"Education is the passport for the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." -Malcolm X

While learning new academic disciplines may not come quickly to all types of learners, the prime importance of education cannot be undermined. Why? Acquiring further knowledge of various topics is essential in so many ways to improve a person's life and provide them with more options for the future. 

It is essential to state that we are continual students who will never stop learning about so many things that this world has to offer.  

For those who are suffering from a loss of ideas about what can be learnt outside an academic classroom setting, we shall refresh your memory! For example, topics such as photography, arts and culture, creative writing, and foreign languages can all be easily grasped after the formative years to improve skills.

Since the world has become a global village, let's focus on foreign languages. Frequently conversed tongues such as German, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Indonesian can quickly be learnt in and around the city of Birmingham. Also, since the UK is an English-speaking nation, foreigners can obtain English-language skills with some of the world's best tutors in Birmingham.

Therefore, without further ado, in today's article, we shall discuss the best English language learning resources, the best places to learn English in Birmingham, and some specific steps to gain fluency in no time!

Best English Learning Applications

Many of ask frequently pose the question, "what did we do before the internet was a thing?" It seems that completing everyday tasks such as banking, shopping, cooking, and learning was so much more difficult before the worldwide web took over in the early 2000s.

Therefore, when it comes to learning, things such as textbooks, libraries, and in-class learning sessions have become a thing of the past; however, what has replaced these methods? Mobile applications, podcasts, and websites.

Also, since English is the most desired language in the world, it is essential to mention that there are plenty of online resources available to make learning this tongue more accessible to all types of pupils. 

Without any further delay, we shall mention a few of the best English language learning applications that can be easily downloaded to make learning English on-the-go more accessible.

Best English Apps

ESL applications
There are various applications on the App and Google Play Store that help beginners learn English in a flash! (Source: pixabay)

While there are many available, the following are some of the best English learning applications available on the App and Google Play Store: 

  • Duolingo: probably the most widely recognised language learning application on the market today, Duolingo has dozens of foreign tongues that can be learnt in an engaging fashion and the best part is that it is completely free on Google Play and App stores.
  • Memrise: a free language app that is visually appealing and that offers courses that are generated or created for each individual learner, Memrise should be downloaded by all ESL learners. All of the short lessons are tailored to provide learners with methods to remember things correctly.
  • Cram: a free-flashcard application that aids ESL learners to acquire vocabulary that is precise and necessary and all situations, Cram should be downloaded by those wishing to learn more about English.
  • Talk English: since conversations skills is the most challenging aspect of learning a foreign tongue, new learners are quite pleased with the free Talk English app to practise their speaking abilities to construct grammatically correct sentences at all times.

The best part about the previously mentioned applications is that they are all 100% and worthy of your time and attention to learn English like a pro!

If learning on an application isn't for you, try finding an ESL tutor in London, the surroundings parts of Manchester, or close to Leeds. 

Where to Learn English in Birmingham

the best language apps
Going to an institute or hiring a private tutor are both fantastic ways to learn more about English. (Source: pixabay)

Since Birmingham is often referred to as the UK's "second city" that only slightly trails in comparison to mega-metropolis London, it is a fantastic place that is a hub for social, economic, and political reasons. 

Also, since there are many economic opportunities, Birmingham has become a hub for immigrants in search of a better life. Therefore, immigrants must learn English to be eligible for the best jobs available; which means that English schools and tutors are consistently in demand!

Nevertheless, where may ESL students find classes with professional tutors in the Greater Birmingham Area? Look no further and have no fear, Superprof is here!

Best English Language Institutes in Birmingham

Sometimes with so many options available, it seems impossible to choose which one might be the best for your specific learning needs. Therefore, to make a choice more accessible, the following are the best language institutes in Birmingham for ESL learners:

  • Edskills Language School: viewed as more than just a place to study, the Edskills Language School provides pupils with the necessary tools to become some of the best communicators in English. The tutors are hugely qualified to provide students with exceptional service in a relaxed environment that contributes to learning. Check out their site to learn about distinct ESL courses offered.
  • Hello English: based in the heart of England, Hello English is a beautiful English language school that offers many unique services such as regular or intensive programmes, online or in-person tuition, and general or conversation English; the choice is ultimately yours!
  • The Language Gallery: providing a space to be wholly immersed in the English language, the Language Gallery helps beginners and intermediate students to improve their speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills with other dedicated individuals. Check out their informative website to learn more about their lessons and valuable information.

While the previously mentioned options are all language schools with structured class times and other classmates, it is entirely possible to have private lessons with a qualified tutor. Really? Keep reading to find out more information!

Private Superprof English Tutors

With the rapid advancements of technology in the past decade, a variety of education options have opened up. Such as? Online tutoring with a Skype English teacher. As a result of online tutoring, subjects such as economics, sciences, mathematics, and foreign languages can be acquired without leaving the comforts of home.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that with endless options to find tutors online, it may seem a bit overwhelming. However, we are here to tell you that Superprof is the best of the best, the cream of the crop!

Learning English as a Second or Third Language with Superprof educators is the best decision you can make. Although we may sound a bit partial, the following reasons back up the facts as to why Superprof should be considered when acquiring English speaking skills:

  • Affordable lessons for less than £20 per hour,
  • Qualified tutors who have years of teaching experience,
  • Lessons at a time and place most convenient for the student,
  • The first lesson is always 100% free of charge!

If the previously mentioned reasons aren't enough to convince you about hiring a Superprof tutor, we don't know what will! Also, it is worth mentioning that according to the Superprof site, there are over 270 English tutors offering face-to-face lessons in the Greater Birmingham Area.

But, are there any tips and tricks to learn English quickly? The most professional and qualified tutors implement the steps in the following subheading to aid beginners to earn English fluency ASAP!

Is it possible to find ESL tutors in Scotland? Click this link to learn more!

Steps to Acquire English Fluency

flashcards and newspapers
Slowly but surely, vocabulary words can be acquired to enhance speaking and comprehension skills. (Source: Unsplash)

When non-native speakers are analysing the grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure of the English language, they may get overwhelmed in the beginning and think that it is much more complicated than their mother tongue. However, it is essential to mention that although English has some intriguing rules, it is far easier to acquire than many other international languages such as Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic.

However, since everything is made more accessible with some hints, the subsequent are some valuable steps to acquire English fluency with facility:

  • Trust in Your Abilities: stop thinking that you cannot master English and remember to believe in the abilities that you do possess. If you acquire the confidence needed, you will learn to speak English in no time since you will be practising and making an earnest effort.
  • Don't Worry About Grammar: it is much better to focus on speaking, reading, and listening that spending too much time getting confused with English grammar. It is essential to state that the majority of native English speakers don't even have mastery over grammar!
  • Focus on Learning a New Word Every Day: try reading the newspaper, watching television, or listening to the radio and acquiring a new vocabulary word that you will remember each and every day. By doing this, more difficult words are learnt from the beginning.
  • Talk to Yourself: although it may sound like something only mad people do, by talking to yourself in front of a mirror, words are frequently practised, and conversation skills are honed. Also, an added bonus is that you can observe the way your mouth moves for certain words which makes pronunciation better.

By hiring a professional tutor and following necessary steps, acquiring English in the city of Birmingham becomes a piece of cake!

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