"The bass, no matter what kind of music you're playing, it just enhances the sound and makes everything sound more beautiful and full. When the bass stops, the bottom kind of drops out of everything." - Charlie Haden

Music is a great way to relax and unwind. There are plenty of reasons to take music lessons, too.

Violin, ukulele, flute, or bass?

In a music school or by teaching yourself, learning to play the bass is a great way to have fun and improve your creativity.

So where can you find bass guitar lessons?

Here are the different ways to find a bass guitar teacher who can teach you everything you need to know about arpeggios, scales, and even the history of the bass guitar!

Ads and Posters

Ready to get bass guitar lessons? Ready to study music theory, learn about tablature, or start playing melodies?

To find lessons, checking the classifieds is a good way to start. Between ads for babysitters or private tutoring, you can often find ads for music lessons and teachers.

Where can you find posters for bass guitar lessons?
A lot of bass tutors will use noticeboards in small businesses to advertise their classes. (Source: Pexels)

These ads are often put up by private music tutors. They might be private bass guitar lessons or group sessions. See what they offer and contact them if you need more information.

Small Businesses

Small businesses like bakeries, butchers, florists, and hairdressers are all good places to look for notice boards and ads. You might just find the bass tutor you’ve been looking for and the advantage is that they’ll probably live near you, too.

Schools and Universities

Private music tutors often place ads on noticeboards in schools and universities, too. Look for the community noticeboards in schools, colleges, and unis. You can also find them in community centres and leisure centres, too. Check back regularly as they can often be removed, tear, or fall off.

In Public

There are also places in public where people like to place their ads. You need to check regularly as these ads don’t fare well against the elements. They might end up hidden behind other ads or even torn.

Find out more about playing the bass guitar.

Finding Bass Guitar Tutors via Social Media

You can even find bass guitar tutors on social networks, which is becoming increasingly common amongst younger tutors. Social networks allow tutors to share their ads with a much bigger audience than a noticeboard. Students can search for tutors on their social network, too.

Can you find bass tutorials on social media?
A lot of tutors will mention their classes on their social media or in groups. (Source: LoboStudioHamburg)


Facebook is the world’s most popular social network and there are over 2 billion users across the world. Bass guitar students can very easily find a music teacher or tutor. You can look for them using the search bar or ask around in groups dedicated to learning the bass guitar.


Instagram is a visual social network which allows users to share photos and videos with their followers. A lot of professionals use it to show off what they’re up to and you can very easy to find bass tutors on it.


On Twitter, anyone wanting to learn bass guitar can search and find plenty of tweets from people advertising bass guitar lessons. You can also choose a region and keywords to increase the accuracy of your search.


YouTube is a great platform for finding bass guitar lessons though probably not great for actually finding a tutor. A lot of tutors post video tutorials on their channels.

There are lessons on how to pluck the strings correctly, the differences between bass guitar and regular guitars, rhythm, improvising, and plenty of other techniques aspiring bassists might find useful.

Be it folk, pop, blues, jazz, or rock, there’s something for all tastes on YouTube.

Finding a Bass Tutor Online

Social networks aren’t the only way to find music tutors on the internet. You can also use search engines to find music tutors directly. You just need to search for something like “bass guitar tutors” and your town.

Where can you find bass tutors online?
A lot of bass guitar tutors will have an online presence. (Source: StockSnap)

You’ll soon be met with plenty of results including tutors near where you live. Some electric guitar and bass tutors have websites where you can find information on learning to play a musical instrument with them. Students can see their rates, the levels offered, the tutor’s experience, etc. and all you have to do is get in touch with them.

There are also other ways to find private tutors like through Superprof where you can find plenty of private tutors in the same place and compare their rates, experience, etc.

Word of Mouth: An Effective Way for Finding Bass Guitar Tutors

You looking to learn some new songs on the bass guitar? Wanting to work on scales or playing with a plectrum?

Tell everyone you know. You might be surprised at the results. Word of mouth is a great way to get things done.

How can you find bass tutors through word of mouth?
Tell everyone you know that you're looking for bass guitar tutorials. (Source: Free-Photos)

Ask your friends and family if they know anyone who teaches music. They can point you in the right direction or may know somebody directly who can help you. They’ll also keep you in mind if they happen to meet a bass guitar tutor or see an ad for one.

The advantage of word of mouth is that you can get a trusted opinion from somebody you know. They won’t be recommending a bass tutor that didn’t work out, that’s for sure.

Getting Bass Guitar Lessons in Music Schools

Private bass guitar tutors aren’t the only people who can teach you about music theory and how to play the bass guitar. Music schools are also a great option.

Conservatoires and Music Schools

There are establishments all over the country that offer music education. They can teach children of all ages as well as those looking to gain degrees in music.

These are the types of lessons for those who aren’t scared of a little music theory and while the learning can be quite intense, it’s some of the best music education you can get in the country.

Private Music Schools and Academies

There are also private businesses offering music tuition and plenty of them have sprung up in recent years. Instead of the often costly conservatoires and music schools, these private businesses can offer lessons for less. Of course, since they mightn’t always offer music qualifications, their reputation is built on customer feedback.

Find out how much bass guitar tutorials cost.

Bass Guitar Lessons from Groups and Clubs

A lot of people are passionate about music. That’s why there are plenty of groups and clubs for those interested in it. They might be amateur orchestras or groups that meet up to practise and play music. In a lot of cases, these are a great way to learn how to play a musical instrument.

Sometimes, they offer free tuition, but in a lot of cases, you might have to pay a membership fee. Fortunately for you, the bass guitar is one of the most commonly played instruments. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these clubs and groups are often way more affordable than music schools and conservatoires. It’s also a great opportunity to find like-minded people who love the bass guitar.

Ready for your first bass guitar lesson?

Here's what to expect.

Learning to Play the Bass Guitar with a Friend

Why not ask a friend to teach you how to play the bass guitar?

Get an experienced bass player to show you the ropes! Of course, not everyone is a professional musician, but if you happen to know someone who is, it’d be a shame not to make the most of it. Ask them to teach you the basics. You could even start playing together.

What better way to learn more about music?

They might even give you some advice for learning on your own. These lessons will probably be far more relaxed than anything with a private tutor so have fun!

Whether you're a beginner in need of a lesson to learn some songs or an experienced bass player needing help with some advanced techniques, take your first step towards becoming a better bassist by looking for a teacher on the Superprof website.

Decided to start learning to play the bass?

Here's what you need to do first.

Whether you want to learn rock, pop, blues, or classical music, you can start learning today. Many of the tutors on Superprof offer the first lesson for free so you can try a few different tutors out before deciding on which one is right for you.

Each tutor has a different teaching approach so you need to pick the right one. Some will focus on your technique, music theory, and how to read music. Others may focus on ensuring that you enjoy your lessons by giving easy songs to play and showing you fun resources you can access in your free time.

What's right for one bassist may not be right for another and as long as you're learning and getting what you want out of your lessons, you've picked the right tutor!

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