"Japan is the most intoxicating place for me. The Japanese culture fascinates me: the food, the dress, the manners and the traditions. It’s the travel experience that has moved me the most." – Roman Coppola

Japan, or Nippon, is an island country located in Asia with over 127 million inhabitants. Japanese is the official language widely spoken all across the country. Tokyo is Japan's, and the world's, most populous city.

Japan is known to have one of the best economies in the world and is recognised on the world scene for its art-house cinema, influential music, anime, manga, video gaming, the mix of traditional and contemporary culture, delicious cuisine, and the world-famous snowcapped Mount Fuji.

The majority of young students, working adults, and retirees from all walks of life are usually captivated by Japan and its culture upon their first visit. 

Celebrities, artists, chefs, and writers have all found inspiration in Japan and continually return year after year to experience more of its intoxicating culture. 

Every year many citizens of the UK travel to Japan and come back to their homeland inspired to learn more about the Japanese culture and language. Mancunians are no different. Therefore, to meet the demands of the curious citizens of Manchester, Superprof has found the best language schools and private tutors that offer Japanese lessons in the city of Manchester.

The Best Language Schools to Learn Japanese in Manchester

the best learning facilities
Language classes open to all at a university boast great teachers and fantastic learning facilities. (Source: pixabay)

Manchester is the third-most-populous metropolitan area in the UK. A beautiful city located in the north of England that is known for its stunning architecture, intriguing culture, world-renowned football clubs, and famous music exports such as Oasis and The Smiths.

As is the case with many other major UK cities, Manchester boasts a booming economy that makes it a prime location for immigrants from other lands. 

Immigrants from Pakistan, China, Poland, India, Somalia, Jamaica, and Japan all call Manchester home. 

Since there is an influence of Japanese culture, many Mancunians are intrigued by the Japanese culture and language. To meet the needs of curious citizens, language schools in the Manchester area offer Japanese lessons from qualified instructors. The following are the best language schools to learn Japanese in the city of Manchester:

  • Manchester Metropolitan University: the evening language classes at one of Manchester's most prestigious universities are offered in French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Arabic, Italian, Russian, and Japanese. The accredited language teachers engage students in using the language they are learning in conversational settings. Japanese classes are available for students of all levels: beginner, post-beginner, pre-intermediate, and intermediate. After successful completion of the Japanese courses, beginners will have the ability to introduce themselves, understand the language sounds, and identify essential vocabulary. Check out their website to learn more about Japanese lessons and the course schedule,
  • Cactus Language School: according to the site Reviews, the Cactus language school in Manchester has an approval rating of 4.63 stars out of 5, and 97% of reviewers recommend Cactus language. Their ten-week language courses fit comfortably into the working week of Mancunians and are offered in French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese. Evening lessons take place once a week from 6:30-8:30 pm. The Cactus Language School is located on Newton Street near the city centre and steps away from Picadilly Gardens. Visit their website to learn more about their competitive prices and course schedules,
  • University Language Centre at the University of Manchester: language classes for all are open to university students and the general public. Language courses are available in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese. There are Japanese courses available for beginners, intermediate students, and advanced learners. The courses consist of three contact hours per week aiming to develop your language skills. Check out their website to sign up for classes that suit your learning level.

The three previously mentioned options are highly recommended professionally taught classes that help Mancunians become fluent in the language of the Japanese.

Qualified language schools offering reputable Japanese classes can also be found in the following UK cities:

Finding Qualified Japanese Tutors in the city of Manchester

learning Japanese with a tutor
Learning more about Japanese can be done with the help of an online private tutor. (Source: pixabay)

In today's modern world, there are many learning alternatives available to all students. Learning a foreign tongue or acquiring the basics of a complex academic discipline can be accomplished by enlisting the help of a private tutor and online Japanese course.

Without further ado, the following options are our most highly recommended online resources to find qualified Japanese teacher in the Manchester area:

  • Superprof: an accessible online resource that helps citizens of the UK connect with tutors near them. According to the website, there are many Japanese tutors currently working in the city of Manchester. Both tutors charge £25 per hour and have glowing reviews from past students. If after examining the profiles of the available tutors, you conclude that they are not a fit for you, there is no need to worry since other Japanese tutors are working outside Manchester offering online classes,
  • First Tutors United Kingdom: a brilliant site to find hardworking tutors that is currently recognised by the Guardian, the BBC, the Daily Mail, and the Telegraph. According to their website, there is one Japanese tutor offering courses in Manchester that has excellent reviews from his students. The Japanese tutor, Edwin, is accredited and boasts fantastic qualifications from reputable schools.

The previously mentioned sites are great resources to find professionally working Japanese tutors. Also, it is important to state, that finding Japanese tutors can easily be done by scanning through the pages of a local newspaper or by reviewing the information boards at one of Manchester's major university; many students often want to make a little extra money to pay for tuition.

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Indispensable Tips to Correctly Learn Japanese

the Japanese characters
Many students waste too much time learning about Japanese characters. They are beautiful and intriguing; however, beginners should spend more time learning how to speak and listen. (Source: pixabay)

Learning a new language is no easy task. To become fluent and conversational in a foreign tongue, time, dedication, motivation, and a passion for language learning are required.

In a recent article written by our language experts at Babbel, languages such as Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, and Indonesian are some of the easiest foreign tongues to pick for native English speakers. I know, I was surprised too! Nevertheless, the previously mentioned were featured in the article since they have striking similarities to English in terms of vocabulary and grammar.

If you live in Cardiff, check out the Japanese lessons available there.

On the other end of the spectrum are Arabic, Mandarin, and Japanese which prove to be the most difficult languages for native English speakers to grasp. 

Nonetheless, it is important to note that nothing worthwhile comes without its challenges. Learning a taxing foreign tongue can prove to be an enriching experience.

Accepting advice from experts is a brilliant idea to master the basics of Japanese in style. Failure to search for helpful tips could result in discouragement and eventual abandonment of learning the Japanese language. Therefore, to keep learners on the right path, the following are some of the best tips to acquire proficiency in Japanese effectively:

  • Don't Only Focus on the Writing: many persons studying Japanese focus way too much of their time memorising stroke orders rather than practising what will be genuinely useful such as reading, speaking and listening. Kanji is probably the most challenging part of learning Japanese; however, beginners should not feel pressured to memorise the thousands of characters that are part of the Joyo Kanji since even native Japanese speakers forget how to write Kanji because it is not used frequently. Instead of making the big mistake of writing perfect Japanese, focus on reading and conversing,
  • Learn Japanese Vocabulary from Cookbooks: love cooking and want to learn Japanese at the same time? Reading Japanese cookbooks is a fantastic way to learn more about valuable vocabulary, verbs and adjectives. Essential Japanese words will be assimilated, and your health will be improved; it's a win-win situation. Using your hands while learning new words helps the brain remember more quickly and effectively. Not sure what cookbooks to choose? Anything written by Harumi Kurihara is a safe bet; the language is simple, and the recipes are delicious,
  • First, Learn What You Love: a fantastic aspect of studying outside the classroom is that you can learn what you want when you want. Acquiring the basics of a new language should be fun, and by finding engaging learning exercises, the whole process will be entertaining from the start. Watch Japanese-movies and shows, read mangas and practise conversation skills with a native speaker over a delicious meal. Who knew learning Japanese would be so fun!

Mancunians have brilliant options at their disposal to effectively become fluent in Japanese. Attending classes at a language school or seeking the advice of an at-home private tutor can all be done in Manchester to acquire the basics of Japanese. Take the plunge and learn a new language today!

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