To the sound of cheers from industry professionals, parents and teachers the Centre for Market Reform of Education (CRME) is launching a consultation on plans for a new national association for tutors in an effort to push forward with plans to develop industry standards and improve the consistency of the private tutoring market.


In recent weeks private tuition has become something of a hot topic after coverage in the national press and on BBC Radio. As demand for private tutors continues to spiral ever-upward there are growing calls for tighter regulation of the private tutoring sector – in fact any framework for regulation would be an improvement on the current situation.

For several years there have been attempts to bring in recognised industry standards to weed-out those that bring a poor quality product to the industry, but progress has been painfully slow.

Recognising this, the Centre for Market Reform of Education (along with a number of leading industry providers) has already started to develop proposals for a new professional association, and is today launching an industry-wide consultation on those proposals.

The Tutoring Association Consultation will be aiming to develop firm industry standards and accreditation for tutors and tutoring providers alike – as well as publishing guidance for anyone looking to hire a private tutor. Industry input will be sought on the rationale for an association of tutors, its remit, membership requirements, codes of professional conduct and proposed member benefits.

Commenting on the initiative, CMRE Director James Croft said: “At present, there are no independent arbiters of the quality of private tuition available in the market, and precious little guidance for parents seeking tutors, who are often ill-equipped to assess their children’s precise needs or how qualified or suitable a given tutor might be for the job.

“This situation persists to the disadvantage of professionally minded tutors seeking to differentiate themselves from the competition, and often at both parents and pupils’ expense.

“The Tutoring Association Consultation is seeking engagement with its proposals from across the industry in the conviction that the responsibility for setting and upholding industry standards is first and foremost the responsibility of service providers to their customers, rather than a job for government.”

More information and advice for parents can be found here.

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