Schools out for Summer! You have a never ending list of stuff you can do, but just can’t decide what to do?

Here are my top 10 things all students should experience before starting University.

1) Go to a festival 

This year I was lucky enough to attended Glastonbury festival. The lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs Ricky Wilson mentioned during an interview that attending Glastonbury festival was a right of passage, I certainly agree with his viewpoint.

There are tons of festivals you can go too besides Glastonbury, a lot of which are less harsh on your wallet such as: Boomtown, Knee Deep festival and FarmFest.

2) Attend a Gig 

Going to a Gig to watch one your favourite bands, or any band that you like the sound of is a must. It is a great place to meet loads of people with a common interest and listen to some good live music.

3) Traveling

You have been stuck at home revising on study leave for over a month, so go out and experience as much or as little our planet has to offer – just get outside! This could involve anything from an Inbetweeners Jager Bomb Blur, or Mr. Bean’s holiday – the choice is yours.

4) Clubbing

When you start University most students go out into Nightclubs. If you have not been to one already, then why not start? They will seem less daunting when you start University.

5) Attend a beach party

It’s summer after all! Make the most of the weather, if nobody else has organised a beach party event why not organise your own? Ask as many people as you want to come along and ensure everyone brings food, drinks, disposable barbeques, and maybe tents if you plan to stay up late or pull an all nighter.

6) Volunteering

Voluntary work is a great way to contribute to your local community and again, learn some key skills before starting University. Once you start volunteering there is no reason why you can’t stop doing it at University.

7) Working

By working you learn some useful skills for University and life in general such as time management, communication, and a can-do attitude; plus you will need some extra cash for Fresher’s week.

8) Cooking

Now by cooking I don’t mean ordering a takeaway, heating up a ready meal, or turning the toaster on. I am talking about ‘proper’ food like a chilli or lasagne. You ought to experience cooking in the summer as you can mess it up a couple times and you can probably rely on Mum and Dad to supply food instead of having to eat your own deadly creation…

9) Social Media

University is only around the corner, so get in the know. Social media is a great way to connect with new Uni-friends for pretty much everything like event invites, texting, calling, and sharing photos.

10) A big meet up with your school friends

It is a sad fact but there will be alot of people you won’t see for a long time or even never again. It is a good idea to have experienced a final goodbye before you all head off to University. Why not arrange a meet up during the holiday, and celebrate the final days before you start at Uni.

I hope that my list has given you some inspiration. If you have done something that you would recommend to others about to start Uni, please feel free to tell us about it in the comments below.






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Joseph is a French and Spanish to English translator, language enthusiast, and blogger.