"I speak a number of languages, but none are more beautiful to me than English." -Maya Angelou

To English or not to English, that is the question; whether tis' worthy or not to spend time learning? While grasping the general concepts of Shakespeare's mother tongue may seem almost impossible for new ESL learners, it is almost inevitable in today's global village of a world to not speak at least a little bit of English.

While the importance of English cannot be disputed, finding a language institute or personal educator that is reputable and engaging may be quite the process. 

Therefore, without further ado, to help all those who have recently migrated to the UK looking for a better life and needing to acquire the basics of English, we have provided information to find English language tutors in the cherished cities of London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, and Birmingham.

English Tutors in London

institutes of langauge
The most highly recommended institutes have classes for all types of learners; either group or one-to-one. (Source: Unsplash)

With English-language roots dating back centuries and centuries, London is an excellent place to learn English since it can rightfully be called the centre of anglophones.

While it is true that there are many other significant cities where English is commonly spoken such as New York, Sydney, Toronto, and Auckland, nothing comes close to the appeal of learning the language of Shakespeare in his hometown. 

Therefore, to provide all interested learners with additional information, the following are the best institutes to learn English in London's Metropolitan Area:

  • Malvern House London, 
  • Speak Up London, 
  • The London School of English, 
  • Wimbledon School of English, 
  • EC London English School, 
  • International House London,
  • Sprachcaffe, 
  • The English Studio, 
  • Ingla School of English. 

The previously mentioned schools all share the common goal of providing assistance in ESL learning to all those who wish to master England's mother tongue in no time! Nonetheless, it is essential to state that attending an academic institute is no longer the most common way of acquiring English. For instance, many individuals all over the world have resorted to private online tutoring. 

Some of the highlights of completing private online sessions with a skype English teacher include the following:

  • Cheaper Prices, 
  • Tailored Classes, 
  • Dynamic Teachers, 
  • Experience Guiding Beginners to Greatness,
  • One-to-one personalised sessions. 

Also, since there is so much variety of tutoring sites currently available, it may seem overwhelming and quite challenging to decide upon one that will prove successful. Yet have no fear, Superprof is here to save the day! The best ESL tutors in London are offered on the Superprof site.

It is necessary to mention that in London, there are Superprof tutors offering both online and in-person classes at affordable rates. By viewing the various profiles of private educators, students can decide upon which ones are best suited for their unique needs.

Before concluding this section, it is essential to mention that Londoners have the world as their oyster when it comes to so many things, and ESL learning is no different.

English Educators in Manchester

While it is true that the mega-metropolis of London attracts most of the UK's immigrants looking for a better life, I would definitely not count out Manchester when it comes to the overall importance of economic, social, and educational activities.

Manchester has definitely made a name for itself among international visitors and not just for its famous football clubs! 

But what about English lessons for amateurs who need to learn to find work? Can a beginner actually find highly recommended language institutes with qualified teachers in the Greater Manchester Area? The answer is, of course!

The following are the most reputable ESL schools in Manchester and its surrounding areas:

  • MC Academy, 
  • EC Manchester English Language School, 
  • Britannia English School, 
  • The Essential English Centre, 
  • Manchester Grammar School, 
  • Exceed in English Ltd, 
  • Berlitz Manchester. 

When undergoing classes with the best educators, who actually have a passion for the English tongue, students learn about the primary origins of the English language and how it became the world's most spoken L1 and L2 tongue.

Did you know that there are over 1.5 billion native English speakers worldwide? 

However, thanks to modern technology in recent years, language learners are no longer forced to study at a language institute with other students at a specific hour; hooray!

Disclaimer: we are in no way dissing the traditional academic style of studying a new topic; we are only educating our readers about the variety of options available! 

In addition, in no way are we biased, yet we recognise quality when we experience it, and we can shamelessly say that Superprof has the best ESL tutors in Europe and by extension, Manchester and its surroundings. Why are Superprof private online and in-person tutors the best in the business? Simple their smart, qualified people who love their job and want to help others achieve the same success they have.

Wait, are you waiting for English beginners in Manchester? Hire a Superprof ESL educator to start learning today; you won't regret your decision!

English Instructors in Leeds

acquiring English with a tutor
By taking the time to revise the material and be ready for class time, ESL students prepare themselves for success. (Source: Unsplash)

Is learning a new language fun? Is it worth the effort? Are there more pros than cons to the learning process? The answer to all of the previously posed questions is a resounding YES!

If you are not yet widely familiar with the English language and want to become fluent, there are many reasons to start learning without feeling embarrassed. The following are some of the most highly recommended motives to learn English as a second or third language:

  • Entertainment Purposes: since the vast majority of films, television programmes, and books are first produced in English it makes sense to learn the language to understand fully.
  • Most International Speakers on the Planet: while it is true that Mandarin Chinese and Spanish have more native speakers than English, the English language is more widely spoken when combining the amount of L1, L2, and L3 people who are fluent.
  • Additional Employment Possibilities: when thinking about learning a new language to increase potential work possibilities, English is a no-brainer. Since English can rightfully be called the "universal tongue" or "global language", the majority of major companies with global ties require English fluency; ready to hit the books and study?

Therefore, if after being explained the previously mentioned reasons, you are determined to learn English in Leeds and its surrounding areas, the following institutes are the most highly recommended:

  • The Leeds School of English, 
  • Leeds English Language School, 
  • Leeds Academy, 
  • Cactus Language School.

At the previously mentioned schools, language courses are taught by highly qualified educators in a very positive learning environment with other dedicated students. Nonetheless, for those who are too lazy to leave the house and want one-to-one lessons, there are many helpful tutoring sites online. However, there is one that stands out among the rest and is known as the best; Superprof!

Superprof tutors want their students to succeed; therefore, ESL lessons are engaging, educational, and offered at fantastic prices. Check out our website to find Leeds-based tutors.

English Tutors in Glasgow

A spectacular part of the United Kingdom in Scotland. While it is true that England, Northern Ireland, and Wales have their unique charm, there is something about Scotland that is unlike anything else in the world. Also, much like other sectors of the UK, Scotland, particularly Edinburgh and Glasgow, there are various immigrants in search of a better life.

It is worth mentioning that immigrants are by far the most interested demographic in learning English. Why? To possess the ability to communicate and find work to provide for their family.

The best English tutors are highly trained professionals who have studied to acquire the ability to teach topics such as writing, reading, and pronunciation in an effective manner. Also, the following are some subtopics that are touched on at various levels of learning:

The following are some more specific topics that instructors may analyse and teach:

  • Vocabulary exercises,
  • Parts of speech, 
  • Verbs, nouns, and adjectives, 
  • Commonly used expressions, 
  • Frequent mistakes, etc. 

Without further ado, the best academic institutes in Glasgow to learn English as a Second Language are the following:

  • Glasgow School of English,
  • Gisoel Glasgow, 
  • ESOL Study Centre, Life in the UK Training, 
  • Cactus Language. 

If the previously mentioned language institutes in Glasgow don't float your boat and you'd instead study at home, there are so many ESL tutors offering in-person or online classes with students located in the Glasgow area at a time and place most convenient for them. Search through the Superprof site to find a tutor that is best suited to your unique needs!

English Educators in Birmingham

learning ESL
For those who have a difficult time sitting through classes at an institute, there is a fantastic option of learning English with online tutors in the comfort of your own home. (Source: Unsplash)

Most of the time, Birmingham is viewed as England's second city, always in the background and living in London's shadow. Nevertheless, it is worth stating that Birmingham is a vibrant city that merits special attention for its social, political, and economic growth. 

Welcoming immigrants from all over the world, Brummies are used to foreign residents learning English in their city. 

Therefore, without further delay, the following are the best English language academies in Birmingham for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students:

  • The Language Gallery, 
  • Edskills Language School, 
  • Hello English. 

If learning more about English grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and pronunciation in a structured manner with other enthusiastic students in a classroom setting appeals to you, we hugely suggest the previously mentioned options for their diversity, expertise, and affordable prices.

Nonetheless, for those who are more tech-savvy and enjoy the possibilities of deciding when and where to study each week based on their hectic schedule, learning apps are a match made in heaven. The following are some of the industry's leading learning apps:

  • Duolingo: free and available on the Google Play and App Store for all types of learners.
  • Memrise: also free and highly recommended to download on your phone, the Memrise app specialises in memorises phrases and sayings.
  • Cram: with Cram its flashcards galore! Students learn words and texts without being too overwhelmed.

However, if after some weeks or months of using the learning apps to master ESL you realise that you want to dig deeper and further your understanding, we highly recommend seeking the guidance of a face-to-face or online ESL tutor from Superprof! The English lessons conducted by Superprof educators are of supreme quality and only better than all other options in the industry.

When looking for an English tutor near Birmingham using our platform, we highly recommend reading through all the distinct bios to find one that suits your educational requirements at an affordable. Also, since all first lessons with tutors are free on Superprof, there is no pressure to stick with the first one found.

There you have it, citizens of the United Kingdom, the best places to find English educators in five of the most significant cities! In conclusion, learning more about English cannot be stressed enough; all of the benefits outweigh any of the small sacrifices made.

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