Now that exams are fast approaching, students and parents alike will be prioritising revision time of their or their children’s exams. However, sometimes we tell ourselves that there is no time to do anything but revise when this isn’t necessarily true. There is a lot to be said for making time for things. Indeed, if you structure your time by including activities in your schedule which aren’t revision related, you will most likely increase your productivity.

Here are ten things we must not give up during exam season:

  • Proper meals – Eating three decent meals per day is really important for staying healthy and happy during exam period. Additionally, if you eat well your brain will work better, meaning your revision will be more effective.
  • Time with friends and family – Although it can be tempting to lock yourself in your bedroom for days on end to avoid distractions from revision, it probably won’t do you any good. Social support is important for your welfare and if you’re worried about wasting time, perhaps you could arrange study sessions with some friends? You can encourage each other and catch up during breaks.
  • Exercise – There have been countless studies which prove that exercise increases concentration, motivation, confidence and much more. It also makes for a great revision break which will reinvigorate you, so you can return to your work with a fresh outlook.
  • Regular breaks – It really is true that, when it comes to revision, it’s quality not quantity. Try not to run yourself in to the ground by attempting to work solidly for hours on end. Taking regular breaks helps your memory function and will keep you energised and motivated throughout the day.
  • Sleep – There’s nothing more paradoxical than sacrificing sleep for work. The less you sleep, the less productive will be. Additionally, lack of sleep negatively impacts your ability to remember things. Lack of sleep induced memory loss is not only unnerving but extremely unhelpful.
  • You-time – Of course, this one may overlap with other activities on this list but it may also be something completely different. It all depends on what you personally enjoy doing. We should all aim to set aside some time for ourselves every day, even if it’s not for long.
  • Being kind to people – Exam period can be a stressful time which may lead to irritability. However, try not to give your friends and family the cold shoulder or snap at your siblings for distracting you. After all, being unfriendly to people will only increase your stress levels. So even when someone is getting on your very last nerve, try to remain reasonable.
  • Asking for help – It can be easy to get in to a very solitary mind-set during exam period, especially for those who prefer to revise alone. Likewise, during high pressure exam periods, asking for help can feel like admitting a lack of confidence. However, try to remember that everyone needs help sometimes. Don’t hesitate to approach your teachers or class mates for assistance in those topics you find tricky. They will be happy to help you.
  • Organisation – When you’re busy frantically trying to shove as much information in to your mind as possible, doing mundane things such as organising your notes can seem somewhat trivial. However, failing to do this can lead to having to turn your room upside-down because you’ve lost a crucial revision resource. Trust me; this is not a fun experience. If you keep your work organised, you will feel a lot calmer knowing where everything is.
  • Looking forward to things – Try to give yourself regular things to look forward to, whether it’s a tasty revision snack or a quick tea/coffee with a friend. It doesn’t have to detract from your revision and it will definitely keep your spirits up.

If you think trying to do these ten things as well as revising sounds daunting, remember that 1) these are just ideas which you can adapt to suit your own lifestyle and 2) they are most likely things you will already be doing as part of your regular life routine. So don’t let revision put a stop to your life. You’re health and happiness is more important.



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