“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” - Oprah Winfrey

It’s becoming increasingly common for professionals to have a change of heart and to either retrain for a different career or leave one career for another.

The idea that you stay in the same career your whole life is outdated. Be it children, moving house, etc., there are many things that can cause a change in career.

To help you do this, there are career coaches in Birmingham that can provide support either in the short-term or the long-term.

Ready for an adventure?

In this article, we're going to have a look at the reasons why you should consider getting career coaching, the career coaches in Birmingham, where you can find them, and how career coaching agencies can also help you further your career.

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Why Should You Get Career Coaching?

Career coaching and live coaching are becoming more popular in larger cities in the UK. To get your dream job, gain new skills, or change careers, etc., it might be worthwhile getting in touch with a coach.

How do you prepare for an interview?
Do you need help getting ready for an interview? (Source: StartupStockPhotos)

If you're interested in a career change or just looking at another career path, a career coach could help you with your job search, finding a new employer, and starting a new job with a better salary or prospects.

Learn to Speak in Public

Who’s never got nervous before having to speak in front of a group of people?

This isn’t an innate skill but it’s often required in many lines of work. A career coach could help you get over the nervousness and also help you improve your presentation skills.

Many jobs require that you speak in public. Be it in a meeting, while giving a presentation, or just while talking to the general public, your speaking skills could be improved thanks to a career coach.

Getting Ready for an Interview

Knowing how to present yourself, highlight key skills, and talking about yourself in a job interview is easier said than done. You’ll need to prepare for any question they might ask you. A career coach can train you before the big day and make sure you’ve done everything you can to get that job.

You don't want to be caught off-guard by an unusual question or panic during an interview. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression and you don't want to miss out on the chance of a lifetime because you weren't ready for the interview.

Managing a Team

How you should manage a team isn’t always obvious, especially if you’ve no experience in doing it. Before you get a promotion, a career coach could train you in this skill. With role-playing exercises, a career coach could teach you how to confidently manage a team.

Even if you don't currently manage any teams, these management skills could be incredibly useful if you're vying for a management role in your current company, applying to management roles, or even considering starting your own company where you may eventually end up in charge of others.

Changing Careers

Are you sick of your job? Feeling burnt out or need to step away from your current career? Interested in a new career? Thinking about a career transition?

Ask for some help on how to change careers from a career coach who’ll help you make the right decisions. Whether you’re appraising your skills, helping you look for work, writing covering letters, preparing for an interview, or setting up your own business, career coaching could be a great solution.

For those looking to transition to a new job or changing career, a career coach could help them with networking, integrating into a new workplace, learning valuable transferable skills, or getting a career assessment.

You can also get career coaching in London.

Career Coaches in Birmingham

Who are these career coaches?

Some people are a little wary of trusting career coaches since they've never met them and there are few qualifications to actually validate their experience.

What can a career coach help you with?
A career coach can help you get ready for an interview. (Source: Altnet )

It’s a good idea to ask about each coach’s experience and qualifications before you let them help you change your career. The first hours of your sessions should be spent getting to know one another.

There’s no set route to becoming a career coach. Some will have changed careers after years of experience working in a business, others may still be students. Each type of career coach has its pros and cons. You need to work out what you need before hiring your career coach.

Birmingham is a big city where you can meet all types of people. As one of the UK’s biggest cities, you’ll have no problem finding the type of coach you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for an expert in personal development or leadership, an HR or recruitment consultant, elocution, there are plenty of different types of career coaches you can find on Superprof, for example.

The age and experience will vary wildly from one coach to another. Of course, those who aren’t very experienced will tend to charge less than those with years of experience. A student, for example, could help other students with managing stress or preparing for exams.

Each type of career coach has its advantages and disadvantages and it's up to you to do your research and separate the wheat from the chaff.

There’s also career coaching in Manchester.

Where Can You Find a Career Coach in Birmingham?

There are plenty of different ways to become a career coach. Career coaches can either work for themselves or in an agency. You can easily find agencies by searching online. You may even just come across some as you’re walking around Birmingham.

Where can you find career coaches in Birmingham?
If you feel like you're overwhelmed with work, give a career coach a call. (Source: rawpixel)

So how can you find the right career coach?

Word of Mouth

This method is as old as time as still just as effective. You might know someone who’s already enlisted the help of a career coach. You could ask them for advice. Speak to those around you and see if they know any career coaches or say that you’re looking for one.

If you never stop talking about the fact that you're looking for a career coach, your friends and family will undoubtedly mention it to others.

Online Search

By searching “career coaching Birmingham” online, you’ll find tonnes of results for coaches and agencies that made their own website so that you could find them. You can read up about them and get in touch with them.

The internet is a powerful tool and should be one of the first places you go when you start looking for a career coach. Any coach worth their salt will have an online presence.

Classified Ads

In supermarkets or local businesses, you can find announcements and classifieds ads for career coaches. Some even leave little slips on the end of their ad with their phone number on for you to take away.

When you take one of these slips, consider saving the number directly into your phone as its very easy to end up with a tonne of these lying around in your wallet and not have a clue why you have a random phone number on a piece of paper.

Online Platforms

Just like Superprof, online platforms allow career coaches and clients to get in touch with one another. The clients can find the coach whose profile they like and, in some cases, get an hour of coaching for free. You can also find coaches from anywhere in the world thanks to online tutorials over programmes like Skype.

If you’re in Yorkshire, you can also find career coaches in Leeds.

Career Coaching Agencies in Birmingham

Whether it’s breathing exercises for managing stress, public speaking, conducting meetings, retraining, personality tests, building self-confidence, supervising projects, personal development, or leadership, take your time and work towards your career goals.

How much does career coaching cost?
Your career coaching sessions can take place anywhere you like! (Source: InspiredImages)

In Birmingham, like many other cities, you can find career coaching agencies. The advantage of these agencies is that you’ll have the choice of several coaches.

Furthermore, the agency will work towards offering you the best coaching possible, work with your strengths and weaknesses, and help you pursue your passion and get a job that you love.

There are a number of career coaching businesses in Birmingham.

Find out more about career coaching in Glasgow.

Get Online Career Coaching

You can now get career coaching online. Some sites can provide coaching virtually. A coach can keep in touch with you through email, for example. You can also get online personality questionnaires, etc.

To get professional guidance, these sites will help when you first get started. While they won’t help in the long-term, it could be a good way to get started if you don’t have the means to pay a private tutor or career coach.

With a career coach, you could even enjoy some coaching in the great outdoors. Cafés and bars are also a good idea.

What better way to change careers?

Keep in mind that even if you're unemployed, you can get help job hunting, interviewing for jobs, and starting a new career path with the help of a career coach.

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