"Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anyone can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other." -Bill Gates

Computing and using modern technology is not everyone's cup of tea. Nevertheless, it is essential in today's world to have at least a fundamental knowledge of information technology.

But where do I learn about IT in Belfast? 

Belfastians may feel that it is beyond their reach in their area to effectively take IT courses near them. However, Superprof is here to save the day and provide all concerned computer newbies and experts with information about the basics of IT, where to attend classes, and how to find a qualified computer skills tutor.

What is IT?

the best classes
IT classes are not only about writing code. (Source: Unsplash)

"He must be smart he's an IT guy." 

While ladies may be swooned or more impressed by blokes who work as firemen, policemen, doctors, astronauts or even underwear models, they quickly brush off IT guys since they believe that their jobs are underwhelming and quite dull.

However, it is essential to mention that individuals working in IT are brilliant people who complete mind-boggling tasks every day. 

Although the vast majority of people are familiar with the term IT, they struggle to find the exact definition of the word.

What DOES IT mean? 

The abbreviation IT signifies "information technology" and encompasses many distinct terms and specific fields. For example, when using the word IT, it may refer to any type of technological work or programming completed on a physical device such as a computer, storage device, or networking system.

IT technicians use gadgets to create, process, store or secure all forms of electronic data that could be valuable to a single person or an entire entity. 

The commercial use of IT encompasses both computer technology and telephony.

There are much software and hardware included in information technology. For example, different surfaces of concrete equipment are used by IT guys, such as automation tools, operating systems, and applications. Those who develop new software systems and useful apps usually have grasped more than the basics of information technology.

Thorough knowledge of computer servers is necessary for individuals working in IT since many companies depend on their expertise to have their networks safe and working correctly. 

It is essential to mention that before the end of the 20th century, IT was practically inexistent. The rapid evolvement of technology has created many jobs to study systems for retrieving, storing effectively, and, of course, sending information. Thanks to information technology email, Facebook, Skype, and Whatsapp now exist; can you imagine a world without them?

The Best Academic Institutes to Learn More About IT in Belfast

IT courses help individuals become familiar with software and hardware systems that are essential in today's world. (Source: Unsplash)

Belfast is the capital and largest city in Northern Ireland with over 280,000 inhabitants according to the last census. Known for beautiful cultural monuments and the Titanic Museum, Belfast is a charming city worthy of visiting while travelling through the UK.

Being a considerable size, Belfast has many education institutes with qualified professionals teaching a wide variety of academic subjects. For example, information technology, data science, and computer skills can be learnt at various places in Belfast and its surroundings.

Which places? 

The following are some of the best academic institutions teaching IT courses in Northern Ireland's Capital:

  • Mulan IT Training: one of the most recognised further education centres in Belfast, Mulan IT Training has been offering information training classes in the Belfast area for over 17 years. They offer diverse and engaging computer training classes for all types of professionals. An added bonus of attending IT classes at the Mulan IT Training Centre is that all educators have the necessary skills and qualifications to make learning about computers as easy as possible. There are always special offers for course packages covering vital software and hardware courses such as introduction to digital marketing, PowerPivot with Excel, and Power BI. Check out their informative website to learn more.
  • Belfast Met: some of the most in-depth and diverse IT courses in the Greater Belfast area are offered at the Belfast Met. Level 2 and Level 3 courses are featured at different campuses such as the Titanic Quarter and Millfield about IT topics such as specialising in software development techniques and networking technologies.
  • Belfast City Council: not necessarily an accredited academic institute; however, the Belfast City Council offers classes to all interested students covering subjects such as training and documentation on all standard Microsoft products, advanced ECDL courses and exams, training needs analysis, and aids for vision and hearing-impaired individuals. Consult the website to learn more about various IT-based subjects taught effectively.

Who knew Belfast was filled with so many places to learn more about IT topics? Cities such as Cardiff, Wales and Edinburgh, Scotland also offer fantastic IT courses at reputable institutes.

IT Tutors in the Greater Belfast Area

Although working IT professionals are quite well-informed with the necessary aspects of software and hardware systems, there is always something new to learn. It is very wise to continually learn new skills to stay relevant in the tech world and remain a force to be reckoned with when applying for new jobs.

Therefore, qualified IT workers often need the assistance of other more experienced professionals operating in computer science. Also, various other individuals may look to hiring a tutor to learn more about computer skills and essential IT information.

But where does one find the best tutors working in and around the city of Belfast? 

With the overwhelming variety of private tutors offered in the Belfast area specialising in distinct academic disciplines, it may seem almost impossible to decide upon a website to find informative educators.

Belfastians have no fear Superprof is here!

Without any doubt, the best online resource to find a tutor specialising in offering computer science is Superprof. Belfastians are extremely intelligent to search for a personal tutor using our website.


The following reasons support the fact that Superprof is the best tutoring website in the UK and Europe:

  • There are 11 tutors in the Belfast area that teach computer skills. All of them boast fantastic reviews and are available to teach students at a time most convenient for them,
  • Prices are extremely reasonable. For example, interested computer skills pupils can seek the advice of a tutor for only £10 per hour.
  • Tutors are qualified professionals. All of the personal educators featured on Superprof have been approved and deemed sufficient to teach classes to other individuals.
  • The first lesson is always 100% free! If a free first lesson isn't a reason for rejoicing, I don't know what is. All Superprof tutors offer the chance for students to try a free experience with them without the promise of booking any future classes.

I think the previously mentioned reasons are more than enough to show potential IT students in the Belfast area that Superprof is the best place in the UK to find professional tutors.

Helpful Tips to Better Use Information Technology

the insides of a computer
Building a PC is a wonderful tech activity that can be extremely helpful to better understand the inner workings of a computer. (Source: pixabay)

Not all of us are born possessing technology skills. Many individuals have to work hard at acquiring computer abilities. Also, it is essential to state that with new technological devices, it seems we are always learning how to use something different.

Nevertheless, in today's digital age, it is indispensable to grasp a thorough knowledge and understanding of technology. No excuse of being too old or too infirm is valid; I've seen grandmothers and blind people handle technological devices better than some teenagers!

Therefore, without further ado, the following tips will equally help IT technicians and technology amateurs sharpen their skills:

  • Inform Yourself: while it may be true that some have an easier time using computers than others, understanding technology is quite complicated, and studying is inevitable. By analysing the pages of various technical books, regular people can acquire basic or advanced information about how to use or understand information technology. Check out GoodReads website to see which are the best books to purchase and read about honing computer skills. While we also recommend reading forums and blogs about information technology, books are an excellent choice for all since they clearly organised, well-indexed, and beautifully edited to make learning a fantastic experience!
  • Watch Youtube Tutorials: what would we do without Youtube? Since Youtube's establishment in 2005, the internet has become a better yet more distracting place. A May 2019 estimate claims that over 500 hours of content is uploaded to Youtube every minute; WOW! It's safe to say that there are not 500 hours of funny cat or epic fail videos; a lot of the content on Youtube is super educational. For example, computer noobies or IT technicians in training can watch plenty of tutorials about how to use and manage software or hardware. There are many channels for IT training for beginners and computer science.
  • Test Your Knowledge: why not put your newly acquired tech knowledge into practice? Taking on technology projects is an incredibly useful way to refine your computer skills. By creating your own blog or website, IT aspects such as CSS, HTML, RSS, MySQL, and PHP are learnt. Also, it seems to be the trend for many individuals to build their own PC nowadays. By doing this, IT workers and average joes learn more about hardware information and how computers effectively work.

The three previously mentioned tips will effortlessly help all individuals learn more about information technology in an engaging manner. IT courses can be quite pleasant and actually fun!


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