You have decided that it was time to take your doodling to the next level? You want to know the ins and out of drawing and sketching?

Let your artistic creativity flow out and find art classes or workshops that will teach you everything you need to know about the art of life and still-life drawing.

Learning how to draw is an excellent way to improve in other areas such as memory, communication and problem-solving but will also help with:

  • Enhancing your observation skills: whereas it is not always easy to stay focus when we are constantly bombarded with hundreds of different stimuli, our brains tend to shut down or filter surrounding noises and parasite images. Drawing forces the artist to analyse every single detail of the subject you are trying to depict. With the force of habit, this skill will translate into your everyday life and will most likely help you read situations and people around you better.
  • Relaxing: a drawing class offers a tranquil environment. As only the teacher goes around and helps each student, the only thing you have to focus on is your subject. Sketching is an excellent way to escape our crazy and noisy lives and because it is a hard exercise it requires all your focus, all your thoughts. Some say that drawing is like meditating: focusing on the subject of your art and nothing else will make you forget about the bad day you might just have.
  • Making you a better artistdrawing is considered by some to be the foundation of any fine art education and training. Life drawing, in particular, is considered to be the most complicated and honourable art form as the human shape is the most complex and difficult to represent. Putting in the work to develop your life drawing skills is a lifelong effort that will make you a better drawer but also a better painter, sculptor or engineer.

So let's look at where you can find art classes that will teach you to draw.

"Drawing is the artist's most direct and spontaneous expression. A species of writing: it reveals, better than does painting, his true personality."

- Edgar Degas, French painter, sculptor, printmaking drawing artist.

Drawing Classes London

If you are living in London, you probably pay premium rent to enjoy the wonders of the capital city. But it also means that you will very quickly find an art class or workshop not far from home.

With more than 250 museums and galleries in the whole of Greater London, Great Britain's capital boasts some of the world's best exhibitions and art collections.

The Royal Academy is one of the oldest art institutions in the world. Established more than 250 years ago, the academy has since been promoting the creation and enjoyment of all visual arts. Nearly 1.3 million visitors enjoy the galleries of The Royal Academy every year, and The Royal Academy Schools make up the oldest art school in the country.

So if you are looking for the best workshops and art classes in the city, look no further! The Academy offers many different classes and courses ranging from one-time sessions to weekend-long practical courses.

Those classes cover a wide range of subject from figure drawing and painting techniques to portrait composition and animal life drawing.

Check their website for the upcoming classes, and it's safer to book well in advance as their workshops tend to sell out.

Another great way to learn to draw in London would be to join the sessions organised by Sketchout. Taking place in some of the most beautiful settings London has to offer, the Sketchout one-day classes will have you learning to draw in the V&A galleries, at the Tate Britain or even in the National Portrait Gallery.

You will be able to choose amongst the fantastic artworks that these museums have on display. If you are a complete beginner, you will probably want to join Sketchout during their "Fundamentals of Drawing" sessions where you will learn to identify lines and represent proportions accurately as well as mastering different shading techniques.

Find the best drawing courses London now.

Check out their website to see where and when their next session will be held.

"Drawing used to be a civilized thing to do, like reading and writing. It was taught in elementary schools. It was democratic. It was a boon to happiness."

- Michael Kimmelman, American writer, journalist, and architecture critic for The New York Times

Where can you take drawing lessons in the UK?
Learn how to use different techniques and methods to give some colours to your drawings.

Drawing Classes Manchester

Long before the Madchester movement of the 90's, the Rainy City saw the creation of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts. Founded in 1859, the city's finest artists elected on the board of the Academy have been organising exhibitions of drawings, paintings, and sculptures in Manchester and all across the North East England region.

With dozens of art galleries and museums, the capital of the North has nothing to be shy about when it comes to culture.

The city doesn't lack options for art classes either. A lot of independent art studios offers one-day sessions or long-courses that will tutor you in the subtilities of drawing, sketching or painting.

Creative Art Courses is such a studio. Offering some of the broadest range of workshops in Manchester, this art studio can accommodate both complete beginners and experienced artists. The beginners' course will focus on developing your observational skills while understanding the core of the drawing techniques and it will also introduce you to watercolours and acrylic painting.

Evening or weekend adult classes, children and youth courses or life drawing workshops this studio will take care of all your drawing cravings. Through their instruction and your exploration of painting and drawing, you will build both confidence and technical skills.

"Learning to draw is really a matter of learning to see - to see correctly - and that means a good deal more than merely looking with the eye."

- Kimon Nicolaides, Greek American art teacher, author and artist who served as a camouflage artist in France during WWI.

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Drawing is also used for architectural design and work.

Drawing Classes Leeds

As the biggest city in the Historical county of Yorkshire, it is not surprising that Leeds has been at the centre of Yorkshire's contemporary art and culture.

If you are leaving in Yorkshire and are looking to learn how to draw, the Leeds Drawing Club will most likely be able to help you with that.

Founded in 2007, the club previously held drawing session all around the city. However, they now have their own space which they share with a yarn craft social enterprise. They mainly offer life drawing sessions but welcome new artists. The 2-hour sessions are divided into 10 to 20 minutes poses and all necessary art materials (charcoal, graphite paper, eraser and drawing boards) are provided. However, you are welcome to bring your own paraphernalia if you wish to.

Learn to draw in a group
Using a piece of charcoal to draw a portrait is not the easiest: learn how to master this technique.

Drawing Classes Glasgow

The city nested on the banks of the River Clyde has much more to offer than good beer and haggis.

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery or the Burrel Collection, all located in Glasgow, posses thousands of pieces of art by the famous Dutch master, Italian Renaissance artists and French Impressionists.

The University of Glasgow also possesses the best exhibition of paintings by the American Gilded Age artist, James Abbot McNeil Whistler.

If you wish to learn how to draw in Glasgow, Art Classes in the Botanics has been around the city for more than a decade.  Professional artist and instructor Sandy Grant leads art sessions in his studio located in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens.

Grant offers various classes, from drop-in evening life drawing session to 6-week courses. The benefit for you as a beginner will be to be able to start slowly, learning the ropes of sketching and painting and later on take on more serious classes and improve on your drawing style and technique.

If you really enjoy those classes, Art Classes in the Botanics also organises a yearly summer class in Spain. The week-long workshop takes place near Granada, and you will be able to enjoy depicting amazing landscapes while tanning under the Andalusian sun.

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Drawing Classes Birmingham

If you are located in the Midlands, around or about Birmingham you probably already have visited the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery or the Barber Institute of Fine Arts.

You may have wandered in the museums' galleries in search of inspiration.

If you did not find it there, you would probably find it at the St Paul's Church in the area of the Jewellery Quarter. The church doesn't have any art besides its stained glass windows and its 1830 organ, but it hosts to drawing and painting classes every week.

Tutored by professional artist Peter Tinkler, those classes can be joined for 4, 8 or 12 weeks during which you will learn everything from pencil drawing and charcoal sketching to ink and pastel composition.

Portrait painting, still life sketch or landscape illustration, every subject will be approached and because each classroom is limited to 12 students at any given time you are guaranteed to get a very personal teaching session.

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Wherever you may be in the UK, the network of vetted professionals registered on Superprof will give you access to drawing lessons near you or even at your home. With more than 1700 tutors ready to teach how to draw, check our website and book your first drawing lesson.

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