If you leave in the capital city of Wales, you might be inspired by the long and enduring list of musicians and bands that came from your home country.

From Duffy, to Dave Edmunds, Super Furry Animals or Budgie, the list goes on. If your ultimate dream is to become a famous drummer, plenty of drums instructors will be able to help you in Cardiff.

4 Reasons To Learn The Drums

  1. You will get to learn one of the most ancient, most cultural instruments there is out there. Being a drummer is not just about sitting behind a drum set. There are so many different kinds of drums out there such as the West African djembe, the Afro-Cuban bongo drums and the Italian timpani. You may find yourself desiring to play in a marching band, a jazz band or even an opera orchestra. All these styles involve a different kind of drums which creates an infinite list of what you could do in your drumming vocation.
  2. Drum work can help combat depression. Research has revealed that drumming can have a positive emotional effect, to the point where it may help battle depression and help you work through traumatic events in your past. According to the American news network, the Daily Beast, a 2008 study with vets suffering from PTSD showed that drumming produced an “…increased sense of openness, togetherness, belonging, sharing, closeness, connectedness and intimacy” as well as supporting subjects regain a sense of self-control.”
  3. Using drums will help you to understand music. The components of music are complex and learning how music is composed is not an easy task. But drum beats are the grounds of so many musical productions, so understanding the cadence of the drum and where that beat comes from will help you enhance your perception of music overall.
  4. Drummers are always in demand. Can you make a living from playing music? The answer is an absolute yes. Still, you need to be very dedicated and hard at work. The music industry is remarkably competitive. But even on a local scene, you can make money from pub gigs, weddings, etc. A good drummer is generally a lot more unusual to find, so it would be easy enough to get paid concerts. If the local publican gig scene is not really what you are looking for, there are other ways to make money from your drumming expertise. Once you get more accomplished, you can start giving lessons locally or playing in other musical production. You could also learn how to record and mix up your drum set and advertise your services online for recording drum tracks for other musicians.There is also a more obvious but more difficult method: making it big with your band or act. It’s also not something worth counting on, but if you are skilled enough, have unique and exciting melodies, and work extremely hard growing the right connections and getting the right expertise, then you might have a chance!We do not think that you should start learning the drums with the intention of becoming a multi-millionaire rock star. You should start learning the drums if you like it and grow a passion for it. But if you do in fact get very enthusiastic about it, it is certainly worth considering about it creatively.
The best drum solos can be found with a drumming instructor
A drum tutor will be able to help you find a good drum solo that helps matches your needs. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Ian Poole - Cardiff Drums

Ian Poole is an experienced drummer, to say the least. He has played with various student bands including Ripper and Razorback, he has made many appearances on HTV and BBC Wales during sponsored concerts and demonstrations.

With the band Dr Maybe, that Poole funded, he performed jazz funk playing original songs at venues across Wales and the West Country including Glastonbury and the Big Weekend. They performed at London Rock Garden, Clwb Ifor Bach, and travelled many Universities and Colleges. Additionally, they recorded at the BBC and HTV.

Ian Poole was also employed by the Welsh Jazz Society for over 10 years. During this time, he was responsible for running their jam session which attracted both local and national players.

He also booked bands to appear at the Brecon Jazz Festival, Café Jazz, St Davids Hall and Theatr Clwyd.

Since the end of the Welsh Jazz Society Poole established Jazz Productions Wales which carried on the work and influence of the WJS.

Poole's private teaching practice has been going on for more fifteen years. His personal tuition has been received from Trevor Tompkins (Royal Academy) and Colin Woolway (Drumsense founder). He has also attended masterclasses and lessons with Peter Erskine, Thomas Lang, Dave Weckl, Carl Palmer, Will Calhoan and many others.

Poole's professional teaching experience is established on participation in the Drumsense programme for six years. This is used as the basis for lessons and study course.

The programme develops knowledge of different styles of music and links are written notes with the experience of playing music. This ensures that rhythm is combined to melody, and is seen as part of the whole style rather than being isolated.

The Drumsense plan gives a connection to the Rockschool test syllabus and is the foundations of the Trinity College of Music drum kit syllabus.

Classes are £28 for one-hour sessions or £15 for a half hour slot, and take place in the Studio - so no kit is required.

How do you use a bass drum pedal?
It's important that you're in the right position when playing the drums. (Source: StockSnap)

Drum Studio Tuition - Cardiff Bay

Drum Studio Tuition - Cardiff Bay is a small drum school specialising in private drum teachings for all ages. Based in their studio in Cardiff Bay and Newbridge Gwent they also offer home lessons.

Phil Jenkins, the main tutor. has more than 20 years drumming experience, is CRB checked and has endless amounts of patience!

Drum Studio Tuition appreciates that people are interested in drumming lessons for various reasons, whether it is to relax, try their hands (and feet) at something new, learn how to play their favourite song, or obtain a qualification, and so they offer very adaptable lessons plans.

Lessons are most often one hour long and can follow grade requirements if required. There are no age limits, currently, their pupils range from six years old to late sixties.

There are no ability boundaries, complete newcomers are welcome as are accomplished drummers looking to work out a new approach.

A scheme of work to complete Rock School qualifications is available but Phil is also happy to tailor and work to a learning plan to suit students’ demands.

The great thing about Phil's approach is how welcoming he is, no judgement! All those interested in drumming are our equally welcome.

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Only Drums Aloud

Only Drums Aloud provides drum kit and percussion lessons in South Wales to students from all ages and level of expertise, from beginner to professional.

All our lessons are held in dedicated drum teaching rooms on good quality acoustic drum kits. Teaching rooms are also equipped with a PA, music playback and click-track/metronome facilities as well as a waiting area.

All classes are crafted to suit the individual’s goals and needs. For younger students, this may include learning a current hit song or classic piece or going through your grades. We are an official Rockschool RSL exam centre.

Only Drums Aloud has two different studios where they offer private lessons, the first one is located in The Arches, on John Street in the centre of Cardiff, the second one is in Caerleon, Newport.

Keith Moon playing the drums for The Who.
"Moon the Loon" as he was known, earned his nickname from his habit of dropping explosive down the toilets, wherever he went.

Elliot Bennet - Cardiff Drum Teachers

Elliot Bennet has been a teacher and drum tutor for more than 15 years. It is a role that he cares for and one that he is passionate about.

After being the Head of drums at the University of South Wales, he joined The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in Cardiff as the Head of drum kit.

He later joined the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama where he teaches both bachelor and master degree students.

In this time he has taken part and been witness to some very clear changes. Changes that he believes have helped improve both the delivery of lessons privately, within schools and at university and have enabled further musical growth for all students.

From the skills that he has grown up through studying, teaching and playing professionally around the world, it has been his intention to bring about information technology (IT) into all aspects of his work. For example, the large majority of all his education, whether it as a head lecturer for drum kit at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, his private work, or in the classroom, the use of computers has assisted considerably.

Now all of his protegés and students are able to take away with them both printed examples of work done, as well as audio samples, which summarise the lesson. These examples can then be stored and replayed from a computer at any time.

Bennet also offers remote drum sessions.

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Find A Tutor On Superprof

As always Superprof is here to supply you with an extensive list of tutors in your area. If you are looking for a drum teacher in or near Cardiff, chances are that Superprof has more than one registered in the area. Check out our online platform and start learning the drums at your pace.

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