“In order to do something you have never done, you have to be someone you have never been.  You have to go through dirt to get to gold.  If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I would spent 6 sharpening my axe.  If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.  What am I willing to sacrifice for what I want to become?  To respond is positive, to react is negative.  People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” -Dale Carnegie

Having fun while learning and studying may sound like a foreign concept for the majority of people. Individuals would much rather watch television, play video games or go for a hike than study for an exam, write a report or read about jurisdiction.

Nevertheless, what if I told you that studying for law school could be fun? 

You might not believe me at first but it is possible. Knowing how to study can make you love what you are learning. If you love your legal studies you will undoubtedly succeed. Law tutors are experts in the legal field and the practical counsel they offer can change the way you view a subject.

Hiring a law tutor may blow your very tight student budget but the results of tutoring may send you to the top of your class.

A little money now is worth it because, who knows, maybe in the future you will be employed at one of the top law firms in the country as a result of your good grades during law school.

Superprof is here to introduce Loiner's to the benefits of hiring a private law tutor and where they can find one in their city (and everywhere else in the UK).

studying too much
Law tutors offer practical study tips to make sure you are doing reviewing information in the most efficient way. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Private tuition has become a revolution in recent years across Europe. People of all ages are enlisting the help of private tutors to ensure academic success. The best tutors are wonderful because they are flexible with your schedule and tailor classes to meet your specific needs.

Tutors are not required by the government to take a qualifications assessment, no previous experience is mandatory and hourly rates are not regulated. Private educators are freelance workers that specialize in the field they want. The tutoring industry is very different from the education system because there are not many regulations.

However, clients are often drawn to tutors who have had previous experience in a certain field of study.

For example, you would not hire a Hindi tutor to help you pass your biology finals or a maths tutor, with no previous experience in legal studies, to make sure you understand the basics of Criminal Law and Tort Law.

Some individuals have had experience with private tutors during primary or secondary school and think that tutors are only able to help children and teenagers with academic difficulties. This reasoning is completely erroneous because private tuition is becoming increasingly more common among adults studying in university. 

Studying any subject at university is very demanding and pupils need all the help they can get. This proves especially true with the notoriously difficult subject of law.

Law tutors are specialists in law and many of them possess an LLB, LLM or PhD degree in legal studies from an accredited university. Even the ones who do not hold fancy diplomas and masters degrees have some sort of previous experience studying law.

Many qualified lawyers, professors of law and students involved in legal studies offer private tutoring classes after office or class hours. These tutors prove to be very valuable because they understand what you need to study in order to succeed.

But, why hire a law tutor London?

The best law tutors are highly perceptive. They are able to identify the student's strengths and weaknesses within the first few minutes of the first tutoring session. After diagnosing the academic ailments of the pupil, the tutor offers study tips, advice on exam preparation and recommendations about the areas of law that would be best suited for their students.

The most skilled law instructors are passionate about the legal system and they transmit this to the student. Pupils who are inspired by their tutor, become motivated and passionate about the subject they are studying. When students love what they are learning they excel and become better law students.

Law tutors do all in their power to see their students succeed and can guide their pupils to academic victory from the first day of law school to graduation day.

Birmingham universities also offer great lwa degrees and if you happen to study around the city check out our guide to the best Brummie law tutors out there.

Where to Find Law Tutors in the City of Leeds?

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Online law tutoring can be done remotely wherever you are. Schedule classes with a law tutor that are flexible to your needs. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Leeds is one of the major cities located in England. With an urban population of over 2.6 million people, Leeds is the fourth most populous urban area in the United Kingdom. After London (check our tutoring guide for the capital), Leeds has become the largest legal and financial centre in Britain.

Since Leeds is a very happening town, there are a lot of employment options in a variety of different sectors. Leeds has many further education centres and is home to the very important law universities such as the Leeds Beckett University and the University of Law that moved from York in 2014.

Wherever there is a law school, there are plenty of law students in desperate need of private law instructors. 

Thankfully undergraduate students have many law tutors to choose from. Here are some of the recommended websites offering the best legal instructors in the City of Leeds:

  • First Tutors United Kingdom: a popular website throughout the UK offering remedial support for all levels in many different subjects. According to the website, there are three qualified law tutors in the Leeds area. A tutor on the website named John specializes in law tutoring and offers new tutees a two-hour lesson for the price of one.
  • Spires: a fantastic option if you want to skip travel time to a tutoring centre and learn online. On this website, you get matched with an expert in law that fits your needs, budget and learning style. All tutors are previously interviewed, vetted and trained to ensure quality tutoring sessions. Classes with your law tutor are recorded so that you can watch them again later if you missed an important tip. All lessons are one to one and tailored for you.

Thanks to today's technology, hiring a law tutor to offer remedial support has never been so easy! Internet classes via Skype or telephone calls are very useful for those who have an extremely busy schedule and never leave campus. Law tutors are extremely flexible and adapt to your timeslots.

If you are a struggling law student, do not feel too proud to hire a law tutor. Private law educators break bad habits and replace them with new ones. Knowing how to do things right at the beginning of your legal studies will make a huge difference.

Law tutors encourage students and prevent them from becoming frustrated or demoralized when they realize how much coursework and studying need to be done. 

For the students based all the way north in Scotland, take a look at our list for the best law tutors in Glasgow.

Visit one of the aforementioned websites to ensure success while studying and understand the justice system today!

Helpful Tips from the Best Law Tutors

writing down information
Writing down brief notes during lectures can be very helpful for future review. (Source: Visual Hunt)

One of the primary reasons law students struggle is due to the fact that they are unsure if what they are doing is correct. They have never studied law before and they wonder if they are studying, preparing for exams and briefing cases in the most efficient way.

The best law students seek advice from law tutors to ensure that they are making the best use of their precious time. Here are some invaluable tips from law tutors that will guarantee triumph throughout law school:

  • Pay attention in class: class time is not for surfing the web or watching funny Youtube videos. You or your parents have paid a lot of money to attend law school and you want to take advantage of every moment in class.
  • Take notes during class: taking notes that can be reviewed later is extremely useful. However, some students do not understand writing things down in note form and end up getting too distracted writing down every word that comes out of your law professor's mouth. Try recording the seminar or class with an application on your phone and listening to it later.
  • Don't be too competitive with your classmates: only one student can finish at the top of the class with the best grades. Being too competitive and failing to be the best can result in discouragement and lack of motivation to continue on. Set realistic goals and be balanced. Try to do your absolute best and be supportive of those who have better grades than you.
  • Don't procrastinate: set a personal deadline to finish an assignment or essay that is earlier than the one your teacher provided. It may be hard when the last thing you want to do sometimes is study or do homework but the peace of mind that comes when you finish a project ahead of time is unparalleled.
  • Step away from the textbooks: after hours and hours of studying the information in your textbooks, you do not capture information as well as you did in the first few hours. Therefore, it is very important to cut the cord and go do something that you enjoy. Talk a walk, make yourself a cup of coffee, have a normal conversation with a friend that is not about law or go out to eat. Doing these things improve studying greatly because when you return to the books you have a clear mind that is ready to process information again.

Putting these helpful tips into practice can drastically change your attitude, your viewpoint of what you are studying and your test results.

Getting enough sleep and eating healthy is crucial during law school. You do not want to miss an exam due to the fact that you are sick in bed with a cold or sleep deprived.

For the Mancunian students, we also compiled a list of the best law tutors in Manchester.

Academic achievement is possible for struggling law students through the careful guidance of an experienced law tutor. A private law instructor would beam with joy to see their student graduate law school with honours!


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