"The man who earns a million but destroys his health in the process is not really a success." -Zig Ziglar

There are certain things in life that we cannot buy; time and health. Even the richest man in the world cannot live forever and escape the ailments of old age.

Throughout centuries many health experts have discovered that planning a lifestyle or diet around nutritious food items is a brilliant way to avoid contracting preventable diseases that have become so common in today's world.

Haven't you heard the saying, you are what you eat? 

Nevertheless, even though many are familiar with the fact that healthy foods make healthier people, planning beneficial meal plans may seem like rocket science to some individuals.

What to do? 

Enlist the help of a professional nutritionist or dietitian working in the Cardiff area. Health experts such as nutritionists have years of experience helping struggling individuals get back on track to meet their health goals and stay fit for life successfully!

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Work Tasks of a Nutritionist

the best nutrition plans
Nutritionists work hard to ensure that clients are following their meal plans and making healthy choices. (Source: Unsplash)

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While many UK citizens may have heard the term nutritionist in television programs, documentaries, films, magazines, or blog articles, they are often unfamiliar with what types of tasks a nutritionist or dietitian completes daily.

Primarily, it is essential to state that those who decide to study and work in the field of health sciences or nutrition are individuals who value the importance of a healthy lifestyle and encourage others to follow suit.

Nutritionists in the UK may find themselves working in educational or research institutions, food retailers and manufacturers, local authorities, the media, overseas aid, the National Health Service (NHS), and sports organisations. 

Those working in the field of nutrition often find themselves employed at 9-5 jobs; however, schedules may be flexible based on experience and place of employment.

The grand majority of nutritionists often completes the following daily work tasks:

  • Creating, delivering, and evaluating educational food-based initiatives to encourage a healthy lifestyle,
  • Conduct seminars in workplaces or communities to ensure that all are making beneficial choices to live a longer and happier life,
  • Advise sports professionals about how a diet can optimise their performance in the sport they are practising or the recovery period after an injury,
  • Provide nutritional information for food production to help secure approval for health claims on the packaging,
  • Develop and analyse menus at school cafeterias, for sports enthusiasts, or for clients looking to lose weight and get back into shape,
  • Write reports and publish papers that are beneficial to the general public, teaching them ways in which they can regain their health.

The previously mentioned tasks are only a few of the many that are completed by a nutritionist daily. Depending on the place of employment, the field of expertise, or years of experience, the job duties change drastically.

Nevertheless, it is essential to state that a career in nutrition is a perfect fit for those who have an aptitude in science, excellent communication skills, the ability to motivate others, and capable team working abilities. If you love motivating others to adopt a healthy lifestyle and possess some of the previously mentioned skills, study nutrition today!

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Best Nutritionists in the Area of Cardiff

creating meal plans
Nutritionists create healthy menu plans at school cafeterias, at private or public functions, and at companies. (Source: Unsplash)

The city of Cardiff is the most populous metropolitan area in the Wales region and is the eleventh-largest city in the UK. Cardiff has always been an essential social, economic, and educational region in the UK. Also, it is necessary to state that many sports venues have been established in Cardiff, making it an obvious choice to have been awarded the title of the European City of Sport twice.

Similar to other major UK cities, Cardiff is a centre of further education where a wide variety of academic disciplines can be grasped.

Therefore, since we are highlighting nutrition in today's article, without further ado, the following are the most highly recommended nutritionists working the Greater Cardiff Area:

  • Whole Nutrition: the experts at Whole Nutrition encourage all to take control of their health by addressing the root of their health concern. How so? By following personalised nutrition programmes that combine the latest nutrition science with 25 years of healthcare experience. Nutritionists at this clinic help distinct individuals with health & wellbeing, weight loss, sports health & performance, and employee wellbeing. Nutritional therapy is greatly encouraged and is believed to help clients suffering from health issues such as bone and joint support, constipation, digestive problems, high cholesterol, menopause, obesity, skin health, and tiredness. Visit their website to learn more about where their services are offered and at what price.
  • Cardiff Nutritionist: the owner, Joanne Crovini, has over a decade helping clients reach their health & fitness goals in the Cardiff area. Based in Canton, the Cardiff Nutritionist helps individuals realise that healthy meals can be delicious and prepared without being too complicated. Visit her website to discover fantastic testimonials. Also, see which aspects of nutrition are covered, such as corporate wellbeing, female health, weight loss, nutrition for fitness, and food allergies. Book a consultation today!

While there may be many more health experts working in the Cardiff area, the two previously mentioned options are a safe bet. They both boast fantastic qualifications and years of experience, analysing distinct health problems that can be fixed with nutritional therapy.

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Finding Sessions With an Online Nutritionist in the Region of Cardiff

Many experts have claimed for years that we are living in the information age. What is the information age? It is a historic period in the 21st century that is primarily characterised by the rapid shift from traditional industry to an economy that is more commonly based on information technology.

How has the information age affected the sector of health sciences such as nutrition or dietetics? 

For example, before the information age, sessions with a nutritionist to improve an individual's overall health used only to be held at a clinic in person.

However, since technology has affected all sectors in the 21st century, meetings with health professionals can now be conducted online via video calling.

Therefore, to help busy citizens of Cardiff find online nutritionists, the following are the best websites to complete nutritional therapy sessions at competitive prices in the region of Cardiff:

  • Superprof: we firmly believe that our tutors are the best on the market. How's that? Well, for starters, the first lesson with a new tutor is entirely free of charge no matter which academic discipline is being considered. Secondly, all of Superprof's tutors boast professional qualifications and years of experience in their field. For example, after consulting the Superprof tutor website, there is one nutrition tutor based in Cardiff willing to travel to conduct nutritional therapy sessions with interested clients for only £20 per hour. Also, there is the option to complete online tuition with other Superprof approved nutritionists based in distinct parts of the UK.

Other helpful online resources such as Tutoful or Tutorhunt are based in the UK and offer a plethora of online tutors specialising in a wide variety of topics. Thorough research is highly recommended before settling on just any nutritionist conducting online classes. Nevertheless, we are biased and firmly believe that our tutors are the best; just saying!

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Health Advice to Avoid

new trends and new diets
Many individuals are confused by the wide variety of diet trends and fads so common today. (Source: Unsplash)

After some years of health problems and unwholesome eating habits, many individuals decide to make a change but are unsure of where to seek advice.

Why's that?

Put, there is an overwhelming amount of information available on health blogs, books about nutrition, and television programs that contradict themselves. An abundance of "helpful" information can discourage people who are recently taking an interest in their health and make them want to give up.

Therefore, to aid individuals in avoiding health tips and trends that cause more harm than good, the following are lousy nutrition habits that should be avoided at all costs:

  • Obsession With Fad Diets: people tend to jump from one fad to a next without really understanding the pros and cons of each diet and whether it will suit them or not. Individuals should stop obsessing about dieting and focus primarily on their bodies and how it reacts to certain foods and dietary patterns.
  • Opting For Processed Diet Food: many people focus on "health foods" that are low-fat, low-calorie, and low-carb; however, it's important to state that fats, calories, and carbs are not your enemy if they are controlled in moderation. It is much for health & fitness amateurs to overindulge on real peanut butter or real whole grain bread than fat-free cheese spread or zero-calorie fruit juices.
  • Eating While Distracted: a bad eating habit that needs to be cut out immediately is multi-tasking while consuming food items. Doing a thousand things at once is much favoured in today's society. Nevertheless, if you have the custom of eating while on the go, you miss out on the subtle cues of your brain to stop feeding your stomach. Therefore, take the time that is needed and view eating as a break in a jam-packed day; your body deserves it!

By taking into consideration the advice of professional and experienced nutritionists, citizens of Cardiff will succeed in adopting a healthy lifestyle that will help them now and in the future!

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