Christmas time, mistletoe and…learning Online?! Before we sign off for the season of socks and over-indulgence, check out my 12 good reasons for choosing Online Tutoring.

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Mum was chuffed she could carry on her Online Italian course over the Christmas holidays…

Twelve…Drummers Drumming: Banging the drum for the younger generation, Online Tutoring makes the most of new technology to bring learning into the modern age. Face it – kids grow up pushing buttons, clicking links and filling searchbars these days, if anything they’ll be motivated to learn if it’s through a medium they understand and enjoy using.


Eleven…Pipers Piping: Too shy to pipe-up in class? Online Tutoring can work well for the shrinking violets among us. If you’re one of those too shy to put your hand up in class and ask for help – you’ve just found the solution.

Ten…Lords-a-Leaping: There are some 100,000 travelling families in the UK, and although formal education is not a priority in that particular culture the benefits of having qualified tutors on tap is plain to see. Perhaps your family move regularly due to the job demands of a parent, or you miss out on a period of the school year for any reason – online tutoring is there to pick up the pieces and bring you back up to speed.

Nine…Ladies Dancing: Illness can strike at any time, and for some the timing can be particularly detrimental. Being struck down with Glandular Fever or laid up with a broken leg can really impact on your school year and leave you lagging behind. Once again, Online Tutoring can help bridge the gap and keep you in touch with your fellow students while you get some much-needed R+R

Eight…Maids-a-Milking: With Online Tutoring the pool of tutors available to you is nearing endless, you aren’t limited to the sparse number in your local area – milk it…

Seven…Swans-a-Swimming: All you need is access to a computer and a half-decent Internet connection and you’re away. Online sessions can be carried out from anywhere in the world that ticks those boxes. Hell, want to tackle a tough teaser on the move? Fire up your palm-top gizmo and get cracking.

Six…Geese-a-Laying: You may not of thought of it before, but an Online session will cause less damage to the environment than a face-to-face tutoring session. No need to travel to your tutors place and no need for them to come to you. No petrol, no paper – turn on, log in, learn.

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Five…Go-old Rings!: Online tutoring is good value for money, particularly the way Superprof do it. Normally, private tutoring sessions need to be structured, usually over a lengthy period of time in regular, hour-long or so blocks. With an Online tutor, though many sites require you to sign up for a month or more, the overall cost is considerably less. And with Superprof, the cost is even more affordable when you consider sessions are conducted using our micro-tutoring system; where students pay on a minute-by-minute basis as they work through problems with their tutors. Once the hurdle has been overcome, the session is ended and there are no further costs.

Four…Colly Birds: Believe it or not there are still some people in the UK that find themselves living a rural idyll. For theses lucky souls, lengthy commutes to school can also mean lengthy trips to tutors. Distance is no issue on the information superhighway.

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Three…French Hens: Schools can’t offer students the chance to learn everything they want to, but with Online Tutoring there’s a world of learning at you fingertips. Ever wanted to be fluent in French, learned in Latin or them master of Mandarin or? Now you can.

Two…Turtle Doves: Convenience is king when it comes to Online learning. Sessions are given and received from the comfort of ones own home. No need for awkward meetings in strange places; sit back, relax and learn at your own pace from the comfort of your favourite bean bag.

…And a Partridge in a Pear Tree: Online Tutoring is safe. Every parent values piece of mind and with this you’ve got it. Here at Superprof, all our tutors are CRB checked and we use standard security protocols to collect your payments. For more information click here

I’m off for a glass of fizz and mince pie or five – Merry Christmas, one and all 🙂

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