On a day in which thousands of students across the country march in protest at swingeing cuts and rising tuition fees, Michael Gove stood up and delivered his white paper on school reform.

You can read the full proposal here.

College Green protest

Meanwhile, around Bristol and the Jiva office, students are out in force adding their voices to the mix. I caught up with around 200 of them on College Green amid a heavy police presence at 3.30pm. I witnessed a group of around ten students make a dash for the Bristol Council building, some started kicking at the heavy wooden doors.

Retribution was swift from a group of police who had momentarily been caught napping and several arrests were made.

The main group of demonstrators then split and started up Park Street towards the Wills Memorial Building, followed by riot police on horseback.

As I arrived it was clear something big was going down at Berkley Avenue, but police were quick to lock down the area. I spoke to Redcliffe College student Stanley Driven, who told me “One of our friends threw a twig; a tiny twig at a line of police. He had his shins kicked out from under him and six policemen held him down. They sprayed pepper spray in his face while he was led flat. He didn’t deserve that. The police are being too heavy-handed, he’s only 16 years old.”

Still ongoing, it’s clear that this is a largely peaceful protest but some scenes echoed those of skirmishes in the capital.

No doubt politicians will be quick to condemn the student protests, but there’s no hiding from the fact that students nationwide won’t be coming quietly…

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