If you already work in the city and are looking for an evening course that you can attend after you leave the office, then you are in luck.

London is one of the best places to find workshops, seminars, diplomas and postgraduate programmes because of how well connected the different boroughs are. A quick bike or tube ride can take you out of the hustle and bustle of the inner city and to student campuses where you can find numerous opportunities to learn more about your chosen subject matter and gain a new qualification.

London is very well connected so you can find many suitable courses in the area to attend.
In just a matter of minutes, you can be out of your office and sitting in a workshop or class and advancing your knowledge. Photo credit: Gareth1953 All Right Now on VisualHunt

So, cancel those end of day drinks at the local, and get your thinking cap on ready to do some serious learning!

Basic Computer Courses

Ok, so we implied that you would be in for some seriously hard work, but actually IT related courses needn't be a headache.

Perhaps you just need to learn the basics to get by in life and in your job, or maybe you are keen to find out more about a particular area of technology just to fuel your own interests. Not all tech courses are adapted for devout digital enthusiasts and made up of challenging algorithms!

As a matter of fact, we've picked out a range of courses with a good reputation for you in the big smoke which have all been specially designed with beginners as their focus. Keep reading to find out more about these courses covering basic computer skills.

Basic Computer Courses Covering Social Media

Did you know that you can 'make it' as a full-time blogger, earning a big enough salary to continue documenting your life and not have to set foot in an office, or studying at university for that matter? Or how does tweeting for a living sound to you?

Since the above scenarios are in fact becoming more and more normal in this technology-driven world, City Lit has developed a number of courses designed to make people more aware of the power of social media and blogging, and offer them the skills they need to survive in the whirlwind world of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Take one of these courses and you may be the creator or the next trending tweet! Or, you might be lucky enough to be featured on Blogosphere, tipped as one of the top accounts to follow, sending your number of followers rocketing!

Birmingham, as the second city in the country, also has some great IT courses.

City Lit Computing Skills

Twitter: a short introduction

Course Date: Thu 9 Aug 2018 (and 1 other date)
Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
Description: An introduction to Twitter, the social networking, and online news service. The course provides a base understanding of the channel for personal and professional use.
Full fee: £39.00
Senior fee: £31.00
Concession: £20.00

Introduction to Facebook

Course Date: Fri 10 Aug 2018 (and 1 other date)
Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
Description: Do you want to learn more about Facebook, the social networking site that allows you to find and communicate with friends and common interest groups? Keep in touch with family and friends or connect with long lost relations or school friends.
Full fee: £69.00
Senior fee: £55.00
Concession: £35.00

Social media for business

Course Date: Sat 11 Aug 2018 (and 1 other date)
Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
Description: This practical course is aimed at people who are looking to use social media to promote their business. This class is ideal for those who are still beginners but have some familiarity with social media. You will learn how social media can be used to communicate with your target audience.
Full fee: £199.00
Senior fee: £159.00
Concession: £100.00

Blogging: write your own blog using WordPress

Course Date: Sun 12 Aug 2018 (and 6 other dates)
Location on this date: KS - Keeley Street
Description: Learn about blogging and how to create your own blog.
Full fee: £99.00
Senior fee: £79.00
Concession: £50.00

Some people live off of their earnings as professional bloggers.
You can be a professional blogger if you know the right things to post. Photo on Visualhunt.com

If you live in Scotland, check our guide to Glasgow's best IT classes.

Basic Computer Courses Introducing Windows Applications

Almost everyone out there has used a device with a Windows Operating System, even if it was back in their school days. But do you remember the uproar when the new Windows 8 hit our computer screens?

With a course on Windows Applications, you can become more 'au fait' with the operating system and how it works. Furthermore, you will get a chance to really get to know the limits of your computer - i.e. what you can and can't do within the operating system.

Keep reading to find out about this very useful course offered by Kensington College.

Learn IT in Edinburgh or get IT training in Belfast.

Kensington College

Introducing Windows Applications

This college runs regular courses for people who have very little or no knowledge of computing, or those who wish to update their computer skills.

Divided into 5 modules, this course covers Microsoft Word, Windows Explorer, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, PowerPoint and Internet/Email on a Windows device.

The first lesson teaches you how to control the computer (moving, restoring, maximizing windows etc...) while shedding light on how to use the word processor. Whether you want to write letters, create flyers and posters or even tackle your first novel, Microsoft Word is the program you need to get to grips with.

The next lesson delves deeper into Word, offering an insight into Macros, Templates and Mail Merge, before showing you how to create folders, delete files, restore files, move files and generally organise your documents.

During your third session, you will explore Excel formulas and spreadsheets, working out how to edit cells, how to move around the sheet, formatting, as well as using formulas and charts.

Moving onto your fourth class, you'll be told what Access Database can do for you (namely storing names and addresses). The instructor will inform you how to make a table, form, query, and report and will teach you the basics of this application from scratch.

Finally, in your fifth and final part of the course, you will better understand using PowerPoint to create flyers and brochures as well as presentations containing tables, pictures, and graphs.

As the course culminates, you will discover what an ISP is, what a URL is, and how to search the web. You will additionally be taught about email attaching, replying to messages and forwarding them.

Daytime Course: £325
Evening Course:£325

If you live in Leeds, we also have an IT courses guide for you.

Return To Work Computer Science Course

Return to work courses are great for people who have had anything from six months to several years off of work for one reason or another.
Some of us return to work after a break and need refreshing in some of the newest technology trends. Photo credit: Anne Worner on VisualHunt.com

And now for those of us who have had a break from the industry - by taking an early retirement, going on sabbatical leave, taking time off to have a family - and then returning to work to find that everything has changed! Old filing systems have been replaced by fancy new digital storage and there's a big empty space where the fax machine once was...

Taking a back to work refresher course is a great way to ease yourself back into the workplace and to familiarise yourself with new trends in technology that are taking over our offices.

Here's more on the course that will teach you how to be a member of the workforce again.

Find IT courses in Cardiff!

South Thames College

Back To Work Computing Skills - Refresher - Intermediate

"If you have been out of work for a while, you may need to revise, update or improve your computing skills. Boost your confidence in your career, increase your chances of finding a job with this short, intensive refresher course."

Basic IT skills are required for those enrolling on the course and, in return, basic concepts will be covered like using the computer and managing files (Windows and file management), word processing (using Microsoft Word), using spreadsheets (with Microsoft Excel), and creating presentations (through Microsoft PowerPoint). The course will be assessed via tutor feedback on your progression, individual learning plans and peer and self-assessment.

Location: Tooting
Times: 12:00-14:00
Duration: 5 Weeks
Study mode: Part Time Day
Days: Wednesday
Start: 06/02/2019
End: 13/03/2019
Fee: £65
International students: £90

For the Mancunians: find IT courses in Manchester.

Kids' ICT Courses

Finally, when discussing basic computing courses, it is impossible not to consider courses aimed at kids. Putting to one side the fact that most teens these days are growing up to be more familiar with technology than their parents! However, we mean IT courses aimed at children as young as 6.

Have you ever considered a school holiday camp for your little ones which teaches them a set of highly useful skills that they can build on as they progress through school and into their secondary education?

Keep reading to find out about this unique opportunity designed for ages 6 to 18.


Children's Tech Camp

"Our holiday day tech camps give children a structured but enjoyable learning experience in environments which helps nurture their understanding. Our daytime camps run for 3 or 5 days, Monday to Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm. The camps are held during school holidays such as February half term, Easter, Summer Holidays and October half term. They take place at our creative space in Harrow as well as leading independent schools across the UK.

Find IT courses in the UK.

From ages 6 – 18 we have a tech camp to develop your child’s STEM skills and heighten their creative problem-solving. They will also develop essential soft skills like teamwork, presentation, communication skills, as well as logical and computational thinking abilities. Whether your child is experienced or a complete novice each camp is led by a highly skilled team of tutors who are passionate about giving your child the best tech camp experience.

Skills learned by children don’t get left behind at the tech camps. These skills are transferable to any corner of a child’s life. Be it at school, at home or just about anywhere the STEM skills developed, will help your child through their journey whichever path they decide to take."

Price: £275 – 375 per child (childcare vouchers accepted)
Sibling Discount of 10% is applied automatically for those attending the same course; the discount applies to the additional siblings only.
Laptop hire: £25 (optional)

Options For Those Looking For A Bit More In The Capital Or Further Afield

If you are looking for a more challenging programme of study, then do not fear, you will find what you are after in the city.

Here are just some suggestions of things to look for when running your Internet search for computer courses:

-IT tuition
-recognised It diploma for students
-higher education campuses specialising in computing
-learn IT in a classroom learning environment
-scholarships for London school
-further education courses with a good reputation
-IT prospectus for UK university
-Summer courses in ICT
-Short courses in technology
-Gain fundamental computer knowledge and skills
-Gain skills for IT profession
Adult courses in technology IT
-Learn to use Microsoft Office
-Improve programming proficiency
-Get certification in IT
-Take IT course examination
-Web development courses
-Service management tuition
-Discover Prince2
-Become a developer
-Lessons in cloud computing
-Training courses for comptia network
-IT certifications
-Phd and postgrad courses for the Information Technology sector
-IT industry requirements
-University degrees for techies
-Software development training
-Become Microsoft certified

and so on...

Also, when it comes to looking for a course with a solid reputation, why not search by establishment, whether London-based or beyond:

-University rankings
-World university rankings
-Top universities
-Cambridge University
-Metropolitan University
-Imperial College
-London School of Economics
-Manchester University
-City University
-Royal Holloway
-Kings College
-Heriot Watt University
-Queen Mary University
-Hammersmith City University
-West London College
-Durham University
-University of Exeter
-University of Salford
-University of Winchester
-University of Kent

and so on...

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