There was a time when Easter holidays meant lounging around the house and sleeping in. For thousands of teenagers, the fun ends when you start the short run-in to your GCSE and A level exams.

Continuous assessment means that you will have taken a number of exams already, but no matter how much revision you have done already – you feel like you have not done enough, and for some maybe you think it’s too late.

Knowing how to revise can sometimes be a difficult. We love this video, that explains what you should be doing.


There are no easy ways of preparing for exams I am afraid, it takes time and thorough planning. I found that scheduling out a timetable and writing down what I did helped – it reassures you that you are making progress.

So what do you do if you still don’t understand something, or need some one-one help. Well, the options include asking your mates, parents or teacher. If you have a private tutor, you could ask them too. Also, we shouldn’t forget that you can get help on-demand, when you need it, from Superprof.

All that’s left is to say good luck and we are ready to help.

By the way try not to eat too many Easter Eggs – feel free to ignore this advice….

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