"The man who can dominate a London dinner-table can dominate the world." 

The previously stated quote is said brilliantly by the always intriguing Irish poet Oscar Wilde who spent some time as a young man living in London.

The quote is captivating, but what does it mean?

Well, many scholars have concluded that it signifies the following: a man who can defend his ground academically, culturally and socially in London, a city that brings together great minds and people from all walks of life, can conduct himself correctly anywhere in the world.

London has long been known for being one of the most educated, distinguished and intellectual cities in the world; which comes as no surprise since world-renowned universities such as Oxford and Cambridge are less than an hour away by train making it a major hub for the world's smartest minds.

Also, the metropolitan area of London is the most densely populated region in Europe and university graduates from all over Europe have flocked to London looking for skilled-labour jobs. 

Consequently, as a result of a large number of qualified universities hosting brilliant minds from all over England and the endless opportunity to find jobs requiring further education accreditation, London is a vital education hub that shows no sign of decreasing on the world scene.

What do academically inclined individuals study in the city of London? Well, that depends significantly on their major. Nevertheless, popular academic disciplines studied include mathematics, language arts, economics, business, chemistry and physics.

Therefore, without further delay, Superprof is here to show interested ones that studying the fundamentals of physics can be done in at many London-based universities and qualified institutes.

May the mass time acceleration be with you (catch my physics pun?) while you read this article to discover if studying physics in the city of Birmingham is for you!

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Modern Day Physics Discoveries

a great physicist
Einstein's theory of relativity and mass-energy equivalence formula are some of the greatest discoveries in the field of physics. (Source: pixabay)

Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines. The primary purpose of physics is to understand how the universe works.

Great minds from history such as Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking have dedicated their lives to the study of physics. As a result of their perseverance and determination, they have discovered important discoveries from the physical world.

While many of the previous personages have been deceased for years, their scientific discoveries continue to live on to this day. What would the modern world be without Einstein's theory of relativity, Marie Curie's investigation of radioactivity or Isaac Newton's laws of motion and gravity?

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Individuals studying a scientific discipline such as physics, owe a lot to past pioneers for the accessibility and relative ease of modern-day learning. 

Modern-day physicists may not have the same acclaim as those from the past; however, many extraordinary discoveries in the field of physics have been made in the past 25 years.

A fantastic report published in 2013 by physics world, outlined some of the best physics discoveries in recent memory; this was no easy feat since the writers claimed that the process was probably more challenging than deciding upon a Nobel prize laureate in physics.

Nevertheless, without further ado, here are some of the most outstanding discoveries of the physical world, along with brief definitions, from the past 25 years according to experts from the physics world:

  • Quantum Teleportation: this is the process by which quantum information such as the exact state of an atom or photon can be transported from one place to another with the help of classical communication,
  • The Expansion of the Universe: the rapid expansion of the universe was a theory proposed by Einstein in the first half of the 20th century that he later admitted was his most significant error. Scientists in 1997 have found evidence showing that a mysterious anti-gravity force is causing the universe to expand at an alarming rate. Einstein, you're a genius, and you were entirely correct,
  •  Scientific Proof that Neutrinos Have Mass: widely regarded as one of the strangest particles in the universe, neutrinos are commonplace in nuclear reactions. For many years, scientists and physicists strongly believed that neutrinos had no mass. However, in a scientific conference held in Japan in 1998, scientists claimed that neutrinos had a tiny mass and that they can change between their three types as they travel through space. Pretty neat, right?

As modern technology continues to develop in the 21st century, we should continue to expect even more fundamental physics discoveries that will change the way we view the universe.

Studying Physics at a University in London

physics concepts at a university level
Many universities in the Greater London area offer undergraduate and postgraduate physics courses. (Source: pixabay)

London is one of the primary educational centres in Europe with many qualified universities offering a wide variety of courses set to meet the needs of any student.

Since physics is a fundamental scientific discipline, there are many London-based universities where the basics of physics can be studied as part of further education. 

We will now consider some of the best universities to study physics in London.

The School of Physics Queen Mary University of London

Strategically located in the GO Jones Building of the campus near the Mile End Park and Mile End Tube Station, the school of Physics and Astronomy has a fantastic reputation for excellence in research and teaching.

Degree programmes are offered at undergraduate, MSc and PhD levels for students looking to make a career in physics. The courses specialise in astronomy, condensed matter and materials, theoretical physics and particle physics.

The School of Physics and Astronomy at the Queen Mary University of London keeps students with a busy schedule since there are many research seminars, meetings, workshops, social events, a peer mentoring scheme and an active physics society. Pupils will have a hard time leaving campus with all the previously mentioned activities!

Department of Physics at the Imperial College London

A world-renowned institution with great programmes for undergraduates and postgraduates claiming to have one of the largest physics departments in the UK.

An internationally leading research programme that provides thorough coverage of fundamental and applied physics is also genuinely interested in the development of new fields.

If you are a recent secondary school graduate looking to study physics in London, visit their website to explore the undergraduate admission requirements.

King's College London Department of Physics

Located at the Strand Campus in central London, studying physics at King's College, one of the top universities in the UK is a rewarding academic experience since the professors are experts in their field of physics.

Students are encouraged to research new concepts and according to statistics 95% of research conducted by the Department of Physics has been classified as international quality.

Check out their website to learn more about the undergraduate classes, postgraduate courses and summer programmes in the field of physics. The physics department at King's College even includes academic preparation courses for pupils fresh out of secondary school needing additional assistance in physics to succeed at a university level.

It is important to state that if studying physics at a university in London is not for you, other major UK cities offer reputable physics programmes. For example, in the city of Leeds the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds offers great physics courses, and in Birmingham, the physics courses offered at the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham come highly recommended.

Reviewing Physics With a Tutor in the London Area

Where can you study physics?
Experience personal educators are experts in their field of study offering educational suggestions that are like invaluable gems. (Source: pixabay)

Even for those who are not scientifically inclined, studying a scientific discipline such as biology, chemistry or physics is a brilliant idea to have a wide variety of prospects.

It is important to state that ones who have acquired the basics of scientific disciplines are more likely to be sought after for the most prestigious jobs. 

Therefore, it would be wise for struggling secondary school or university students reviewing physics to consider the option of attending remedial physics courses throughout the UK from a private Physics Maths tutor offering support during summer or after school hours.

Without further delay, we will now consider some of the best academic tutoring services to review the fundamentals of physics and receive additional school help. The following are the best tutoring options available to students in the Greater London area:

  • The Profs: an expert tutoring service that offers face-to-face physics tutoring classes in the London area and online academic support worldwide. Recognized by The Telegraph and The Guardian, The Profs is an award-winning company that can successfully aid secondary school, undergraduate and postgraduate students with their physics concerns. The expert tutors are qualified to help ace any impending physics lab or examination a pupil may have. Some of the physics topics that tutors have helped students with include quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, astronomy and electromagnetism,
  • Physics and Math Tutor: a highly recommended private tuition service that offers students the help they need at competitive prices. Tutors provide ongoing support or last-minute exam preparation face-to-face in the London area or online in a place and time convenient for you. Prices start at £40 per hour, and tutors have much experience in a wide variety of subjects,
  • Superprof: a fantastic online resource to find qualified teachers specialising in a wide range of topics near you. On the Superprof website, there are plenty of accredited physics tutors, working in the Greater London area, that have glowing reviews from past students. Prices are competitive and remedial classes in physics can be planned to work around your schedule.

Learning more about physics can be done with relative ease in the city of London at a university level or through private courses with a qualified educator.

It is important to state that a degree in physics is something worthy of attaining since it can set you up for a prosperous career in any job force.

Interested in studying physics in other cities? Check out the following links:

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