"Japan is very cosmopolitan – it values its origins, but a world view hovers above this narrow perspective. The interest of the Japanese in their folk culture is transcendental." – F. Sionil Jose

Japan is widely recognised for its futuristic technology and revolutionary efficiency, and for first-time tourists visiting Tokyo feels like you just set foot on a new planet.

However, it is important to state, that even with the rapid spread of modern technology, Japan has stayed true to its traditional customs and ancient cultural heritage. 

Traditional aspects of Japanese culture such as ancient Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, stroll gardens, and neighbourhood bathhouses called sentos can all be observed walking through even the most modern cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto.

Kyoto is an extraordinary place that mixes the best characteristics of traditional and contemporary culture. For example, in Kyoto, bullet trains and flashy billboards may be observed at the same as old-shops where traditional gifts and dishes may be sold.

The Japanese stick to their roots and constantly celebrate traditional ceremonies and festivals throughout the year. 

The unusual mix of traditional and contemporary culture that can be observed all over Japan inspires people from many different countries to learn the Japanese language and adopt Japanese customs in their personal life; citizens of the UK are of no exception

In today's article, Superprof has the specific goal of demonstrating to curious Glaswegians the wide variety of language schools and private tutors offering Japanese lessons in the Greater Glasgow area. The options provided in today's article will help all Glaswegians interested in Japanese culture realise that the fundamentals of Japanese can be learnt in the comfort of their hometown!

Reasons to Learn Japanese

the best languages to learn
Learning Japanese is a great idea when travelling through isolated areas of Japan since English is not widely spoken. (Source: pixabay)

Japan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with over 127 million inhabitants. Japanese is the official language, and it is widely spoken in all parts of Japan from the North to the South.

Also, it is important to note, that there are many Japanese descendants who speak Japanese in Brazil and the American state of Hawaii. 

A person's reasons for learning Japanese as a foreign language may be varied. For example, intrigue in the culture or immigration to the land of the rising sun are common causes; however, Superprof is here to show readers other strategic reasons that make learning Japanese as a second language a brilliant idea. The following are the best reasons to learn Japanese:

  • Japan's Economy is Massive: Undergraduate students of business are you listening? According to recent sources, Japan has the third largest economy in the world. Many Japanese companies such as Honda, Casio, Nikon, and Toshiba are recognised all over the planet and have foreign offices across the globe. It is a well-known fact that major Japanese companies always prefer to hire individuals who speak Japanese; therefore, to have a prosperous business career with opportunities for promotion at a Japanese company, learning their language during university or after would be a brilliant idea,
  • Easiness of Travel: since the grand majority of Japanese people do not speak English, learning basic Japanese is highly recommended before travelling to Japan especially if you are considering visiting more remote areas outside of Tokyo. English is commonly taught in many Japanese schools; however, the Japanese shy away from speaking it to foreigners due to a fear of making mistakes. Knowing Japanese helps tourists navigate the transportation systems, book accommodation, and find the best eateries known to man. Learning a bit of Japanese also helps to create some extraordinary friendships with the kind natives of Japan,
  • Learning Japanese Makes it Easier to Learn Other Asian Languages: it is true that South East Asian languages vary; however, it is essential to state that they have certain similarities. For example, Japanese and Korean have similar grammar and many ways different expressions to express honour to other people. Also, Japanese uses the Kanji writing system which has roots stemming from Chinese, and although the characters are not the same, it brings you one step closer to understanding Mandarin Chinese.

Japanese is an important language on the world scene that merits special attention. The language learning experience of a complex Asian language is rewarding and worth all the effort. The following two subheadings will help Glaswegians identify the best places and best tutors to effectively acquire fluency in Japanese.

How do Belfast Japanese lessons compare to those in Glasgow?

The Best Language Schools to Learn Japanese in Glasgow

learning the basics of Japanese
Reviewing a new language in a group at a language school alongside other passionate learners is a very rewarding experience. (Source: pixabay)

Glasgow is the most populous city in Scotland with over 1.2 million inhabitants living in the Greater Glasgow urban area. Glasgow was a significant city during the Victorian era and the Edwardian era being constantly referred to as the UK's "second city of the British Empire."

An important social, economic, and educational centre in the UK, Glasgow has been home to immigrants for decades. 

Immigrants from countries such as Pakistan, India, China, Poland, and Japan have left their cultural mark on Glaswegians. Citizens of Glasgow are learning foreign languages for business opportunities, ease of travel, and pure curiosity.

The following are the best academic institutes to learn Japanese in the city of Glasgow:

  • Live Language: probably the best language school in Glasgow, Live Language offers lessons in foreign tongues such as Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Japanese to name a few. Past students rave about the professionalism of teachers and the effectiveness of courses. The Japanese courses are taught in small groups of approximately 5-14 students, for adult learners, and have a duration of 12 weeks. Two-hours of class time is taught weekly to master the basics of Japanese. The course costs £179 and includes a cultural activity at the end of the term,
  • Japan Desk Scotland: a Japanese class that has been supported by the Japan Society of the UK and the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, helps interested ones in Glasgow master the basics of Japanese in a comfortable setting with the assistance of qualified teachers. The class runs weekly and focuses on reading and writing Japanese in hiragana and katakana with special attention on particles to correctly structure Japanese sentences.

The previously mentioned classes are the most highly recommended. Learning Japanese in a group with other passionate students can become an unforgettable learning experience for all involved. Don't be shy to make mistakes and laugh at yourself when learning a new language; remember that perfection is unattainable at a beginner level.

Sign up at a language school to start learning Japanese today; you won't regret it!

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Finding a Private Japanese Tutor in the city of Glasgow

the best tutors
While skimming through the newspaper you may find adds of Japanese tutors offering their services near you. (Source: pixabay)

Since the development of modern technology, learning new academic concepts and foreign languages have been more accessible than ever before. We can now learn about physics using an application on our phone or acquire the basics of an Asian language using a learning software on our portable computer.

To make a little extra money on the side, many accredited professionals are offering remedial support online and face-to-face in their areas of expertise. 

Therefore, in all major cities of the United Kingdom, passionate Japanese tutors are willing to travel some miles or teach online to help students grasp a firm foundation of Japan's language. Without further delay, the following are the best online resources to find Japanese tutors offering language courses in the city of Glasgow:

  • Superprof: a brilliant website that connects professional tutors with students in need of remedial support. Superprof offers very appealing prices since they take zero commission from their hard-working tutors. According to their site, there are dozens of Japanese instructors currently working in the Glasgow area. They are willing to travel to teach students and offer hourly rates starting at £15.

You will find similarly dedicated Superprof tutors of Japanese in Edinburgh...

The previously mentioned options are some of the best online resources to find Japanese tutors that teach about language and culture outside the classroom. Nevertheless, looking through the local newspaper or scanning a bulletin board at one of Glasgow's best universities are other brilliant ways to find Japanese tutors.

Private tutors specialising in the Japanese language can also be found in other major UK cities such as the following:

Studying Japanese as a second language is an excellent way for a learner to hone language skills, attain proficiency, and correctly understand the Japanese culture; Glaswegians, for what are you waiting? Start learning Japanese today in Birmingham!

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