Manchester, found in the north west of England, is one of the country's most diverse cultural centres. Home to over two and a half million people, there's plenty to see and do in this city.

Manchester is home to two universities: The University of Manchester, and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Making up some of those 2.8 million people in greater Manchester are the students from The University of Manchester, and Manchester Metropolitan University - maybe you're one of them! The large student population makes Manchester a great place to begin your tutoring career.

Tutoring jobs can be found for academic tutoring, as well as more vocational tutoring (such as instrument tuition). These are great jobs for students, professionals and as jobs for ex teachers.

Read on for different ways you can pick up tutoring jobs in Manchester, as well as how to find tutees to teach!

Home Tutoring Jobs

The traditional view of a private tutor is somebody sat in their home, student by their side, surrounded by sprawls of books. And even with the advent of the Internet, this image still holds true today, because one on one tuition still takes place at home - and you can do it, too!

Some subjects are best left to in-person tuition, even with the widespread use of technology nowadays. Examples might be reading tuition, and writing tuition: it can be difficult to lead lessons in these subjects online, because the basic skills needed to learn online haven't really developed yet. Homework help can sometimes best be offered in person, as then both parties are able to see the task that's been set.

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Home tutors can either work for themselves (or their own tutoring company), or work for an existing tutoring agency. There are pros and cons to both: tutors who work for themselves might earn more as the agency isn't taking a cut of the income from lessons, but they also have to find students themselves.

Tutoring Jobs Online

Nowadays the Internet is everywhere, it is prolific in every industry and sector: and that includes education and tutoring. The advantages are clear: students and tutors can connect across the country, cheaply, and benefit from digital resources.

The great thing about online tutoring is it can be done from anywhere. You can tutor students in Bristol from your home tutoring business in Glasgow for example.

Build a client base easily on the web
Using the Web to find clients and teach can expand your business (Source: Pixabay)

99% of people aged 16-34 in the UK have used the Internet recently

The average broadband speed in Manchester is fast enough to support online tutoring, so it's a great route to look into. But how can you find students if you work online?

Luckily for us, somebody has already had this exact conundrum, and solving it is how tutor matching services like SuperProf came about! With over 2,000 new students and 1,000 new tutors joining SuperProf each month, it's a great place for students to find a tutor.

You can think of SuperProf as a supermarket for tutees, where tutors are on the shelves. Tutors advertise what they teach and provide a description about their methodology and experience, and then students can browse through different tutors, viewing their qualifications and testimonials from past students.

All kinds of subjects can be tutored online, and you'll find online tutors for all the common subjects: math tuition, French tuition, English tuition, science tuition, so on and so forth. Some tutors specialise in particular areas of a subject - you might find an algebra or calculus tutor online, for example.

Now, assuming you've decided you want to give online tutoring a shot: how do you get started? Plenty of online tutors use common services like Skype to lead lessons online, but more specialised software such as GoToTraining exists - beware though, it is more expensive!

Online, you can take part in one on one tutoring, or tutoring small groups, and this can be done both by individual tutors and tutoring agencies, so there are plenty of options available if you want to start tutoring online, yourself. Just like home tutors, online tutors are able to individualize their lessons, working with the learner to overcome their specific issues and adapting to their learning style.

Working with An Existing Tutoring Company

Tutoring companies tend to take care of the procurement of students, as well as development of any learning resources, for their tutors. As a tutor in a tutoring business, you might also benefit from a larger support network (for example: the business might have experts in particular areas, or with knowledge of exam syllabuses).

The flip-side of this is that in exchange for these handy benefits, tutoring agencies will take a cut of each lesson's proceeds. Nevertheless, private tutors in Manchester earn an average hourly wage of £19.51 - not bad at all!

You'll be able to find private tutoring companies that work with both small groups and individuals on a one to one basis.

All tutoring companies are looking for the best tutors, and if you think that working for one of the established tutoring companies could be for you, we've rounded up a list of some of the ones you'll find in Manchester - and without further ado...

Choice Home Tutoring

Choice Home Tutoring offers tuition in all primary and secondary education subjects, so regardless of which subject you decide to tutor, you could be in with a chance of a job.

Their website doesn't list any formal requirements for their tutors, but the tutors they recruit need to be DBS checked (this used to be called CRB checking, and is a criminal record check) - and most importantly, be enthusiastic and have a passion for their subject.

The company receives good reviews from its learners, and they offer both one on one tuition, as well as tutoring programs like workshops in groups.

Manchester Tutors

As the name may suggest, Manchester Tutors work in the area. They bill themselves as the largest tutoring consultancy in Manchester, and provide home tuition for exams from school through to university level: this includes exam preparation for the 11+ standardized test, as well as GCSE and A Level academic tuition.

They cover a wide range of subjects: Spanish tuition, maths tutoring, and History tuition are all offered, along with some more obscure topics such as Arabic, and everything in between.

The company doesn't require tutors to have existing teaching qualifications, and they look for personable individuals who are passionate about the subjects they teach. They offer both online and in-home tuition.

Peak Tuition

Peak Tuition focuses on offering test prep for entrance exams for independent and grammar schools around Manchester, but also offer subject tuition.

Peak tuition doesn't specify which subjects it offers tuition in, but does say that they offer exam preparation, including GCSEs and A Levels. In contrast with the other centres listed, they focus more on study skills, rather than individual subjects.

They ask that their tutors have previous experience in tutoring as well as a good knowledge of their specialist subject.

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How to Find Students in Manchester

So, up until now, we've covered some of the different ways you can tutor students in Manchester, as well as the pros and cons of doing so. Now we're going to discuss some methods for finding students - or perhaps more appropriately, letting these tutees know you exist.

Advertising around Town

How can I advertise my private tutoring business?
Make sure people can spot your advert for private tuition in your local businesses!

Even today, an effective method of advertising is to make yourself known locally: this could be through posters, flyers, advertisements in papers, anything you can think of!

Classifieds in local papers are a great way to make yourself known in the community. One such example would be the Manchester Evening News. You can learn more about advertising with them here.

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to newspaper advertisements though, fear not! There are plenty of areas frequented by students and their parents that you can advertise in. Examples of these might be community centres and leisure centres. See if you can put some flyers up in these areas: often local shops and centres like these have specific boards for advertising.

Another form of local advertising may be handing out leaflets - the key to this may be picking a location where there will be a lot of traffic from students and/or parents, so pick wisely. Your leaflet should make as much relevant information available to a reader as possible, and make it jump out to the reader. You'll have to grab their attention quickly - some examples would be to put the subjects you teach, as well as scheduling information in an easy-to-read area of the page.

While these approaches might not seem very targeted, their relative cheapness as well as wide exposure should mean you can gain some students by doing the above.

Partnering with Schools

Offer your tutoring services in schools.
You could tutor students in school! (Source: Visualhunt)

Some schools may be interested in partnering with you. School teachers are best placed to identify students who need supplemental instruction, but many do not have the time or means to do so themselves. By offering your information to schools (perhaps with some qualifications and testimonials), schools may be able to pass on your information to struggling students, netting you some new clients.

Another angle to propose to schools would be homework help: offer to help students with assignments or homework that they're struggling with.

Depending on your circumstances, tutoring could be carried out in school, as a home tutor, or as an online tutor.

Advertising Online

Just as you can now tutor online, it's possible to advertise online to find students, too. Great services to advertise with are platforms used daily by students and parents. Examples might be Google and Facebook. These services are able to build up a profile of their users, allowing them to show your adverts to users who might be interested in your tutoring services.

Advertising on social networks like Facebook means your adverts can be seen by their target audience: students, and can be targeted towards this audience: you can filter users, so your adverts are only shown to those who might be interested in private tutoring, are between certain ages, and live in a certain area.

It's even possible to target people searching for a specific kind of tutor: for example, your adverts can be shown to people specifically searching for a geometry tutor, or specifically to those searching for a math tutor in general.

While more expensive than just handing out flyers, the targeted nature of online advertising means you're more likely to have your advertisement seen by people who are already interested in finding a private tutor - increasing the likelihood they'll take you up on an offer of private tuition.

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