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Personal Trainer gives fitness sessions, advice & coaching. 1-2-1 or group sessions. Nutrition advice and body fat assessments. Level 3 qualified, covers the high peak and surrounding area. Female cli

I provide personal training sessions on a 1-2-1 or group basis, i also do nutrition advice and body fat analysis. I am level 3 qualified with over 6 years experience in the fitness industry.

Good place.

Make the the child understand me what i a saying. e . g . If a football lesson my students need to be in their football kit so i can give them the lesson. In the lesson i will ask them taken their socks off because i can show them how do football other football games.

Strength and Conditioning Graduate Offers Tailored Tutoring in Sport and Related Subjects

I am currently studying for my msc in strength and conditioning (sports science). I offer a tailored tutoring/coaching experience to suit your individual learning styles as i am aware from my own experiences that a 'one size fits all' does not work with learning - being dyslexic myself.

Experienced Sports Science Lecturer at University and College Levels 3 to 6

I have taught from level 1 college btecs in sport and sports science to university undergraduate degree level. I use powerpoint and discussions to assist with learning.

International Rower to give personal training and fitness guidance in Glasgow/Bearsden area

I coach rowing and weightlifting to junior athletes and am looking to move into gym goers and athletes of other sports. My aim is to help you with your fitness and sport goals. Whether that be in the gym or for pure sports performance i can help you reach your potential in these areas.

Nathan Brown: ECB Level 2 Cricket Coach based in South Manchester area

My philosophy as a cricket coach is to provide cricketers with the tools to be able to analyse their game through questioning that gets cricketers to concentrate on mental aspects of the game that are heavily underlooked. Through coaching at all levels, i have a variety of drills that can help improve cricketers at all levels.

Table Tennis coaching at a negotiable price to beginners and intermediate learners

I have played table tennis for 10 years, and have been involved in national and regional competitions in the previous years. I coached youngsters before, in both private training and group trainings. I am a friendly and passionate table tennis tutor. I am a full-time student so would be happy to coach part-time.

Sports Trainer- Athletics (sprinting), Basketball, Football- Located in Greenwich South London I use the same methods my previous coaches have used when training the likes of Asafa Powell and I also u

My methods are very technique focused, focussing on the key fundamentals such as strength, endurance and speed before working on the skills. I have various routines that i will use on a consistent bases to help the muscles become very familiar and used to specific movements allowing the muscles to remember these actions when in a in game/competition environment.

Carmen elena
Who I am and what leads me to the life? Well, the passion for Law and Martial Art are the engine of my life for the last 31 years, I have done both passions in high level with determination and commit

For me will not be the be the first time when i will kung fu/karate, i training for 27 years at a very high level, but i can adopt something from my best teacher style what i have it in my student life. They were really good. I would like my teaching style to be based on concrete, in practice and philosophy.

Kickboxing black belt with 22 years experience offering classes to kids and adults of all ages in London. Burn up to 2000 calories !

I am offering kickboxing classes to people of all ages who want to learn a beautiful art and get a killer workout during the process! I am full of energy and deliver a fast paced lesson. My lessons contain the following: * japanese style karate style stretching to achieve maximum flexibility. * basic boxing or kickboxing techniques (depending on what you prefer).

College student gives basketball lessons in Southwark to all skill levels and age ranges

I am a 17 year old ex national basketball player who is now studying sport and business at a levels. I have played basketball for six years and traveled within europe playing so bring great experience. I also have experience coaching primary school children so i can ensure approachability and professionalism.

(1 review)
Get fit specialist in weightloss & nutrition: personal training, bodybuilding, horse riding

I question - why do you need a tutor? What do you need from me you lack yourself? I motivate - this is how were going to achieve your goal. I plan and push - and now were going to achieve it.

Sport Psychology, Fitness, Nutrition, BSc, MSc student in Liverpool. General study tutor.

I have a very applied teaching style, i like to put the onus on the student and allow them to discover their own learning style and therefore tailor study plans to their needs. This has worked for many of my peer university students through use of goal setting, study planning and scientific and general writing techniques.

Experienced Personal Trainer level 4 and Master in Sport Science gives training in London

Struggling to achieve your fitness goals or maybe you want to learn how to swim? I'm here to deliver you a great fitness session or swimming lesson as well as preparation to any other sport to gain strength, endurance or improve your stamina. I work with individuals and everyone is different therefore i customise specific plans for people in different needs.

Individual and group sessions for Basketball,Volleyball,Fitness,Tennis, for any age and current level!

Over the last 30 years i have been involved in sport in the capacity as a player, coach, developer and tutor. During that period my love for sport, in general, gave me appreciation and understanding of different aspects and benefits of sport in life. My experience has been enhanced by my previous constant opportunity to live and work abroad.

College student in business, Has worked with as a player/ manager in Kuwait with 5 years of experience

My technique depends on the learners passion. I can coach players from age 9-15. I've coached many teams back home and have represented them at the same time. The teams i've managed and captained has always played attacking cricket and football.

OLYMPIC sports in Yorkshire, from DIVING to TRIATHLON, or how about trying Handball or Volleyball?

The best way to learn a sport is by doing it (kinesthetic learning). With an expert coach there to guide you, you can't fail! Learn to swim efficiently, or try something new like diving or table tennis or even volleyball.

Sports enthusiast and love to share knowledge from philippines the country of smile

More likely focusing on the skills that you have and also molds briefly the chosen sports that you want and make simple but knowlegable conversation through out the availability of ideas, knowledge and interactive of student to teacher relationship goals

University Screenwriting giving basic story telling lesson as well as a tots level sports coach

I am george norgate, i'm a screenwriting undergraduate giving basic lessons on storytelling to beginners. Also i have a huge passion for sport in particular rugby so i am able to teach the basics for that. With anything it's all about fun and building confidence what ever environment you are in which is vital, especially for beginners.

French lad can coach you in your sports and help you reach your goals :)

First thing is, nothing is better for your motivation than having someone by your side at all times, who can keep you company and take your mind off the stress of an exhausting sport session! I'll be that guy, except that i will also share my sports knowledge with you so you know you're not working for nothing :d Whether your goal is to lose weight, to gain muscle or simply change your...

ABA level boxing coach with 12 years experience gives boxing and fitness coaching lessons

I am a sports and fitness coach that specialises in boxing coaching, personal training and is looking to help anyone who wants to improve themselves through fitness, the art of boxing, self defence and to anybody who wants to experience boxercise and other boxing methods as a way to get fit.

Exercise Science student gives sport, exercise and fitness lessons to all levels as well as biology to secondary school pupils. Based in Manchester/Salford

Young professional who has completed a number of fitness achievements both personally and with teams. Give fitness and exercise lessons to all ages, individually or in groups. Prefer a hands-on approach and i tend to take part in the lesson in order to lead by example. Ambitious and always trying to push students to their maximum effort.

Fitness Coach with 5 years of Experience to help people in Nottingham

I have been learning my trade in the gymnasium for 5 years and looking to give helpful advice to those that need it. Techniques vary depending on persons goal. Characteristic is one of enthusiasm that can hopefully be instilled into the learner.

(1 review)
Skfitness let's you escape limitations all at the comfort of your own home

Qualified and have experience in gym based boxing, pilates, spin, circuit training, legs bums and tums and boot camp.

Online Sports and Fitness Coaching UK Wide - Personal Tutoring and Mentoring

Provide lessons, one to one coaching/mentoring/personal development for young learners and adults at level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Up to degree level. I have been using coaching methods and active learning approaches since 2006 in sport and exercise sciences and physical education.

Canvey Island
17 year old, 6'7, basketball star offers lessons to those who wish to get into the sport

Hi, i'm jacob, i'm an experienced basketball player currently playing at a collegiate level for seevic college in the english academy basketball league. I am 6'7 and a half and the pinnacle of my career was a trial for the england u15 basketball team, in which i made it to the top 24.

Qualified sports coach gives lesson to children in ball sports and fitness in county down

I am john i coach kids aged 6 to 10 ball skills and movement. As well as general motor movement.

I will assist you to achieve your goals and help you to improve your lifestyle

I am a fitness enthusiast and also a semi professional footballer. To me, fitness is a lifestyle and it helped me over the years to become a better version of me every day. It is my ultimate dream to influence other people's life is a positive way, give them a reason to start loving themselves all over again.

I train swimming and gymnastics for college and school people in india

Teaching means motivate the children to achieve higher goals and help them to there dreams come true particularly school kids and graduates and college students to understand mantel capacity and how much can take work load and how to give good guidance to them and make them to fallow good habitue ls

Paula Personal Training core aspects Illness pain and fitness business

I am qualifed in fitness! I teach students to become qualified fitness personal trainers. My area of Expertise is . Writing fitness programs micro meso macro cycles. . Core area if you suffer pain because training method are incorrectly performed . I use inquiry based learning, hands on learning providing quidance and support for Students through their learning process. .

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5 months ago

Yohann is a fantastic couch, he will really test your limits but with a lot of encouragement and optimisms. Yohann is very inspiring and explains things super clearly. Me and my husband cannot recommend him more!

(14 reviews)

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Ask for Olga

Hi Yohann, hope you are well. Hope you are well. Me and my husband just moved to Paris and are looking for a private coach to learn some martial arts, do general fitness and get into shape. We will be based on avenue Mac Mahon but for now live in...

6 months ago
(5 reviews)
Coach sportif à domicile et en plein air - Paris et Ile de France

Ask for Olga

Hi Yohann, hope you are well. Hope you are well. Me and my husband just moved to Paris and are looking for a private coach to learn some martial arts, do general fitness and get into shape. We will be based on avenue Mac Mahon but for now live in...

6 months ago
(5 reviews)
Coach sportif à domicile et en plein air - Paris et Ile de France