"If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good." -Dr. Seuss

Life is too short. Therefore, step out of your comfort zone, try new things, and experience the world. So many people in today's world have such a fear of leaving their daily routine and venturing out into the unknown.

However, if you stick to always doing the same thing, you won't ever get to experience life's greatest pleasures, such as learning about new cultures, customs, and places. 

Therefore, it goes without saying that the best moments in life are enjoyed while travelling; ever heard of the saying Wanderlust? Millennials are more "wanderlost" than any other generation and this makes those who are in their early to late twenties the most-travelled age of all time.

Nonetheless, it is essential to mention that millennials, along with globetrotters of other ages, have all discovered one thing in common that makes travelling so much more of an enriching experience. What is that one thing? Learning the foreign language in the country, you are visiting. 

I myself have found that learning French and Spanish is extremely valuable when travelling through Latin America and French-speaking countries in Europe; it allows the opportunity to create connections with fantastic people who will change your life forever.

Therefore, what are you waiting for, citizens of Leeds? Learn a foreign tongue pronto

Nevertheless, when it comes to learning a foreign language to reach a significant number of people globally, English is the obvious choice. Though you are probably an English expert, if you are reading this article, there may be friends of yours in and around Leeds that may wish to become more fluent in English; therefore, share this article with them, and they will acquire English perfection in no time!

Specific Reasons to Learn a Foreign Tongue

refugees leaving their country
Refugees possess the greatest political reason to learn a foreign language. (Source: Unsplash)

Spanish, French, Indonesian, Malay, Italian, Romanian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese; there are so many languages to learn!

The previously mentioned tongues are only a few of the estimated 6,500 foreign tongues that are spoken around the world. Therefore, with so many distinct languages being spoken daily, how does one decide on which one to learn as a second, third, or fourth language?

Primary reasons to learn a language may include social, political, and economic reasons; the following explains these causes in more detail:

  • Social: a prime example to learn a foreign language for social purposes is when a person meets their significant other yet speaks a language that is different from their own. For instance, a Russian who meets a Spanish girl will have to force himself to learn her language or vice versa.
  • Political: due to hardship in many lands, there have been more refugees fleeing to other countries in recent years than ever before. Therefore, this is a prime reason as to why learning a new language is political. For refugees to speak and be understood, they must become fluent in the language of the country where they have been sent.
  • Economic: since we live in a world that has become a global village, there is such a for those who work in trade, commerce and finance to have the upper hand by learning a foreign tongue to create strong bonds between international companies that will improve the economy. For example, since China's economy continues to grow, businesspeople in the Western World are wise to become mildly fluent in Chinese Mandarin.

While there are plenty of other reasons to acquire the basics of a foreign tongue, the previously mentioned are the most valid. However, that doesn't mean that learning a new language for fun is not a good reason; we applaud your determination and sense of adventure.

But why learn English as a foreign language? Read the following subheading to find out why!

Try acquiring the basics of English in other UK cities such as London, fantastic Birmingham, and mighty Manchester.

Why Learn English

finding English entertainment
The majority of movies, tv shows, documentaries, and songs are primarily available in English; therefore, it's worth making the effort to learn. (Source: Unsplash)

Since English is so popular and there are more ESL teachers than any other language educators, it is constantly being learnt, and it seems that it will never go out of style.

The following are the top five reasons why it is so important to learn English as a foreign tongue:

  • Entertainment Purposes: the influence of the English language cannot be disputed. There are more English-language films, television programs, songs, books, and games than any other language. While it is true that there are fantastic Korean, Japanese, and Hindi language options, English entertainment reaches all four corners of the earth. Can you imagine the world without films such as Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings? Songs such as Let it Be, or Don't Worry Be Happy? Books such as The Great Gatsby and Pride and Prejudice? No, you cannot, and we do not wish for a world like this.
  • Most International Speakers: English is the language with the most current overall native, L2, and L3 speakers. Also, after Chinese and Spanish, English is the third-most spoken native tongue on the planet. Therefore, those who learn how to acquire fluency in English can talk to the highest amount of people in this world. It is said that language unlocks the key to communication; therefore, when you learn English, you've opened the key to 1.5 billion people's lives. That's about 20% of the world's population.
  • Language of the Internet: while it can be said that websites are easily translated into other tongues, many reputable sources have claimed that English is the language of the internet. With more than approximately 500 million people using the internet each and every day and more than 52% of all sites being displayed in English primarily, acquiring English fluency allows users to access more than half of what is available online.
  • More Job Opportunities: since English is the world's most spoken language, there are many international companies that require applicants to talk about the language of Shakespeare. Therefore, by learning English, employment in distinct fields that require multilingualism such as science, aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism is now available.

We could go on and on about the variety of reasons why English is the most important foreign language in the world to acquire; however, we think you get the point!

Read the following subheading to determine where English language tutors can be found in and around the city of Leeds.

Did you know? Foreign residents living in Glasgow can also hone their English skills!

Best English Language Tutors and Schools in Leeds

ESL classes online and in-person
By completing ESL classes with a qualified tutor, your language skills will greatly improve in no time! (Source: Unsplash)

Located in the Northern English county of Yorkshire, Leeds is one of the most important cities in the United Kingdom. A centre for commerce, finance, tourism, and education, Leeds has a little bit of everything that is bound to satisfy even the most complex and critical personalities.

Also boasting a prominent immigrant population, Leeds has many individuals who have come from other lands in search of a better life yet do not possess any level of fluency.

Therefore, we shall consider the best academic institutes specialising in English and the best European-based site to find ESL tutors near you. 

Leeds-Based ESL Schools

The language schools in Leeds boast many foreign tongues that can be acquired under the careful guidance of experienced educators who have years of experience and important qualifications to back up their skills.

The following are the most highly recommended English as a Second Language Schools in Leeds:

  • The Leeds School of English, 
  • Leeds English Language School, 
  • Leeds Academy, 
  • Cactus Language School.

We greatly suggest doing some research before stumbling upon the first ESL school that you find; it may take time, but the quality is worth the effort.

Superprof Private Online and Face-to-Face English Tutors

While we may sound biased when we say that Superprof is the best website currently available online for finding a skype english teacher, it's 100% true and we cannot argue with the truth!

The Superprof tutors teach a wide variety of academic disciplines such as sciences, literature, maths, and languages. According to our website, there are currently 148 ESL tutors in the city of Leeds and its nearby surroundings that offer face-to-face English lessons and over 38,000 English instructors specialising in online tuition.

Why are Superprof tutors the best in the industry? The following reasons cannot be disputed:

  • Flexible online and in-person lessons, 
  • Time and place of the experiences always depends on the student's availabilities, 
  • Extremely engaging, qualified, and experienced tutors, 
  • The variety of academic disciplines offered is unbeatable, 
  • Prices are affordable and won't break the bank, 
  • The first lesson is always free of charge! 

If you don't believe any of the previously mentioned reasons, or they seem too good to be true, we highly recommend visiting the Superprof site to find out more.

In conclusion, citizens of Leeds, acquiring the basics of English as a Foreign Language doesn't have to be too difficult and can be quite engaging; just don't give up and keep learning!

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