Following on from part 1 in my list of top tools and excellent apps to see you through exams I welcome you to part 2, where I’ll be focusing on the things you can do to get your mind settled and your heartbeat steady – let’s go!


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Exam Success Hypnotherapy: So you’ve done all the revision, planned out your approach and done everything you can to nail the exam. Or have you? Ever considered passing your exams with a little help from hypnotherapy? Apparently, Hypnosis is a natural state in which everyone moves in and out of every day. We experience hypnosis when day-dreaming or when we have our attention intensely focused on something of interest. In this altered state of awareness, our unconscious mind is more open and receptive to ideas and suggestion. Exam Success Hypnotherapy is a free app that’s compatible with iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and it really could be the difference between pass and fail – read the reviews, there are several satisfied customers. Sweet dreams.

Confidence with Andrew Johnson HD: This fantastic app is an audio program intended to help anyone build up their confidence – ideal for students heading into exams. Andrew Johnson is a Scottish Clinical Hypnotherapist whose best selling range of self help CDs and MP3s have helped many thousands of people all over the world regain control over stress symptoms, addictions and bad habitual behaviour. With this new iPad app (£1.99) gaining confidence through professional help has never been easier, or cheaper.

505 Motivational Quotes for iPad: Inspiring quotes from the likes of Einstein, Asimov and Aristotle to get you pepped up before exams. Choose from eight stirring categories or put your faith in the random quote generator.

Stress Stopper: Each year stress claims 110 million lives worldwide and this app aims to deliver stress relief on-the-go. The Stress Stopper iPhone app is designed to address the most dangerous stress of all; the one that repeats most often in your life. The app automatically alerts users 3-minutes before their most routine stress is triggered. This ‘first of its kind’ app also guides stressed out users back to a place of inner-peace in the heat of the moment. Students are all too familiar with the experience of repetitive pressures from work, home, finances and school. Keep calm and download this app.

Stress – solutions to understand manage and become Zen: Another useful stress-busting app that reminds you to BREATHE by flashing up warnings and getting you to breathe along with the app until your stress is gone. The manufacturer claims this can prolong your life and help prevent future stress-related health problems such as panic attacks, anxiety, depression, migraines, sleep problems, ulcers and more. Features include targeting 10 types of stress, tips for managing stress in the heat of the moment, stress-busting audio reminders and useful information and links to other free tools for relieving stress.

Relax+ with Andrew Johnson A second helping from therapist Johnson’s stable, this app will help you relax before those all-important exams. Useful for unwinding after a hectic day revising or the night before a test, Relax + is a therapeutic way to settle your nerves.

We have lift off – I hope this list helps in your quest for exam success, again feel free to add your own ideas to the mix using the comment box below.




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