Some interesting news for our tutoring community. The Tutors’ Association (TTA), a new representative body for tutors is being launched on Tuesday 8th October, 2013.

So what’s the TTA about? In the words of its Chairman Tom Maher “Our purpose in the TTA is to promote the value of tutoring to parents, schools and the public.”

The Tutors Association

We have been blogging about its birthing pains for a few months. You may have read that the CMRE’s original plans were to make tutoring an exclusive profession, for graduates only, these plans encountered resistance from the industry as a whole. I am really pleased to say that common sense has prevailed, with the association now choosing to represent tutoring in its broadest sense, and represent tutors with diverse backgrounds and qualifications. It has changed form from a body largely made up of tutoring agencies to an inclusive body representing the industry as a whole – independent tutors as well as agencies.

Both individual tutors and companies are eligible to join The Tutors’ Association, either as Members or Associates. Members will be required to meet certain criteria and subscribe to codes of practice, details of which will follow. There will be no requirements made of Associates. This is designed so that individual tutors and companies may engage with the association and its agenda while considering membership.

So what’s the point of joining the TTA if you are an independent tutor? Well there are tangible business benefits well worth considering e.g. obtaining DBS certificates, legal advice, discounted insurance and opportunities for Continuing Professional Development. It’s also worth noting that the TTA is evolving and by becoming a member at this stage, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the direction of the organisation.

Ahead of their launch in October, the TTA is now welcoming applicants for a discounted pre-launch membership offer. If you are interested, then please get in touch with Alexander Blackburn at

We would encourage curious tutors to find out more. More information will become available on 8th October, in the meantime you can check out their new website at

For the record, we have no commercial arrangement with the TTA, and my opinions are my own.

We encourage all of our readers to leave comments on blog posts that interest them. Please feel free to share your views about the TTA with our tutoring community by adding a comment below.

Jon Ellis, Co-Founder of Superprof

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