When you travel in Germany, you will never be far from one of the many Unesco world heritage sites or culturally unique sites, marked for their historical importance and interest. Unesco and other points of interest such as Brandenburg gate, Neuschwanstein castle, the Bavarian Alps, the Danube river (the second longest river in Europe), Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) and the romantic Rothenburg. These attractions will leave you captivated by Germany and eager to learn more about this fascinating culture.

Along with these sites, there are also gorgeous German historical cities like Bremen, Leipzig, and Dresden. In which you can discover museums, Parks Monuments and many other must-see attractions in your traveling in Germany. It is true that Germany is overflowing with attractions, events and destinations for you to explore and discover. You certainly will not run out of places to see on your visit to Germany.

When you arrive, you will likely fly into an airport in one of the top 10 cities (which by population are: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen and Leipzig) whose airports offer regular, on time and high quality onward transport which allows you easy access for a tour of Germany.

a city that has kept its old-world charm
The city has kept a strong medieval, modern but also contemporary historical imprint. Photo Source: Unsplash

Must See Attractions And Places In Germany

  1. The Berlin Tower (Fernsehturm)

The Berlin tower stands at 368 meters tall and It is the tallest building in Germany and it is also one of the top 5 tallest buildings in Europe. The Fernsehturm as it is known locally functions as a TV signal tower, and it looks down over Berlin just as the Eiffel Tower does in Paris.

In 1979, the Berlin Fernsehturm received the status of historical monument in the East Germany.  After the reunification of Berlin, the tower became the national symbol of a united and democratic Germany. It is so well known that it is often used to symbolize the city of Berlin alongside the Brandenburg Gate or the Victory Column.

  1. Neuschwanstein Castle, German Wonder

Located on a rocky spur in Bavaria (a region of Germany), this castle was built by Louis II of Bavaria in the nineteenth century. This Bavarian king wanted to imitate the style of the old German castles while bringing an elegance to the imagination of the romantics. Today, Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most visited monuments in Germany and one of the most beautiful buildings, with a magical fairytale atmosphere.

  1. The Old Town Of Rothenburg, A Place Frozen In Time

The Rothenburg ob der Tauber, is in the old town of Rotheburg, it is a small medieval village in Bavaria. If you travel to Germany, it is essential to go to this city which has the power to take you back in time. The town has a very large number of medieval buildings and a fortified enclosure which has been well preserved. Rothenburg is one of the stops on the romantic road tour that should not be missed!

  1. Munich's Marienplatz

The Marienplatz is the perfect place for sightseeing, buying typical souvenirs and eating local specialties. Also known as one of the most beautiful places in Germany. Marienplatz is the square in downtown Munich, which was founded in 1158.

A few of the attractions in Munichs Marienplatz include:

  • The old neo-Gothic town hall with its famous tower
  • The church of Marienplatz, also in Neo-Gothic style,
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral, which is also emblem of the city,

This place has plenty to occupy the travelers with its many tourist attractions and typical activities.

estimates that can help you work out your budget
you want to have a good time visiting attractions but you must also take care that you have enough to cover your basic needs. Photo Source: Unsplash
  1. Cologne Cathedral

Located in North Rhine, Cologne Cathedral is one of the most visited monuments in Germany. In a marked Gothic style, the religious building is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the buildings in Europe that best symbolizes the Christian past. At 157 meters high, Cologne Cathedral is the second highest church in the world.

Must-See Cities In Germany

  1. Berlin City, Germanys Capital

If you only have time for a short city tour, you would do well to visit Berlin. It is the largest city in Germany and it is a good representative of Germany. Giving a good introduction to the German culture and a wonderful selection of historical and modern attractions.

A few of the attractions in Berlin include:

  • Admire the Brandenburg Gate,
  • Visit the Reichstag Palace,
  • Visit the Berlin Wall Memorial,
  • Visit the TV Tower,
  • Visit the Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom).

The city obviously has many more fascinating places to discover and it will take you more than a day to visit everything.

  1. Stuttgart, Epicenter Of German Culture

Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Württemberg, it is a city that has kept its old-world charm. The city has kept a strong medieval, modern but also contemporary historical imprint. It is also possible to visit the big park or the Porsche exhibition which is a celebration of the legendary car brand.

  1. Dresden, City Of Art In Germany

Dresden is the capital of Saxony, in eastern Germany and it is a centre of cultural, artistic and historical tourism. Dresden is a overflowing with German heritage and should not be missed on a trip to Germany.

A few of the attractions in Dresden include:

  • The Taschenberg Palace,
  • The Frauenkirche (Protestant Church),
  • Le musée Green vault,
  • Moritzburg Castle.

These historical buildings are internationally renowned and many cultural and musical events take place around them throughout the year.

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  1. Munich, The Kingdom Of Beer In Bavaria

If you are a beer lover, then Munich is the city that you have to go to. Every year, at the end of September / beginning of October, it welcomes tourists from all over the world and from all over Germany to celebrate German and European beer during the Oktoberfest.

  1. Hamburg, A City Between Traditional And Modern

In the North of Germany, Hamburg is host to the largest German port from which it welcomes many tourists. With its many canals, Hamburg may remind you of Venice, especially as it has managed to protect its historical heritage from the throes of time and combine it with a unique German modernity. It is often considered to be the most beautiful city in Germany!

  1. Düsseldorf, Shopping In The Medival Era

Dusseldorf is a city divided in two by the Rhine and is famous for its authentic breweries.  The cities landscape is divided into two facets:

  • Modern city with buildings and stores by the thousands and
  • Traditional city with historical buildings like the old port and the 7 bridges.
Hotels are designed to offer maximum comfort
There are several categories of hotel according to your desires and especially of your budget. Photo Source: Unsplash

What Accommodation Is Available In Germany

Whether you want to visit Germany near the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, around Lake Constance or near the rivers Elbe and the Danube.  Germany offers a lot of different accommodation to suit any budget.

There are several categories of hotel according to your desires and especially of your budget:

  1. Standard Hotel: room of 12m² / 16m² double or twin bed with toiletries offered,
  2. Mid-priced Hotel: double room 14m² / 18m² with all hotel service,
  3. First Class Hotel: 16m² / 22m² double room with all services including toiletries, business centre, gym and restaurant,
  4. Luxury Hotel: 18m² / 26m² double room or suite with 24h reception, room service, smart technology, a safe, and other luxury services.

The main advantage of hotels is certainly the comfort it can offer compared to alternative accommodation like the hostel or Airbnb. Hotels are designed to offer maximum comfort and the services offered make your stay in Germany easy. However alternative accommodations have several advantages too. The main one being the price, which can be up to three or four times less than traditional hotels.

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Planning Your Budget For Your German Trip

If you want to maximise what is possible for yourself while traveling then having a budget can really help. Of course you want to have a good time visiting attractions but you must also take care that you have enough to cover your basic needs like accommodation, food and transport. Here are some rough estimates that can help you work out your budget.

Average Price Of Accommodation

  1. Cheap accommodation around €0 - €35
  2. Homestays and Airbnb around €35+
  3. 3 star hotel to 5 star hotel around €80-€200+

Average Price Of Food


  1. A loaf of Bread: 1,3 €,
  2. Potatoes: 1,1 € per kg,
  3. Tomatoes: 2,6 € per kg,
  4. Bottle of water: 0,4 € (1,5 l),
  5. Bottle of local beer: 0,7 €,


  1. Around €10 per person for lunch.
  2. €23 per person for dinner.
  3. Fast food around € 7.
  4. Beer from around €1.
  5. Mineral water around € 1.9.

Average Price Of Transport

  1. One way Bus ticket is around 2,70 €,
  2. Single Metro ticket in the capital city of Berlin is around 1.70 - 2.80 €
  3. Uber minimum journey cost is around 5 €,
  4. Take charge of the taxi is around 3,60 €/km
  5. Daily Car rental is around 24 €.

Whether for its landscapes or architecture, Germany is a very beautiful country. Worth a visit for your next holiday destination. Enjoy your time!

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