A French degree is very popular with students in the UK. In fact, last year over 207,000 people enrolled in them. However there is a misconception that may cause concern; some people don’t believe modern language degrees actually open up many careers to students. But, of course, this is complete nonsense. The truth is that French degrees teach you a number of transferable skills that are crucial to employability and will open up a variety of diverse careers.

So let’s explore what jobs are open to French graduates:

  • speech therapist: your knowledge of linguistics and the communication skills you develop throughout your degree will allow you to advance in to speech therapy. Speech therapy is a rewarding career that would suit a graduate who enjoys improving people’s lives.
  • banking and finance: modern language graduates are in high demand in banking and finance sectors and having a second language will be a definite advantage. Your critical thinking, analytical skills and written and spoken communication skills will be invaluable to any company that employs you.
  • translation and interpretation: your excellent listening and oral communication skills will make you perfect for a career in translation or interpretation. You will also be able to put in to practise your knowledge and understanding of French culture. This will assist your understanding of the information being communicated and avoid meaning becoming lost in translation.
  • English as a Foreign Language teacher: Your intercultural awareness will allow you to teach English in a French-speaking country. You will be more than capable of teaching your native language with an excellent understanding of the processes and challenges of learning a foreign language.
  • multi-lingual editor/proof-reader: Your analytical skills and aptitude for languages will make you a fast and efficient proof-reader in French and English. You would also have a choice as to what sector you work in and the options range from politics to public services.
  • trans-national sales and marketing: yhere are a huge variety of roles within the sales and marketing sector and many of which will benefit from your problem solving skills, flexibility and excellent communication.
  • tour manager: with your language, communication and teamwork skills, along with your knowledge of French culture, you will be well up to the role of tour manager in any French-speaking country.
  • French teacher: perhaps this is an obvious one but it’s a rewarding career that will allow you to pass on your knowledge and your passion for French to young minds. Plus, since the number of foreign language teachers required in primary schools in the UK is increasing, your chances of employment are looking good.

Hopefully this list has given you an idea of the variety of careers available to you. As you can see, an aptitude in French isn’t the only transferable skill you are currently developing throughout your degree. Of course, this list is by no means complete but you can access a more comprehensive list here.

So never fear, French undergraduates, your degree is opening up a variety of doors for you. It’s just up to you to step through them.




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