GCSE Manufacturing is a vocational qualification that caters to students who prefer a practical approach. This hands-on GCSE will provide you with a taste of the working world as well as an opportunity to explore the manufacturing sector so you can figure out whether it might be right for you. So if you are keen to get a taste of the ‘real world’ and you enjoy active learning, this GCSE may be a great opportunity for you.

Even better for interested students, GSCE Manufacturing teaches you about the industry as a whole. Studies include learning about designing products, the application of technology, sustainable development, engineering and much more. The manufacturing industry is huge and varied and there are many different businesses that you could potentially work for within it.

What will I gain from studying GCSE Manufacturing?

  • Insights into a very practical working environment. Throughout this GCSE you will have opportunities to visit industries and businesses which will provide you with work experience relevant to pursuing a career in manufacturing. Many students who complete this qualification go on take higher level courses in product design, manufacturing or similar subjects.
  • Lots of variety. In this non-traditional GCSE you definitely won’t find yourself working from textbooks week after week. You will get the chance to carry out research independently, participate in group work, role play, go on trips, use real business resources and benefit from the advice of people who are actually working in the sector.
  • Relevance and direction. Have you ever sat in a lesson wondering when you are ever going to use the information you are being taught? If so, GCSE Manufacturing may be perfect for you. This vocational subject is specifically designed to prepare you for a practical career and therefore everything on the syllabus is relevant to the industry.
  • Exams and controlled assessments. Although Manufacturing GCSE is a practical qualification you will also have to complete coursework and sit some exams to ensure you have understood and remembered all the information you’ve been taught. Be prepared to develop good revision tactics and to use your allotted time for controlled assessment wisely.
  • You will develop transferrable skills. GCSE Manufacturing will allow you to improve your teamwork, communication and problem solving skills as well as your awareness of health and safety. So even if, during this GCSE, you decide that a job in manufacturing is not for you, you will still be developing these important, transferrable skills, useful in any career you go on to pursue.

If you seek a little variety from being stuck in a classroom for all lessons and you’re excited about the prospect of practical, focused and rewarding subject, GCSE Manufacturing may be a wise choice for you. It is an exciting subject that is a fantastic opportunity for practically minded students who are considering a career within the manufacturing sector.



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