Imagine this: you have just returned from your holiday cruise down the Rhine River. You saw all of those lovely vineyards sculpting the hills of the valley and met lots of lovely people.

The trouble was you couldn’t talk with any of them because your communication skills in German are limited to Guten Tag and Danke Schon.

Your mind is made up: before your next holiday abroad – most likely in another region of Germany because the culture resonates with you, you will learn how to speak German.

Resolution made, now is the time to find German language lessons.

Learn to Speak German with a Tutor

You can take German lessons online with a tutor
Learning German online with a private tutor is a great way to fit lessons into your busy schedule Image by Orna Wachman from Pixabay

Today’s hectic pace does not generally lend itself to leisurely pursuits; more often than not, at the end of the day, people tend toward exhaustion.

All day at work followed by family concerns; maybe a moment to connect with friends before turning in for the night and doing it all over again the next day...

Where, in your busy schedule, would you have time and energy for learning a language?

That’s the rub, really. There are plenty of people who aspire to take on new challenges that simply cannot meet the commitment because... well, because life gets in the way.

However, working with a tutor in your home or online negates the need to run out of the house for night classes all while allowing you to learn German in the comfort of your own surroundings.

Let’s say you had studied German in school; maybe sat your GCSEs in German but, over time you have found it difficult to maintain your skill level.

Talking with a tutor can help you bring back the German language's unique grammatical constructions you thought you had forgotten as well as refreshing your vocabulary.

What about the students in your home?

If you have a secondary school student preparing to sit their school-leaving exams in German, or maybe s/he is gearing up for German A-Levels, s/he too would be well-served by lessons with a private tutor.

Where can you find such an individual who would take your language learning needs into consideration; who would keep your schedule in mind while planning your lessons around it? Enter Superprof!

Superprof is a global community consisting of thousands of teachers.

You may, for instance, learn German online with someone who actually lives in Germany, or a native speaker of German who lives elsewhere in the UK.

If you would prefer to meet your private tutor face to face, Superprof has that base covered as well: we have four German tutors in Belfast!

Anja is a native German speaker with four years of classroom experience.

She works with students of all ages and, should you be a university or secondary school student, you only need to indicate what aspect of German you need help with and she will tailor her lessons to help you achieve your language learning goals.

Anja, like most other Superprof tutors, offers her first hour of lessons at no charge and, should you book a block of five or 10 lessons, you would receive a discount.

Now that we’ve explored your go-to solution for language studies, let’s find out where else you could find German language courses.

Are you interested in knowing where in Birmingham people take German lessons?

You have to learn German if you want to get off the beaten path in Germany
People in larger German cities likely speak English but if you want to visit small towns, you must speak a bit of German Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Language Instruction in a Language Centre

If you wanted to learn a new language merely to exercise your brain, you have many avenues to choose from but if you need to certify your knowledge of German, you would need to attend a language school.

As great as Superprof tutors are, they cannot give you an official language training certificate.

You may need such a certificate before getting a promotion at work or landing a new job. If you are a student hoping to study abroad, you will also have to prove your German language skills.

The accepted certificate of German language level is issued through the Goethe Institut but, unless you anticipate living and working in Germany, a certificate from a language school would be sufficient.

There is a Goethe Institut in Glasgow; would you consider taking German lessons there?

Listen and Learn embraces a bespoke curriculum.

You can take Business German or General German lessons, one to one or in a small group. Your German instructor may come to your home or office, or you may choose to have lessons in their office.

Or, if you prefer, you can take your lessons online, via Skype.

Before finalising your learning environment selection, you will be encouraged to take a placement test to determine your ability to speak German - there is nothing wrong with being an absolute beginner.

In fact, your teacher needs to know how much German you already know, if any, so that s/he may teach you from a suitable starting point.

Currently, Listen and Learn is promoting summer learning; you will benefit from a 15% discount on their regular rates.

If you are a student, now would be a great time to secure your lessons; before school actually starts anew and every other foreign language learner is scrambling for a teacher!

Are you curious whether German language students in Edinburgh also get a jump on their studies?

German Lessons with Language Trainers

Not to be outdone, Language Trainers stands ready to help you build your German language proficiency in person, in groups, in a class or online.

You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that you might only need about 30 hours of instruction to have a simple conversation with a German native speaker; even less if these instructors have their way!

Here again, you will be invited to take a placement test before selecting your German class; this test is offered free on their website.

Once you have an idea of where you are in your language training venture, you can start planning your schedule around your German courses.

Note: Language Trainers is also offering a summer discount; hurry to find how much you could save!

Did you know that German learners in Leeds tend to opt for intensive German studies?

Learn German to visit amazing castles
Germany is full of history and amazing architecture; don't let the language barrier keep you from any of it! Image by Osman Zöllner from Pixabay

German Courses at Queen’s University

You might think that university courses are reserved for those who are about to sit their A-Levels and enrol and, to an extent, you would be correct.

Queen’s University takes their German language curriculum to the general public, and what a course they have!

Their German language studies programme is divided into seven levels, the first being for those who have had virtually no exposure to the language.

Level 1 introduces you to the language and culture of Germany; you would learn basic phrases and simple grammatical concepts.

If you already have an elementary knowledge of German – if you can hold a simple conversation and describe your family, neighbourhood and work environments, you may start at Level 2, which builds on those foundation skills.

Each of the courses is 10 weeks long and represents one level of advancement until Level 7, when you would be expected to discuss current events and contemporary issues that impact society, using nothing but your German language skills.

Should be already be enroled at Queen’s University, the fee for each of these courses is £20 but, if you are not embroiled in a degree plan (or a member of their staff), you may still participate in these courses for only £88 per course.

Is there any university anywhere in the UK that offers such a great deal on German courses?

German Lessons at the Belfast Met

Northern Ireland’s largest college is no slouch when it comes to offering exciting courses and their German language classes might just be the icing on the cake!

Whether you only have a passing acquaintance with the German language or can speak it fairly well, the Met has a class for you.

Their German 1 course covers all of the basics: greetings, elementary grammar and a substantial vocabulary list.

Their Improver and Improver Plus is where the meat of the matter is; the first offering targets speaking and listening while the Plus track emphasises reading and writing in German.

If you have already passed the intermediate level and are ready for advanced German courses, their Step 6 course would be for you.

Here, you would learn the more elaborate German grammar constructions all while continuing to develop your German pronunciation as well as your reading and writing skills.

Are there such inclusive German classes in Cardiff?

The cost for each course is £170 except for the Basic German class, which only costs £95 and the duration varies, so it would be best to check the course catalogue to find out which one would suit you best.

Beautiful Belfast is distinct and diverse, open in her welcome and generous to those who would seek knowledge. One way to prove that is by the wealth of German courses to be had there.

So if you’ve just returned from your holiday in Berlin or Bremen, and even if you’ve never left County Antrim but long to learn a new language, you certainly have the opportunity to do so.

Now engage in a treasure hunt: find the best German classes in London!

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