If finding German lessons in Wales’ capital city were an onerous task, the tone of this article would be a touch reticent... maybe even gloomy.

Fortunately, you can find all manner of outlets through which you could pursue your passion for German studies so we can happily discuss the extensive list of ways you might learn German.

If you were thinking of learning a foreign language but weren’t sure which one you should tackle, let us take a moment to make the case for learning German before we go on to describe the many places you could take lessons.

  • German is spoken by more than 132 million people worldwide
    • It is considered the second language of business and science (after English)
  • English is a Germanic language, making it one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn
  • Germany is Europe’s economic powerhouse and its capital city, Berlin, is THE European hotspot for entrepreneurs and tech startups
  • Discover another dimension to the Internet: German websites command the third-strongest presence of the entire worldwide web
  • Enjoy the rich German culture the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

Have you been to Cardiff Oktoberfest? How would you like to experience the real festival, in Munich?

Sure, you could go there strictly as an English speaker – the Germans have it all over us in language learning, but if you did that, you would miss the subtle nuance, the authentic German-ness of it all!

These are just a few reasons to learn German, there are many more (and, surely, you have your own).

Now that your interested is piqued, we recommend you take the bratwurst on the grill, pour yourself a pint and settle in for a read on where to find the best German classes in Cardiff.

Learn German at Cardiff University

Does your campus have a language lab?
Some universities use a language lab for their campus language instruction Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay

It would be a safe bet to believe that any secondary school student preparing to sit German GCSEs or A-Levels has a pretty good idea what his/her options are for studying German at the undergraduate level.

Therefore, we focus our attention on adults who wish to learn German for now. Later, we will examine opportunities for students to get help with exam preparation or general language education.

With that disclosure, you should have guessed that we are not talking about degree programmes but about adult part-time courses in basic German.

This course takes place over 28 weeks, every Wednesday, from 1300 to 1500. at a cost of £384. What do you get for that investment of money and time?

And could you get a comparable deal on German lessons in Belfast?

You will learn how to introduce yourself and talk about your family and where you live, describe facets of your life such as hobbies and work, and learn about the German words for foods.

Should you holiday in a German-speaking country, you would have what is called ‘survival language skills’: you will be able to ask for directions and understand same, negotiate the purchase of transit tickets and make general enquiries.

While there is not a heavy emphasis on German grammar in this course, you will nevertheless study relevant cases, moods and conjugation.

By the end of this course, you will have attained Level A1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, a good start on further studies in German.

If you don’t yet know Guten Tag (hello) from Danke Schon (thank you), this is the course for you.

The bad news is that if you had hoped to master a measure of German before your upcoming holiday in Austria, Switzerland or Germany, you will have to find another class; this one doesn’t start until October.

If you need to find German lessons in Edinburgh, Superprof has got you covered!

Touring the Reichstag is so much more informative in German
Your tour of the Reichstag would be so much more informative if you could understand German! Image by Pexels from Pixabay

German Lessons with Language Trainers

Language Trainers is a UK-wide franchise specialising in connecting language learners with the teachers that best suit their needs.

For instance, if you work for an international company that has landed a big contract with a firm in Luxembourg, you and your colleagues may have to learn Business German rather quickly.

Conversely, if you are one of those aforementioned GCSE students needing a bit of guidance in your language study, you may prefer to take lessons with them, one on one or online.

For that matter, Language Trainers makes online lessons available to anyone!

Even if you and your partner are planning a getaway to the Swiss Alps and wish to take language classes together, that option would be open to you.

You may contact them to get all of the details for signing up but it would be easier to visit their website for all of the information you need.

While you’re there, you might take their free placement test to help your advisor to determine which instructor to assign to you. You may also take advantage of their offer of a free lesson online, via Skype.

And, to sweeten the deal still more, why not jump on their special summer rate?

You could hardly get better German lessons, even in London!

Listen and Learn German Language Course

This company is another national franchise that is very successful in imparting German language skills.

You may choose to join a class of students who are learning at the same level as you, take private lessons – one to one or two-to-one, or you and your partner could engage in online language learning.

Listen and Learn makes a clear distinction between their general German lessons and teaching German for business so you will have to make it known to your prospective teacher what your language learning goals and needs are.

Their website also offers a free level test – a step you may bypass if you are an absolute beginner at speaking German.

However, if you can speak intermediate German, it would be a very good idea to take their German test so that your prospective teacher does not cover grammatical cases you already know.

Listen and Learn is also offering special pricing if you sign up during the summer months; you may find it to be quite a bargain!

Do you know what options there are for learning German in Birmingham?

German Lessons with a Private Tutor

At this point, your fervent desire to learn the language of Goethe may be precariously balanced against everything else in your life: family commitments, work, friends... and the sheer exhaustion at the end of the day.

With all of that, who has time to run out to class after tea?

The better question would be: how would you like to have your language lessons come to you?

Taking lessons with a German tutor in your home offers several advantages, the main one being that your tutor will focus exclusively on you and your language learning needs.

Learning German in your home allows your language tutor to conduct lessons in a more relaxed atmosphere; one less focused on a set curriculum and more open to your overall curiosity about the language and culture of Germany.

Can you find such a tutor in Glasgow?

Such a tutor would be helpful to any students you have living at home, as well.

If your student is struggling to master the more advanced German vocabulary s/he would need to earn high marks on A-Levels or GCSEs, such a tutor would give him/her an enormous advantage.

Superprof has nine German tutors in the Cardiff area, some of whom are native German speakers and all of whom have extensive teaching experience.

You may choose to take classes online with Howard or Ulduz, or you may work with Kristel or Helen in your home.

You might think private lessons would be expensive but Superprof tutors work hard to dispel the myth that learning German must cost a lot: the average price per hour is only £21 and most of these tutors give you the first lesson at no charge!

Whether you want conversational German lessons ahead of your next holiday or want to give your German learner an edge on his exams: with Superprof, private tutoring is within your reach.

Discover where citizens of Leeds learn German phrases...

Private tutors can help you learn German for business
You will find many opportunities to learn Business German in Cardiff, either with a personal tutor or through a language school Image by Jerry Kimbrell from Pixabay

German Language Courses at Cactus

Now we’re talking about an evolved language school whose flagship is Business German (and other languages).

Cactus has partnered with a respectable stable of international companies that rely on them for their staff’s language training needs but that doesn’t mean there is nothing there for you!

If you need to learn German for business purposes, you may take Beginner German all the way through advanced level courses.

Along the way, you will learn business- and industry-specific vocabulary, along with public speaking skills – in German, of course.

Remember how, at the start of this article, we mentioned that Berlin is the best place to be if you are a tech start-up?

Cactus Language Training will make sure that you are fully prepared for your business launch, be it from Berlin or Bremen.

They won’t just teach you new language and reading and writing in German; they will go beyond the standard of foreign language courses to see that you understand the intricacies of German business etiquette.

Are you still here, or have you gone to find these German lessons in Cardiff?

Now find out where else in the UK you could take a German class...

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