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Best Foot Forward Skate Academy - Offering fun and engaging Skateboarding lessons based in London. Both inside and outside of the skatepark

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We host the best tutors. Quality of their profile, experience in their field. Mark will be happy to arrange your first Skateboarding lesson.

About the lesson

At Best Foot Forward Skate Academy we aim to create a safe, inclusive and fun environment for learners of all levels, ages and backgrounds to progress and gain experience in the world of skateboarding.

With skateboarding being such an important part of our identities and lives we believe it is important to share this with as many people as possible, whether your personal goals are to cruise to the shops or become a world champion we all need guidance at the start.

Using both tried and tested progression methods and individual learning profiles and goals we are confident we can help you on your skateboard journey.

We teach all ages 4 and up and have teachers who can cater to all abilities and age groups, from kids to teens to adults. We teach just as many Adults as we do kids so don't be shy to get involved.

We offer 1-1 dedicated sessions as well as group sessions for those that would like to book with friends or join in with other learners at a reduced rate.

We Currently have set Locations in West London - Kensington Gardens and Meanwhile Gardens Skatepark

Two set locations in NW London - Queens Park and Roundwood Park Skatepark

And two set Locations in SW London in Battersea Park and Bishops Park skatepark in Fulham

We also offer traveling lessons but may ask for a longer lesson commitment if too far out - please message to find out.

If you want to scope us out more please check us out on our website:

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Or by finding us @bestfootforwardskateacademy on Instagram

This profile is for Mark ( me) our lead instructor but we also have a team of experienced and helpful instructors who can help out if I am not available .
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About Mark

My name is Mark Nolan, I am 32 years old and am based in the West London area. I have been skateboarding since I was a young teenager and have over a decade of experience on a skateboard.

As Best Foot Forward Skate Academy founder and lead instructor I am certified by SkateboardGB to teach anywhere in the UK and fully insured and DBS checked.

Alongside this I am certified to a level 2 standard in both Adult and child safeguarding as well as equality,diversity and human rights and health and safety.

Skateboarding is a huge passion of mine for both the physical activity and wider sense of community and culture it brings to my life.

Outside skateboarding I have spent close to 10 years working in the NHS with 4 of those years being in Operational Lead and Practice Manager roles of multiple Medical Centres where I was managing upwards of 20 Clinical and Non Clinical employees during the recent challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic.

My time managing in the NHS has given me a focus on safety, quality and process led development and I aim to bring that approach to the thing I the love most – Skateboarding.

I look forward to meeting all our learners and bringing you the same level of quality without sacrificing any of the fun.

Skateboarding is a demanding activity with lots of challenges but can also be one of the most rewarding activities you can do and I believe everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality or age should be helped to feel confident to take their first steps into the skating world.
We are confident that myself and my team can help you on your journey in to the skateboarding world.



  • 5h: £150
  • 10h: £300

Find out more about Mark

  • 01

    What age did you start playing sport? Tell us about this time or moment in your life.

    I was always sporty as a child, before dedicating my passion to skateboarding i would play football, rugby and also do Karate at a young age.

  • 02

    What are your favourite sports; those that you practice at a high level, a simple hobby, and a sport that you'd still like to discover?


  • 03

    What gives you the motivation and passion to pursue your sport?

    The sense of progression and accomplishment of figuring out and working your way to learning a new trick cant be matched anywhere else. The culture and community that comes with skateboarding and the influence that it holds over our everyday lives really drives me to keep coming back and skating whenever i can .

  • 04

    Do you have a sporting achievement that you're particularly proud of?

    Coming back to skateboarding after 9 years out due to injury ( was a freak a collision with another person rather than fall). I had to rehab my body, relearn my tricks and regain my confidence after so long away. I feel this has really helped me in teaching others

  • 05

    How have your achievements and challenges made you a better sportsperson?

    I feel that returning and reteaching my self at a much later age has lent itself well to teaching others and allows me to easily see things from the learners perspective.

  • 06

    If you had to go for a jog with a famous athlete, who would you choose? And what questions would you ask them?

    Usain Bolt, so he could run very far ahead and i could listen to music instead

  • 07

    How do you help people stay motivated?

    I feel that making sure that learners see the bigger picture with tricks and techniques is very important, it can take, days, months and years to master tricks on a skateboard and explaining the larger benefits of staying calm and not hyper focusing on negative aspects si very important.

  • 08

    What makes you a Superprof in sports?

    My experience in all types of skating, my ability to keep people calm whilst still motivated to learn and my history of learning young and then relearning again to a high standard nearly a decade later means i can relate to all learners.

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