We have been talking to lots of parents and students to discover what we can do to make Superprof more useful and fit in with busy family life. They told us that on-demand tutoring, which is available by the Question & Answers on the website, was great but they also wanted to arrange sessions in advance with tutors.

Here is why online tutoring is a good choice.

So we have now added a ‘Book A Tutor‘ service. This allows them to look in detail at the tutors profile, see details such as their background, hourly rate and questions answered. Most importantly, they can now contact a tutor direct to arrange an online tutoring session. All communication is dealt with via Superprof, so personal details such as email addresses and credit card details remain private.

Find out if online tutoring really works.

We have also spoken to tutors. They told us that they would like to see the tutors most active on the website, answering questions and holding sessions, listed at the top of the tutor list. This is an excellent idea, and parents can now find and contact these tutors first.

Get all your online tutoring questions answered now.

We hope that everyone finds the new Book A Tutor feature useful. If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to get in touch.

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Best wishes from the team at Superprof.


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