourism and sports industry.

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