Compared to our friendly European neighbours, especially the Scandinavian ones, our Education System leaves a lot to be desired in many areas.

With many children failing exams, complex curriculum's and excessive homework, British students and parents alike are growing more and more dissatisfied with the United Kingdom Education System.

But why? What happened?

There are many reasons one of them being the negative balance sheets of the State. The confidence is now lost and will take awhile to regain: does this mean that UK based parents are believing less and less in the National Education System to assist their children to academic excellence?

To overcome the shortcomings of the Education System, parents are now turning to home tutoring to empower their children to succeed.

More educational and engaging, private teachers offer supplemental instruction that helps the student to no longer feel alone in the face of the difficulties of the UK Education System.

If you want your child to boost their academic average in all core subjects, why not hire a private tutor?

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Remedial Support Right Out of Primary School

Primary school is a crucial step for the academic performance and educational formation of children.

During primary school, the schoolchild learns to assimilate all the essential academic skills for his future success such as grammar, conjugation, and basic math problems!

However, with that being said, many parents are constantly dissatisfied with the treatment of their children in schools.

Here are some numbers and facts to open your eyes to the current problems in the Education System...

little curious girl
Children need to leave primary school without any academic difficulties. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Almost 200,000 children across England are attending underperforming primary schools, where fewer than 65 per cent of pupils reach the expected standard in reading, reading and maths. 

UK based schoolteachers are so overwhelmed with the overcrowded classrooms and amount of curriculum there is to teach that they do not have time to help each individual child with their learning issues.

There have been many reforms in the past years to improve student's learning but many are still having difficulties. Especially exams that have been introduced in the Key Stage 2 curriculum. Teachers in an article written by The Independent quote:

"The current assessment system does not enable schools, teachers, children and their families to celebrate the success of children who do not reach the expected standard. This lack of recognition could be seen to have a damaging impact on many children’s self-esteem, impacting on their willingness to learn in later years."

These facts are disturbing and need to be rectified. For avoiding school drop out, contacting an academic advisor is the solution.

Serious, professional and punctual, private teachers help with all core subjects, in all Key Stages of the National Curriculum:

  • Mathematics,
  • Modern Foreign Languages (French, Spanish and German),
  • English and Literature,
  • Chemistry and Physics,
  • Philosophy classes,
  • Biology,
  • History,
  • Geography.

From the beginning of primary school to the end of secondary school, private tutoring classes help the learner succeed throughout his entire academic career.

Don't waste a minute, start as soon as possible!

Discover the benefits of hiring a private tutor!

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English has always been an important language. It is viewed as the universal tongue of business and commerce with over 300 million native speakers and around 1.5 billion ESL learners.

Quite important, ain't it! 

With many grammar rules and exceptions and the development of technology has created a new SMS language ("How are you?" now becomes "hru?" or "by the way" has changed to "btw"). This has complicated the English language for students and they now find themselves struggling in the literacy of Shakespeare's mother tongue.

For many language teachers and linguists, these facts are alarming and need to change.

A mini-debate conducted by EF online stated some interesting facts:

"Recent findings have suggested that schoolchildren in the 1960s and 1970s were far more literate than children of today. In 2013, the average schoolchild struggles more with spelling, grammar and essay-writing. Text messaging is alienating English speakers from their native tongue and confusing non-natives who wish to learn the language. It promotes mis-spelling."

Thanks to technology, the fields of medicine, science, and even education have advanced drastically. However, it has also made learning English more difficult due to our dependence on auto-correct and the misspelt, shortened words used on social media.

However, extra attention needs to be showed learning English. It is an extremely important subject for children's academic success: from kindergarten to the end of high school, your children will hardly be able to escape it!

Moreover, the test taking periods, whatever the subject may be, the marker will pay close attention to the grammar and spelling of the students. If he hesitates and sees too many errors in what you wrote, the balance could quickly tip against you!

Say goodbye to that coveted A!


English has become complicated
For many young ones, English spelling and grammar has become more difficult due to the technological age we live in. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Success is crucial, especially since the English language is essential to get a job and build a career

You may have a concrete resume with a lot of references and experience, but if your cover letter is full of misspellings, the job interview with not go very well!

Academic mentoring services can help, a private teacher can offer study strategies and make sure that your English grammar, vocabulary and spelling is at an advanced level. A degree that William Shakespeare would be very proud of!

Online English tutoring is very popular with parents, who see for themselves the gaps in their child's reading and writing skills and in the National Education System.

Note that online tutoring support is a great option for parents who are too overbearing and present in their child's learning.

Whether you are studying math, science or literature, the private mentors adopt an intensive pace to accompany you on the road to success!

If you are wanting to learn English as a Second Language (ESL or EFL) or to improve your own mother tongue, you can count on the pedagogical skills of private tutors near me to make sessions fun and rewarding and, best of all, help ensure against dropping out of school!

Remedial Help to Improve Your Mathematical Skills

In addition to being bad English students, the National Education Systems claims that there are many issues with mathematics as well...

It's the numbers that say it, not us!

However, scientific subjects such as mathematics and science are very important for the advancement of research: if England wants to maintain its status as an innovative country, we must start by educating our youth!

Troubles in mathematics
Many students across the UK have difficulties with maths. This needs to be fixed! (Source: Visual Hunt)

According to a 2015 study conducted by OECD PISA, the United Kingdom has dropped in the rankings from 26th to 27th in math results despite implementing Asian-style practices in the classroom.

22 per cent of 15-year-olds in the UK do not reach Level 2 - the baseline level of achievement - which means they cannot solve problems "routinely faced by adults in their daily lives".

That means that 1 in 5 teenagers in the UK are not prepared to face mathematical problems that they will use in the future in their daily lives!

These lacklustre results need to be changed because mathematics is much more important than they seem. 

Indeed, a very high level in mathematics can allow the student to access the BTEC Extended Diploma (Business and Technology Education Council), a diploma that is very appreciated by recruiters and opens the doors to almost all of the different universities pathways (engineering school, schools for commerce, business and economics, advanced math studies etc.)

If you are considering a brilliant future career for your child (doctor, engineer, researcher, biologist etc.), it's from the beginning of the academic year that you must prepare!

To improve mathematics there is nothing better than academic advising from a private tutor: individualized, more educational and extremely beneficial your child will leave every session feeling more confident and encouraged!

A private teacher is qualified to help with student learning and overcome the shortcomings of the UK's Education System such as:

  • Regular and stable learning of maths,
  • Revisions of previously learned formulas,
  • Possibility to learn during the winter and summer holidays,
  • Intensive and briskly paced sessions to improve in no time,
  • Acquisition of important mathematical domains (algebra, rapid calculation, geometry, trigonometry, etc.),
  • New revision techniques and study skills introduced (online courses, exercises and applications to choose from),
  • A schedule that is adapted to pupil's rhythm and needs,
  • Exam preparation sessions (A-Level tests, BTEC or GCSE's) etc.

Through a stable rhythm, the homework help of qualified tutors can allow your child to deepen his knowledge and move towards a more scientifically based career.

The personal tutor can consolidate the achievements of his student, but will also become an educational advisor who will guide him throughout his training!

These are only some of the reasons to choose a private tutor; discover more of them!

Private Tutoring to Help Learn a Foreign Language

Let's just say that citizens in the United Kingdom do not excel when it comes to learning a foreign language...

When learning a new language, Brits are very lazy and do not put forth the required efforts to become fluent in another language other than English.

Other European countries should be praised while the UK should be shamed!

The European Commission reports:

"Language competences for employability, mobility and growth, notes that, the share of pupils reaching the level of 'independent user' in the first foreign language varies from 9% in England to 82% in Sweden."

This leads us to one conclusion: the United Kingdom must improve in this regard. 

French, Spanish and German as foreign languages
British citizens fall behind many other European nations in foreign language proficiency. (Source: Visual Hunt)

What are some of the reasons why British students cannot master a foreign tongue?

The above-mentioned article states that children in the United Kingdom have trouble learning a second language because of the way it is taught.

For example, students start learning either French, Spanish or German at 11 or 12 years old for only 3 years with classes so spaced out that students forget what they learnt last class and already need a review. To make matters worse, most students never get to apply what they have learnt. So it's all theory and no practice!

The United Kingdom needs to imitate the good examples of the Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore and Luxembourg where language proficiency is a major priority.

However, the world has become a multicultural global village in the past few decades and that means that learning foreign tongues is more important. British parents are slowly starting to realize the importance of their children being bilingual.

Being bilingual is favourably viewed by many employers all over the world.

If the school system is preventing your child from becoming a multilingual citizen (which it probably is!), look towards tutoring services to improve your child's foreign language skills.

There are also many language learning alternatives such as:

  1. Attend a private bilingual school,
  2. Group classes in community centres (offered at very affordable prices!),
  3. Language learning textbooks,
  4. E-learning such as apps and language learning software,
  5. Subscribing yourself to a Youtube channel that teaches languages.

Most private schools are far from being affordable, so many parents are hiring private tutors!

The UK has not initiated any tax benefits for hiring a personal tutor, however, many extra school support organizations have been created to offer free tutoring sessions to underprivileged students. These tutoring centres have improved the accessibility of a private educator for students of all social classes!

There is no question of neglecting the importance of foreign languages: the private teacher will aim to perfect the pupil in the desired foreign language. 

Native speakers are very popular private tutors because they not only master the language but can provide very useful tips and tricks about the country and culture.

Private coaching for learning a second or third language has opened many doors to young pupils and has ensured student success.

Forget about the shortcomings of the National Education System! To ensure success in every core subject and to oversee your exam preparation, academic advising from a private tutor is the ideal solution!


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