Home to almost half a million people, the second-most populous city in Scotland is also its capital. Edinburgh has achieved many milestones throughout its almost 11-thousand-year-old history. While recent fame as the city that inspired the wildly popular children’s series Harry Potter has brought flocks of die-hard fans to the story’s birthplace, Edinburgh has been notorious throughout its long history. Famed extinct volcano Arthur’s Seat was actually one of the first places people settled in the city back in the Bronze and Iron ages. Holding claim to the title of being the first city in the world to have its own fire brigade and service, Edinburgh has recently also earned the record for the city with the most trees per capita in the UK. The home to the first ever Encyclopaedia Britannica, Edinburgh is the perfect place to perfect your arithmetic, algebraic and trigonometry skills! If you’re thinking about getting help to supplement your mathematics courses but aren’t sure where to start looking, read this guide to find out how to find the perfect level for your math troubles. Check for a maths tutor near me here.

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Get motivated in maths with the help of a tutor!

Extra Mathematics Education by Level

From arduous word problems to complex theorems, mathematics is a very broad and difficult field. Ranging from honours maths courses in elementary school to actuarial mathematics at the college level, finding the right math teacher for supplemental instruction can often be difficult to pin down. One of the ways you can narrow the field is by searching for tutors and tutoring services by your skill level. Those pursuing an MSc for math at a college of science or math will be more worried about research excellence and employability skills. Elementary school children, on the other hand, will have less concerns over discrete mathematics and informatics and more curious about numbers and arithmetic. Searching for mathematicians or services that specialize in giving individualized advice in the level you’re interested in for yourself or your child can be one of the best ways to ensure that your experience in being tutored aligns with your expectations and goals. Here are some of the services you might want to check out in the Edinburgh area! Looking for a maths tutor in Birmingham? Check out our guide!

Elementary School Math

Engaging with the services of a private tutor or tutoring centre can be a difficult choice to make for both financial and personal reasons. For elementary school children, parents might also want to make sure that their children’s learning environment is safe and reliable. Always go with a reputable service when browsing your options, which can be made easier if the tutoring centre follows strict employment guidelines. Explore Learning is a tutoring centre with locations in Blackhall and Murrayfield that offers help in subjects like English literature, writing and math. If you’ve already asked the math department at your school for recommendations or feel like your child needs extra support outside of a school teacher, Explore Learning can be a great option. Having a ratio of one math tutor to six children, this learning centre strives to offer personalized learning plans and guides for optimal learning. While specific membership fees are available upon request, you can book a free trial lesson for your child if you’re still hesitating. If the financial aspect might be a problem for you, ask about their scholarship and financial aid programs! Want to know about tutors in Belfast? Here's our guide for maths tutoring!

Middle School Math

At the middle school level, your child has to begin to juggle extracurricular activities, like participating in a student’s association, with the pressures of academic life. While they may have a specific interest in other subjects like linguistics or psychology, mathematics is a requirement they’ll have to face throughout their school career. If your child is struggling in topics like linear equations, inequalities and algebra, turning to a math tutor can be a helpful solution. Kumon, a notorious tutoring centre invented by a Japanese mathematician in the late 50s, offers tutoring services in both math and English. If you’d like the tutoring environment for your middle-schooler to mimic that of a math teacher while including an innovative approach to tutoring, Kumon can be a great choice. Having four locations throughout the Edinburgh area, you’ll have to register your kid for 35 pounds. Afterwards, the monthly plan of 64 pounds includes access to their facility two times a week as well as practice sets to complete at home. Providing personalized math counselling and preparation, this tutoring centre can be contacted if you have any questions on pricing and availability. Our guide on London maths tutoring will tell you more about Kumon!

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Practicing interactive math learning with a tutor can make a world of difference!

High School Math

The department of mathematics at many high schools, while likely being comprised of only a couple of staff members, can be quite involved in school programs. However, there are still many high schoolers that simply can't grasp concepts in precalculus and geometry even with the help of supportive staff members. The math at this level starts to get a bit more abstract, leading into concepts like abstract algebra, differential equations and more. Even if you’re child isn’t vying to get into a school of mathematics, science and engineering, success in high school mathematics is still essential to graduating. Superprof, with its community of almost 150,000 maths tutors worldwide, offers tutors for all subjects in mathematics. Taught by people passionate about math, from mathematics department research assistants and undergraduates to retired teachers of mathematical sciences, you’ll have 350 math tutors to choose from in the area. From chemistry students at the University of Edinburgh to astrophysicists, you’ll be able to pick a tutor for the average price of 16 pounds an hour. Check out this guide for high school maths tutoring and more in Glasgow!

Graduate and Postgraduate Math

According to the QS World University Rankings, Edinburgh is home to some of the worlds most prestigious universities including Heriot-Watt, St. Andrews, and more. While the Edinburgh university and Edinburgh college system are rich in topics, covering social sciences, archaeology, and more - the mathematics department in various universities are a source of pride to Scotland. While world university or Scottish university rankings serve as a great university guide, life at university can be pretty stressful if you’re studying college math. Whether you’re an undergraduate, postdoctoral or graduate student, you probably have less interest in world university rankings and more concerned over passing your linear algebra or number theory courses. While you’ll be able to get help on Superprof for higher-level maths courses as well, you can also check out other platforms like Gumtree and Tutorful. Prices for tutors on Tutorful range from 15 to 75 pounds an hour. Gumtree offers tutors for a vast array of prices and availabilities as well. Learn more about post-secondary maths tutoring and more in Cardiff with this maths guide!

In-Person and Online Math Classes: A Comparison

The student experience can be a trying one no matter at every stage of the education system. Not only does this have to do with trying to also pursue your personal ambitions outside of being a student, but can also greatly impacted by the cultural, social and political atmosphere in your place of residence. Whether you’re interested in getting a tutor because you’re pursuing mathematics as a career or are simply taking a course to fulfill graduation requirements, there are many reasons why getting an online tutor might be more beneficial to your schedule and wallet. Firstly, online math tutors can be better for those working with an irregular schedule and need the flexibility of either working from home or at different hours than those of regular tutoring centres. Secondly, online tutors tend to have cheaper rates and, because of this, can be better for those looking to save money. Both Superprof and Tutorful have tutors available for online math lessons. Tutorful has 3077 tutors available for prices ranging from 15 to 75 pounds an hour. Superprof has a community of about 122,200 online maths tutors starting at 10 pounds an hour. Check out more great maths tutors in Manchester!

Maths Help for Test Prep

All of the companies we mentioned have help for test preparation. Some of the tests you might be interested in getting a tutor for can be:

  • 11 Plus
  • SATs
  • IB
  • A-levels
  • GSCE

When looking for test prep help, regardless of the subject, keep in mind that the price is usually higher for these services. Learn more about GSCE prep in the UK with our guide!

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Finding online resources can mean getting access to free math programs

Free Tutoring for Maths

If you don’t have any room in your budget for math tutoring or simply want to try free resources first, check out your local library to see if they have any free, volunteer-based tutoring programs. If not, using the internet will be your best tool. Maths Tutor UK is a great website for those in primary through secondary school. Created by UK mathematicians, the site covers seven subjects like arithmetic, geometry, and integration. If you’re looking for higher level help, make sure to check out tutorials online such as Khan Academy’s great selection. Here's more about maths tutoring throughout the UK!

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