Being a parent and running both an online tutoring and face to face tutoring business means that I am regularly asked what makes a good tutor and what a parent should look for.

There are four things that are vital.

1. Personality Fit. I think that this is the most important factor. The tutor has to get on with the student. Tutors have to quickly understand the needs of the student and adapt their style accordingly. Tutoring is different from classroom learning. Introduce the student to the tutor – they are the one that has to work with them, so let them have their say.

2. Up to date knowledge of the syllabus. Sounds obvious I know, but you would be surprised the number of tutors who think that they can ‘blag it’. If you want tutoring on American History, you need someone who is familiar with the subject.

3. Teaching skills. Lets face it, teaching is a skill. If everyone could do it, then there would be little need for tutors. Being a teacher obviously helps, but so does hands on teaching that many students experience at University. Please do not discount them – they often relate better to the student, their knowledge of the syllabus can be more up to date and they can also be cheaper.

4. CRB check. Please do not be afraid to ask for a CRB check, tutors expect you to ask them for one. If they don’t have one, my advise is to go elsewhere.

Tutoring often ends up being a long-term relationship and financial commitment. So don’t be afraid of ending it early if it isn’t working out.

If you are looking for a tutor then you can check out our online tutoring website or our tutor directory. Other good places to look range from recommendations from friends, shop windows and websites such as Gumtree.

Best of luck finding a tutor and I hope that this article has been of help.




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