There’s been a lot of talk about mindfulness recently and, to be fair, media outlets are doing well at presenting both sides of the coin.

Mindfulness is great; the best thing you could do, versus: Is mindfulness really that great?

To further credit those writers, they give brief explanations about what mindfulness is, exactly: a state of awareness; of living in the moment. One achieves that state through meditation and other practices.

Through the continuous practice of mindfulness, one could theoretically develop a better understanding of the self which, in turn, leads to what Buddhists call enlightenment: the absence of suffering.

How does mindfulness differ from the results achieved through life coaching?

Developing self-knowledge is the very premise of what a life coach guides you to do: recognising self-sabotaging thoughts, actions and attitudes that effectively keep you from reaching your full potential.

It too can be achieved through meditation and other practices. Now, to deepen the comparison...

Presumably, if one knows what one wants, reaches their full potential and becomes their very best selves, there would be no personal suffering... would there?

Quite possibly will need to turn to a certified life coach for the answer to those questions and to find out how we could reach our personal goals... and/or professional ones.

Fortunately, there are plenty of them in Glasgow!

Life Coaching with Your Superprof

Your Superprof life coach will surely bring about positive results
Look for positive results with your Superprof life coach! Source: Pixabay Credit: Carlos Scuellito87

As Superprof has tutors for any subject from languages to math and music to yoga, wouldn’t it stand to reason that there would also be Superprof life coaches?

In fact, there are 3 such coaches in the Glasgow area and, should you not mind online coaching, you would have an entire array of life coaches available to you!

You may choose to work with Anri via webcam. So successful is he in helping others that he has earned a 5-star rating and his profile page boasts glowing testimonials from clients he’s led to success.

You may think that such a mentor would be very dear, but in fact, he charges only £30 per hour, and he gives his first hour of lessons for free!

As do all three Superprof life coaches based in Glasgow. For example, you might interview with Anne, who holds a degree in psychology.

It is important to note that any life skills coach is not a therapist, even though s/he may hold a degree and even have worked as a psychologist.

While therapists look to the past to find reasons for the obstacles in your life, a life coach looks forward to ways to overcome said obstacles.

If you seek Anne out for personal coaching, she would surely use her expertise in that field to help you achieve your goals, but she would no more counsel you on past trauma than she would expound on Newton’s Laws of Motion – something she is also qualified to do!

Anne’s fees are slightly higher than Ari’s but she does offer discounts if you book five or 10 sessions in advance.

That is just the Superprof way!

You may wonder about fees for life coaching. It sounds like an expensive proposition – and it could be but, considering the rewards of personal development... how can anyone put a price on that?

Still, in today’s economy, it might be difficult to justify any cash outlay for some intangible thing, even if it is as valuable as life coaching.

Let us now find organisations in and around Glasgow where you could benefit from free coaching.

You may also be interested in finding life coaching in Edinburgh...

What a bonus getting a discount on life coaching would be!
By asking around, you may find low-cost, or even free life coaching Source: Pixabay Credit: The Digital Artist

Low Cost and Free Options

Did you know that these days, with the rewards that life coaching provides, more businesses are offering those services as a part of employees’ benefits packages?

That being the case, your office may be behind the power curve. Why don’t you help your boss get into the new millennium by suggesting they offer at least professional coaching, if not coaching services in general?

You may consider negotiating that perquisite by insisting your coworkers would be happy to pay a small premium. Of course, you should get a consensus on that, first!

What about group coaching programs?

Perhaps your community centre, church or school offers workshops and seminars designed to help people.

If not, you may request they offer such a service, hopefully for free but at least at a discounted rate.

Speaking of schools... plenty of students studying psychotherapy would be happy to design a training program meant to get your life to the next level for a small fee if not for free.

You may even investigate a website called Coach Me Free.

There you will find two methods of free coaching: a single session with a certified coach or three free coaching sessions with a life coach trainee.

Whether you are looking for business coaching, leadership coaching or better ways of focusing on ridding yourself of anxiety, you may find the coach that is right for you out of the nearly 200 coaches on their roster.

Should you indeed find the ideal coach, you may want to keep on working with him/her.

If that’s the case, you may always ask for a discount or, if such is included in that coach’s fee schedule, find out if s/he has any low-cost slots open.

If s/he hasn’t yet incorporated any low-fee options, you may encourage him/her to do so!

As wellness is of prime concern to our National Health Service, you may inquire at your doctor’s surgery or with a mental health professional if s/he could recommend a life coach with reasonable rates, or one who coaches for free.

Finally, you may check out the International Coach Federation website.

Working from their ‘find a coach’ tab, you may locate an accredited coach who may consider taking you on pro bono. Again, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

In fact, searching the ICF page for someone with coaching certification may be the best idea!

Because there are no regulations pertaining to life coaching, anyone with any measure of talent could bill themselves as a life coach whether they have the essential coaching skills to help you or not.

What skills would those be?

  • Effective communication
  • Empowering
  • Inspiring
  • Ethical
  • Motivated
  • Possessed of a can-do attitude

Clearly, you would want someone who is interested in your personal growth rather than anyone who is more focused on collecting a fee.

It would, in fact, destroy your confidence to work with someone like that!

So, locating someone with life coach certification near you would be made so much easier through the very organization that certifies life coaches!

You can find such credentialled individuals elsewhere, too...

Check for a life coach Belfast on Superprof and be sure to read our full-length article about the best coaches there!

You can find happy workers in businesses that offer life coaching
Many companies offer life coaching to ensure more productive, happy employees Source: Pixabay Credit: Rawpixel

Life Coaches in Glasgow

Because we live in the digital age, we hardly need to leave home or pick up the phone to find a directory of services we seek.

A few strokes of the keyboard and, presto! We have all of the answers we want – provided the computer is hooked up to the Internet, of course.

In searching for life coaching, Glaswegians really take the prize!

You might appreciate everything Adele Logan could do for you.

She took quite a circuitous path to become a motivational life coach. Starting out as a nurse in palliative care, she moved on to acupuncture and other healing methods before transitioning into coaching.

With more than 20 years of healing practice on her CV, you could trust her to help you manage your stress and anxiety.

She is located in Glasgow City Centre, in the Medical Rooms.

You can find equally storied life coaches in Cardiff...

You might also appeal to Life Coaching Solutions or LCS.

They will help you find self-confidence and, with it, self-esteem; motivate you to reach further than ever before in your career and personal relationships and, through it all, see to your personal development.

Because today’s average person is beset from all sides with demands – from work, from family and friends, from one’s personal wishes and aspirations, these coaches want nothing more than to help you find the best life balance possible.

If you are facing retirement or being made redundant in your job, LCS has a solution for you.

In fact, they tackle several niche areas such as losing weight and keeping fit. If stress eating or binging is a manifestation of your personal trauma, they can help with that, too.

You may want to turn to them if you are preparing for an interview, facing a promotion or are simply not happy with your current work situation.

They offer workshops and seminars too, with topics as diverse as managing stress and reaching your potential.

Perhaps you could ask your boss to host a teambuilding event with them!

Glasgow having been voted the friendliest city in the UK, it might be hard for an outsider to realise that Weegies sometimes need a boost in order to fulfil that reputation.

Fortunately, there are plenty of life coaches to help us residents keep our stress levels down and exude that aura of positivity we’re famous for!

Discover the life coaches working in your area...


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