What sort of tutor does a student of Economics need?

Before you scoff – Pshaw! They would need an Economics tutor near me, of course!, let us think about the discipline that is vaguely titled economics.

To a large measure, economics is a study of social policy, which in turn draws on psychology, geography, history and politics, among other subjects.

And that's just the surface of things!

The nuts and bolts of the discipline consist in large part of mathematics, statistical analysis and the ability to detect patterns, sometimes found in non-traditional indicators.

Like these two economists in India who studied patterns of light captured from a satellite snapshot taken of their country, that seems to emphasise economic disparity.

So, while it is true that an Economics student would benefit from a tutor devoted to the study of economics, couldn't we argue that s/he would be equally well served by tutelage from a math instructor, a teacher of psychology or even a writing tutor?

A writing tutor?

Indeed! Being an economist involves more than just the ability to do calculus. You would also have to develop exemplary writing skills in order to detail your findings, always keeping in mind the eventual publication of your work.

To say nothing of all the writing you would do as an undergraduate, composing your graduate thesis, and even publishing essays as a postgraduate student!

Let us go now, to discover where students of Economics can find the academic support they need.

Finding Tutelage Through an Agency

Let experienced agency tutors give you new ideas about economics!
You may gain a new understanding of economics through formal tutelage Source: Pixabay Credit: Kalhh

We'll aver straightaway that there are not that many a Economics tutor lurking about Glasgow, nor could we find any tutoring agency that keeps such a professional on staff.

However, the Scholar Tutoring Agency comes very close.

Not only do they have math tutors and tutors to help you write an essay successfully, but they boast a full Business Studies curriculum, which encompasses much of what an economics course might include:

  • Enterprise and Marketing (microeconomics)
  • Entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial economics)
  • Staffing, recruitment, leadership and management (labour economics)
  • Business ethics (a part of the philosophy of economics)

That last really came to the forefront in the 1990s, as more companies – both national and international pledged commitment to non-economic values.

As a result of such, new areas of speciality in economics were born, among them: environmental economics, the branch that considers the impact of local resources on its regional economy.

Happiness economics is another relatively new field of study, and a particularly challenging one, as happiness is not quantitative.

Might you be interested in making this the topic of your thesis?

If so, you might learn more about these fields, and how to write an authoritative paper through Glasgow's Scholar Tutoring Agency.

What if you are not enthused by tutoring services?

Investigate Possibilities Online

Admittedly, Economics is a rather narrow, topic-specific discipline that makes it difficult to find one on one tutoring... unless you look in the right place!

You may think of the Internet as a wild bazaar, with all manner of information for sale or for free.

Naturally, cyberspace's tutoring marketplace is vast and, upon asking the right question, you may get your Open, Sesame answer.

That suggests that doing a search for economics tutors near me would yield tons of results, but how many of them are bona fide – in the sense that they are exactly what you need?

Let Superprof narrow that field down a bit for you, starting with our own platform.

Currently, there are 13 Superprof Economics tutors in the Glasgow area, every one of them qualified (and verified!), ready to meet you face to face or via webcam.

All of them offer their first lesson for free; beyond that, the average price of a Superprof one to one tutor for Economics is £18 per hour.

And still, there's more!

If you have no qualms about studying with a tutor online, you are not geographically limited! You might engage a tutor in London, Leeds or anywhere else in the country (or the world, for that matter!).

As long as you're confident of learning online...

You may complete MOOC coursework anywhere, at any time
Partaking of a MOOC can be done anywhere, at any time Source: Pixabay Credit: Cuncon

Consider a MOOC

MOOCs, or massive online open courses, are webinars addressing various aspects of academia.

While you may groan inwardly at taking yet another course when your homework load is already so heavy, consider some of the benefits participating in such a venture could bring.

1. They are of short duration, generally about 5 weeks.

It's not like you would commit every night and weekend for an entire semester to extracurricular study.

2. The large student body gives you plenty of opportunities to discuss and debate thorny issues related to your studies.

Most often, getting a different perspective on a subject permits you to grasp it more clearly.

For example, you would have a different school of thought on those migrants that just landed in Spain if you were a migrant yourself – either on that same boat or having experienced such a journey in the past.

That is why entertaining different points of view is vital to understanding economic theory.

3. Most MOOCs are free!

In fact, all of the ones offered through the University of Glasgow are free.

Is that where you are studying economics? In the very institute that Adam Smith, the Father of modern economics, taught?

Why don't we go there to help you find a tutor!

The Department of Economics

Before we ride this pony to the finish line, let us first confess that this article is mainly targeted to the first- or second-year university student who might be struggling with the complex and overwhelming maths the discipline calls for.

That doesn't mean that we are overlooking the sharp-minded pupil who is studying Economics for his/her Advanced Highers.

While you are not necessarily at the theoretical level your college peers have achieved, rest assured that there is tutoring available to you, as well.

In fact, you may seek out a college student for some private tutoring for your test prep!

There is no law governing the qualifications of any private tutor in the UK, but a rule of thumb exists that the tutor must be at least one level higher than his pupil.

That means you may feel free to check bulletin boards in the econ building; also at the library: you might find your ideal math tutor by pure happenstance!

As for students already enrolled at university, or even at the Adam Smith Business School, you can also rest assured that there is plenty of tutelage for you.

It is just a matter of finding it!

If there is one particular class that is giving your fits, you may ask that teacher for help in finding a private tutor. No doubt s/he knows of some alumni who wouldn't mind working with your keen mind!

If your instructor seems rather remote, perhaps you could ask the department's administrative staff. They might actually have a list of the best tutors, who have long experience in helping students just like you.

What about the student union? Quite possibly, they know of someone who does home tutoring, either for homework help or for mathematical comprehension.

In fact, you may find there is an Econ discussion group that meets regularly!

Do you need help understanding principles of macroeconomics or international economics? Perhaps a lively discussion with undergraduates such as yourself would be just the ticket.

There is no better way to showcase your strengths than through debate, and just because you are an academic year or two behind others in the group, doesn't mean you can't dazzle!

Finding a tutor through your college or through administrative channels attached to your institution would be the safest bet for scoring a quality appointment of a tutor.

You will learn how marketing plays a role in economics
You too can join the market economy by advertising your need for a tutor Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

Another way to secure tuition would be to place an advert for yourself.

Look into posting a flier all of the aforementioned locations: teaching building and library bulletin boards, in the student union office (or on its website), in the bookstore, even!

Should you wish to cast a wider net, you might also consider advertising for a certified teacher of Econometrics in your local paper and/or online.

Glasgow's Freeads will permit you to list your request for academic tutoring at no charge.

So will Gumtree, a site which currently lists one advert for a home tutor in Economics. However, this site offers premium advert placing, which does cost a fee, and might cause your ad to go unnoticed.

Freeads also lists a posting from an econ tutor, but he is in north London, hoping to teach via webcam.

The consensus is: much better to check local resources for tutoring, such as Superprof or postgraduate students at your school who are looking for tutoring jobs.

No matter which way you go, finding someone who can help you make sense of higher level maths and economic theory need not be a challenge.

It is simply a matter of looking in the right places and then applying economic theories: which tutor would provide the greatest level of expertise for the lowest amount of money?

Happy searching to you!

Looking for a tutor in the UK? Look no further...

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