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Biological Sciences Undergraduate student, gives biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics lessons from primary school, up to GCSE level, with biology up to AS and A2 levels.

I am a very motivated, patient, friendly, learning enthusiast and can give science and maths lessons to pupils starting from primary school, all the way to GCSE level, with biology all the way to A levels. As an aspiring neurobiologist, i understand the complex, intricate neuronal pathways that form during learning, and how to reinforce them, leading to a higher learning capacity in a shorter time. I am very observant to detail and observe 2 things: the first is the pupil's weakness in the subject, and proceed to strenghten it, and the second is how the pupil learns best, and incorporate that style of learning into the lessons, as well making the lessons varied and interactive, ensuring optimal retention.

For Biology A level, an additional £5 is added to the total hourly rate. The rate also increases when travelling by national rail.

All rates are negotiable.

I teach maths, physics, chemistry, biology, chemical physics, anatomy. For the level(s)primary, secondary, GCSE, as level, a level.
I give lessons in person, at my home or the student's home.
I give lessons by Webcam.

Andrei's Experience

I have given private lessons before to two pupils, each showing a vast improvement in the study area over the course of a few months that i taught them, giving them ample support and specific, constructive feedback along the way.

Andrei's CV

GCSEs all A*-C
Biology, Chemistry and French A levels all A*-C
Currently a third year undergraduate of Biological Sciences at University of Hertfordshire

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