“Clearing” – the word all prospective university students dread. The seemingly dark end of the tunnel where students who have not hit their offers for university must sit and wait in uncertainty. Well, at least that was the picture painted to me about Clearing, and it certainly left me frightened.

When I actually reached the dreaded Clearing stage, it was a lot less scary than I thought! To be successfully accepted by a university through Clearing, you have to persevere.

First of all, write down the courses that you would be willing to study at university – success will come out of flexibility, and remember it is usually quite easy to change courses in your first year at university.

Secondly, I would recommend trawling through the Clearing pages on the UCAS website, to find universities that offer these courses. The next stage is crucial, you must ring and email every university you have listed and enquire about the availability of the course through Clearing. At first this appears to be the scariest part. I think making the first call to a university is daunting. However, you will find that the admissions staff at universities are usually friendly and willing to help you find a place. But, you should be assertive and be willing to prove to them that you want to study at their university no matter what.

Clearing seems a long way off for most students, but no matter how clever and confident you may be about your exam results, disasters and mistakes do occur, and don’t let that doesn’t deprive you of a place at university; there are several good universities that reserve spaces in Clearing, you just have to be prepared to go in and grab ‘em! by Ananya, who recently completed her Sixth Form studies and has found a place at University through Clearing.

Blog post written by Ananya, a Sixth Former who has just found a place at University through Clearing.

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