"Without geography, you're nowhere." -Author Unknown

Oh, what a wonderful world we live in and isn't it such a pleasure to know more about it? Gorgeous natural elements that we have come to love, such as the sea, countries, coastlines, people, weather, and mountains can be studied under the academic discipline of geography.

In layman's terms, geography is defined as the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments.

Nevertheless, when one begins to analyse geographic topics slowly, they become more curious with the world around them as a whole and start to realise how small they are in comparison to all the grandeur of natural elements. Also, it is imperative to mention that studying geography from a young age helps reduce ignorance and increases tolerance and compassion for others since students realise that they share planet earth with billions of other people from countless cultures and tongues.

I think it's safe to say that I am overwhelmingly passionate about geography! 

Therefore, to save readers from more of my fervent proclamations about the importance of geography, without further delay, we shall focus on how an individual can become a geography tutor to instruct others via in-person or online tutoring sessions.

Are university classes required to offer remedial geography support to students? Can I tutor without being involved with an online company? How much can I earn as a geography instructor? All of these questions will be answered right now!

Where to Study Geography

academic learning
Learning geography at a further education centre is a great way to sharpen your skills. (Source: pixabay)

"The privilege of a university education is a great one; the more widely it is extended the better for any country." -Winston Churchill

As the late and great Sir Churchill is quoted saying above, university programs make better citizens that contribute to a more well-rounded society. Therefore, while it can be said that geography tutoring sessions can be taught without getting a university degree, it is highly recommended to undergo some form of schooling in the academic discipline you desire to teach.

Why is that? For example, not only will students much favour tutors with qualifications but as an instructor, you will appreciate the helpful tips learned at a further education centre, whether in the United Kingdom or abroad.

Also, if you have the goal of sharing your passion for geography with others through tutoring sessions, we guarantee that studying to become more prepared in the subject will be much of a bother.

But which schools or universities offer geography lessons near me? Have no fear, Superprof is here! The following further education centres offer geography degrees around the UK:

  • Geography BSc (Hons) at Bangor University: located in the town of Bangor, Wales at the university's School of Natural Sciences, this is a fantastic option for our Welsh friends who want to further their knowledge in geography. Bangor University offers a total of nine geography-based courses.
  • Loughborough University: boasting fantastic student reviews on Google and whatuni.com, many degree courses are specialising in geography that is offered at Loughborough University. Some examples include Geography BSc (Hons), Geography with an International Foundation Year BSc (Hons), Geography with Economics, and Geography and Sports Science. In reality, the options are limitless!
  • University of Glasgow: don't worry, we didn't forget our Scots, the University of Glasgow is an absolute triumph in the field of geography. For example, it is ranked 5th according to the CompUniGuide subject ranking and possesses a 90% employment rate for graduates in the field of geography. Also, the most desirable fact about studying geography in Glasgow is that there are currently 31 courses available.

Besides, it is worth mentioning that since geography is a vast discipline to study, 79 universities are offering 592 courses in geography from Scotland to Wales!

After a university degree has been attained, the next step is career choice; the possibilities are endless! Nonetheless, it is usually most common for those who want to teach geography to accept a job at a traditional primary or secondary school or take the alternative route and become a tutor online or in-person.

Read the following subheading to discover how amateur and aspiring tutors can make a full-time career out of tutoring their favourite subject: geography.

How to Make a Career as a Geography Tutor

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Geography is more than just studying places on a map. (Source: pixabay)

Learning new topics such as languages, accounting, maths, cooking, and musical instruments can all be done in the same way. Which way is that? Tutoring sessions with a qualified instructor! So much learning happens now outside of the traditional classroom, and much time after university degrees have been acquired.

We all want to better ourselves as human beings so we continue the learning process, acquire new skills and become more capable in various domains. 

However, while the desire for people to keep learning has not changed throughout the 21st century, the relative ease of the matter has; it has never been so easy to find qualified professionals offering classes thanks to the internet.

The sheer amount of tutors available and students looking for academic guidance is excellent news for both parties.

Nevertheless, the primary question for beginner tutors is, "how do I start making some money and make a name for myself?"

Have an Online Presence

Without a strong online presence, it is almost impossible for new tutors to develop name recognition and have a career that sticks.

The internet is the way of the world and those who refuse to accept this fact are stuck in the past.

Therefore, to avoid heartache and frustration from the beginning, amateur geography teachers need to create a profile on as many tutoring-based websites as possible. Why? Well, it's simple, in the beginning, it is challenging to make a name for yourself by starting on your own and posting a homemade add on Gumtree.

Again, why? When spending their hard-earned cash to learn new things, people much instead start with a reputable company than a random add from a beginner tutor. Hence the reason why there are currently hundreds of tutoring communities offering tutors that have been carefully selected to ensure quality.

Nonetheless, to get ahead of the curb, we recommend starting with the best tutoring website in the business. Which is? Superprof! For some years now Superprof has garnered the attention of both a large community of over 12 million tutors and dedicated students alike.

Also, creating an online tutoring profile to offer geography lessons is a piece of cake with Superprof! 

The following steps demonstrate how beginner tutors can create their profile and kick-start their career ASAP:

  1. Visit the Superprof site and select the "tutoring jobs" in the right-hand corner.
  2. Create your profile by signing up with Facebook, Google, or your email.
  3. Define your schedule, price, and highlight your teaching methods on your profile; also, an attractive profile picture wouldn't hurt!
  4. Publish your profile and wait for the students to come to you!

Remember, Superprof has a technical support team to aid all new tutors through the process of creating their profile or answer any questions they may have.

Advantages of Tutoring on Superprof

As we previously stated, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of online tutoring sites around the world. So, the question arises, why should a newbie geography enthusiast start teaching with us? The following reasons will convince even the most sceptical:

  • First Lesson is Free: as a way to attract new learners, Superprof always guarantees that the first class with a new tutor is 100% free of charge. Not only is this great for students but also instructors since they can work their magic and ensure that they have future bookings.
  • In-person or Online Classes: do you never want to leave the comfort of your own home? No problem! All tutors can select the type of lessons they wish to conduct whether online or in-person in a convenient location that works for both the prof and the student.
  • Serious Students: the problem with many tutoring websites is that students are not motivated and do not take remedial lessons seriously. That is not the case with Superprof since the profiles of pupils can be checked, and they are guaranteed to be earnest learners.

The three reasons are undeniably right and support the fact that Superprof is simply the best in the biz!

Why Tutoring Online is Better than Teaching in a Traditional Classroom

want to sleep in?
Do you like sleeping in and starting work later? Become a freelance geography tutor! (Source: pixabay)

Since the rise of online tutoring, there have been many debates and articles written about whether it is better for teachers to spend their time offering remedial lessons or accept jobs at schools in a more traditional setting.

It's safe to say that both options have their pros and cons; like everything in life! Nevertheless, for argument's sake, let's focus on why online tutoring is much more interesting. The following are some of the best reasons to choose to become an online geography tutor:

  • Flexible Schedule: you don't want to work Monday mornings? No problem! As a freelancer offering geography lessons, you can choose which times during the week suit you best.
  • More Money: if you have the experience and qualifications, online tutors can make up to £50 per hour! Preparation and a reputable name are needed to get that price but it isn't uncommon.
  • One-on-One Classes: instead of having to raise your voice and talk over a group of pubescent preteens, online or in-person tutors only have to concentrate on one student or maybe two at a time. Also, the pupils are paying for their lessons so they are motivated and actually want to learn.

Disclaimer: in no ways are we dissing the hard work of schoolteachers; they deserve so much recognition for their efforts in educating generations of youth. Nevertheless, we are simply analysing the alternatives that better suit the lifestyles of today's millennials.

In conclusion, we guarantee that becoming a geography tutor and making a career out of it is a fantastic decision and a wonderful decision for those who love to study our beautiful planet and its characteristics!

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