When it comes to your career, English is no longer a plus; it’s essential. In recent years, English has become increasingly common in global business with more and more companies are becoming international.

If you want to find a job or further your career, you’ll need to have professional or business English on your CV.

The benefits that speaking English can bring may surprise you!

Learning English to Boost Your Career

In your career, improving your English pronunciation and vocabulary for a professional setting could be hugely beneficial.

Can you further your career with business English?
Business English is a great way to get ahead at work. (Source: mwitt1337)

Finding Work with English

Are you looking for a job or trying to get an interview? Have you thought about improving your English to swing the odds in your favour?

A large number of employees in international businesses regularly practise their English as the language has never been as important.

Candidates with English language skills on their CV will usually find work more easily than those without it and keep in mind that some employees prefer to do part of the interview in English. This could be your chance to stand out!

Improve your English skills by brushing up on the grammar before an interview. Similarly, make sure you don’t trip up on irregular verbs.

You don’t have to teach yourself, either. You can always get help. Practise with an English-speaking friend or family member, a private tutor, or with online English classes. For certain employers, English skills are essential.

Find out more about business English.

Get Promoted with English

Sometimes, you can feel like your career isn’t going anywhere.

Why not improve your English to get promoted?

In the world of business, where a lot of customers and partners will speak English, this could take your career forward. Keep in mind that speaking English could change the duties that you’re given at work.

What level of English will get me promoted?
With the right level in English, you could even be promoted! (Source: sasint)

You could host a meeting, answer calls in English, edit press releases, etc. When it comes to doing something in English, you’ll be the person they call on. This could lead to a promotion.

If you’re applying for another position within the business, your English could make the difference. Improving your English can open doors to higher salaries and better positions. Put simply, Mastering business English can help you get promoted.

The classic methods like night classes, online lessons, and private tutors can be incredibly effective but there are other options. Make the most of opportunities to work or study abroad in English-speaking countries as immersion is one of the best ways to improve your English.

Discover the benefits of speaking business English.

Earning More Money by Speaking Business English

People tend to forget that speaking English can come with financial benefits as improving your English could improve your salary!

Improve Your Salary

As we suggested, improving your English could lead to a promotion or new duties.

If you bring more business or do more tasks, why not negotiate a higher salary from your employer?

You just need to show them the benefits that your English language skills bring to the business. They may need to reconsider how much they’re paying you.

Will English skills improve my salary?
Employees with good English skills tend to earn more. (Source: QuinceCreative)

Are you self-employed?

Don’t forget about English! Freelancers could find new projects and clients.

Learning a foreign language could open doors. Whether you’re an editor, graphic designer, etc. practising English could easily double the number of potential clients. You’ll improve your reach and your earnings as a result!

As shocking as it may seem, almost any line of work can improve with English. For example, if you’re a lawyer, learning English could lead you into international law.

Improving Your Business with English

If you own your own business, you’ll probably be interested in growing it. You can do this through marketing and business strategies.

Have you thought about international business?

If that’s the case, English is a must. You may want to consider offering English classes to your employees. Don’t forget that English is the language most countries use when talking business internationally. Your business could move into markets in other countries and continents.

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Standing Out in English

There are more than just financial advantages to using English professionally.

Whether you’re working in a small, medium, or large business, English can help you to stand out.

Online Research

Almost every business now uses the internet in their everyday activities and English is the most common language on the web.

Being able to speak English can help you when searching online as most employees will need to look up something on the internet at some point. Using only your mother tongue will limit your search.

Improve your value by improving your language skills. You’ll be able to translate the results of your searches into your mother tongue. Your reports will be better researched, too.

Unexpected Benefits

Do you believe that some professions only require a basic level in English?

This isn’t always true!

What are the benefits of English language skills?
A good knowledge of the English language comes with benefits outside of the workplace, too. (Source: picjumbo_com)

Do you work in the service industry and all your customers are local?

Don’t forget that people travel a lot now. Students have the option to study abroad, for one.

There are also international businesses that send their employees abroad. Some people end up living in the most unlikely of places. You could even end up working in London for a bit!

Find out more about working in London.

Furthermore, large sporting events draw in people from all over the world. You might be regularly faced with English-speaking clients or customers. This is your chance to stand out from your colleagues or competition. Your English will help you communicate with them. Your bosses will notice and make sure you’re that you’re available next time another foreign customer is there.

They’ll see you as THE expert and the go-to person for dealing with international clients and you’ll soon be the golden child at work. Similarly, with increased responsibility comes the opportunity for increased salary.

Improving Your Skills with English

In addition to the financial benefit, there are even more benefits to learning English beyond the financial. There are also personal benefits, for example.

The Benefits of Learning Foreign Languages

It’s proven that there are plenty of benefits to learning foreign languages. A study in the Annals of Neurology showed that people learning a foreign language in adulthood improved their reading skills.

Multilingualism also has an impact on intelligence and creativity and foreign language skills also lead to improved self-satisfaction and self-confidence.

There are secondary skills that learning English will improve which could improve your performance at work.

Speaking English Will Help You to Make Better Decisions

Researchers at the University of Chicago found some surprising benefits to learning a foreign language. Learning a foreign language will help you improve your decision-making. Generally, our mother tongue is linked to our emotions. The choices we make when thinking in our native language are more guided by our feelings.

In the world of business, it’s important to be pragmatic and logical with your decision making. Improving your English will improve your decision making as thinking in a foreign language leads to more logical decisions. Better decisions will lead to better performance at work so make sure you can prove your level in English by taking a test or getting a qualification in English!

There are plenty of ways to do this. You just need to choose the right one for you and your career will benefit greatly from it!

If you want to learn English (or any language, for that matter), consider getting help from a private tutor on Superprof! There are different types of tutorials available, each with their own pros and cons.

Face-to-face tutorials are great for learning languages as you get plenty of opportunities to practise speaking your new language with an expert. Your tutor will also plan the lessons with you in mind so they can be tailored to not only business English but the field you work in.

For those on a budget, group tutorials are a great way to share the cost of lessons with friends or colleagues. While you won't get as big a say in the content of the lessons, you'll have plenty of people to practise with, which can be less daunting than speaking with someone whose English is much better than yours, especially if you're a bit nervous!

Finally, if you can't find local tutors with the right skills, you can broaden your search to all over the world. With online tutorials, you can learn English from tutors all over the world, including from native English speakers.

Don't forget that many tutors on Superprof offer the first lesson for free. Use these free lessons to try out several different English tutors before choosing the one that's right for you. After all, you'll learn much more effectively with a tutor you get along well with.

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