Ah! the melodious language of España! How mellifluous! How entrancing! How can you learn it?

If that is the hardest question to answer today, our work here is very nearly already done!

Spanish, in all of its variations, is the fourth most widely spoken language in our world today; the means of communications for millions of people on four continents.

Even native English speakers, notoriously stubborn when it comes to learning a second language are snapping up classroom spots and learning to roll their Rs.

Thus it stands to reason that one could find Spanish language lessons aplenty in our city.

Are you among those numbers enrolled in Spanish language classes or are you still looking for your ideal teacher to learn Spanish with?

Superprof hits the streets in Glesga, shining a light on the best schools and teachers our city has to offer so that you too can quickly master your new language.

If you're based in Edinburgh read our post about where to find Spanish classes here.

A Word on Spanish Lessons

Visiting Madrid will call on your Castilian language skills
If you've set your sights on Madrid, Castilian Spanish would be the language for you Source: Pixabay Credit: Falco

If you have demonstrated an interest in learning this language, then surely you already know that there is more than one variety of Spanish.

If you only ever intend to holiday in Majorca, learning Castilian Spanish will be of less benefit to you than studying Catalan – that region’s language.

However, if diving in Costa Rica’s waters is your passion or you want to climb Macchu Picchu, Castilian will serve you nicely.

What’s the difference?

Far more than being a matter of regional dialects, those languages present tonal and grammatical differences.

In fact, so divergent is the grammar and vocabulary from one type of Spanish to the other that being fluent in one type offers no guarantee that one would be understood in a region where a different type of Spanish is spoken.

To illustrate the matter clearly, one might say that Scottish Standard English, while being a form of English, is grammatically different than Oxford English. The vocabulary and expressions are unique as well!

So, as a Glaswegian setting your sights on Spanish, your first order of the day is to determine which variation of Spanish you will learn.

Students of Spanish in America have it so much easier; they are generally treated to Mexican Spanish!

Find out what type of Spanish Birmingham language students are learning!

It is quite unfortunate that most websites promoting Spanish lessons in and around our city do not specify which type of Spanish they instruct in so you will have to ask which Spanish they teach when you contact them.

Another point to consider is your purpose for seeking Spanish lessons.

  • Are you parent to a student who will soon sit GCSEs or A-Levels in Spanish?

    • Or you simply realise the value of being bilingual and want to get your children started early...

  • Do you want to be able to speak to shopkeepers while on holiday in Barcelona?

  • Do you need to learn Business Spanish to keep your competitive edge at work?

  • Are you hoping to improve your Spanish skills to pass a language exam – the Spanish DELE or Catalan SIMtest?

As you can see from these scenarios, shopping for Spanish classes is most definitely not a one size fits all proposition!

Fortunately, our city has Spanish courses for just about anyone... people searching the Internet for Spanish lessons near me end up with a multitude of hits to choose from!

Make a distinction between the different types of Spanish
If exploring Mayan ruins is your reason for learning Spanish, be sure to learn the right type! Source: Pixabay Credit: Ala de Cuervo

A General Rundown of Spanish Courses in Glasgow

As there are plenty of venues to learn Spanish from in our city, it is a bit difficult, knowing where to start!

To address the widest range of situation particulars, we present you with a list of possible solutions for your language learning needs.

If you are just starting your language learning adventure, surely Easy Spanish Glasgow is a good place to be!

Their Basic Spanish curriculum consists of being able to talk about yourself – what you do for a living and describing your family; you will also learn the vocabulary associated with holidaymaking, such as how to buy transit tickets and ordering in a restaurant.

These six weeks are spent in the company of up to 14 other learners, giving everyone plenty of speaking time. Besides, small groups make for more dynamic classes!

As this course is meant for people wishing to communicate while on holiday, little emphasis is placed on reading and writing in Spanish; its strength lies in its speaking and listening work.

The cost of this course is £110 and sessions take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. If you would like to see if this is the right learning experience for you, you may attend a free taster evening prior to committing.

If you are too eager to settle for a taster evening, you should contact them before booking your classes to ensure there will be room for you and everyone in your group, if indeed you are accompanied by a merry band of language learners.

You will find their contact details at the end of this article, along with the other schools we feature.

If you are more interested in your children learning Spanish, you might find that LCF would suit your purposes the best.

Is there such a club as this to learn Spanish in Leeds?

Like so many other language professionals, these dedicated teachers believe that the younger the student, the more optimal learning a foreign language is, so they offer classes to students as young as two!

Building on those classes for beginners, their progressive curriculum is suitable even for learners more than eight years old.

Besides structured learning they offer seasonal courses: for Christmas, Easter and summer, addressing vocabulary specific to those themes.

If you wanted the entire family to partake of language skills acquisition, The Language Hub may have a Spanish course for everyone on your list!

If you are a beginner, you may join others of the same skill level, in groups of no larger than eight.

Should you be more advanced, you may prefer their intermediate class at a cost of £83 for five sessions and, if you have mastered intermediate Spanish and are ready to move on to more complex discussions of language and culture, you may engage with a Spanish teacher for one on one learning.

Naturally, this option for language training is substantially more expensive than other Spanish language courses they offer.

Besides, if you were looking for private tutoring, there are other options to investigate...

Find out where people learn Spanish in Manchester!

you may take online courses with a tutor
The World Wide Web offers multiple opportunities for learning Spanish! Source: Pixabay Credit: SCY

Find out the best places to take Spanish lessons in Belfast and Cardiff here.

Online Spanish Lessons

The worldwide web has made so much learning possible, even to those living in remote regions – provided they have a stable Internet connection.

One can literally learn anything they want online, from yoga to line dancing and from advanced academics to language arts.

In fact, ye average search page is lousy with free online Spanish offers!

Duolingo, BBC; Babbel and others all feature prominently in the quest for language acquisition. Because the Spanish language is one of the most sought after, you may depend on finding plenty of outlets offering lessons.

All of these outlets are great for helping you practise your Spanish grammar but they do nothing for your conversational skills! After all, who will you talk to... the video?

That is why it is best to have a language teacher; someone who can teach you conjugation and correct your pronunciation. Somebody who is passionate about teaching Spanish; not someone who really doesn’t care if you can roll your Rs...

Live Lingua is where serious Spanish learners turn for their daily dose of Spanish studies.

This website is staffed entirely by teachers whose native language is Spanish – from Spain, Latin America and Mexico – remember what was said about no two Spanish languages being alike!

You may specify which Spanish you’d like to learn and you will be treated to a trial lesson before committing to an entire series of classes.

Furthermore, you will be matched with a Spanish tutor according to your level and language ability.

No matter whether you are polishing your fluency or wanting to learn conversational Spanish, they would have a tutor for you.

Italki offers the same service; in much the same way. Here’s how it works...

You establish a profile on their site and select a likely teacher from their pool. And then, you set a schedule. At the appointed time, your chosen Spanish teacher will call you via Skype and the learning begins!

We have to wonder, though...

With more than 70 Spanish tutors in the Glasgow area alone – and an average cost of £16 per lesson, why would anyone look further than Superprof for Spanish lessons?

Superprof tutors may meet you in person for lessons, help you improve your Spanish online or a combination of both, as you prefer.

Every Superprof tutor profile has been verified and the best tutors present glowing reviews from students they’ve successfully taught. You could be one of them!

And, with most Superprof tutors offering their first hour of lessons at no cost, why wouldn’t you?

Learning to speak Spanish will open doors you may have not known existed: understanding the culture and following social mores when you visit Spanish-speaking countries, and maybe even establishing relationships with native speakers who live in the region you are so enamoured of.

Won’t it be great, coming away from your next holiday in Spain with more than recuerdos (memories)?

NameWhat they teachPhysical AddressPhone numberWebsite
Easy Spanish GlasgowBasic SpanishKilmardinny House Art Centre. Kilmardinny Ave, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 3NNhttp://www.easyspanishglasgow.co.uk
LCFSpanish for Children from under five years old to older than eight37 Murchison, Glasgow · 07812 969077(0) 148 978 6473http://www.lcfclubs.com/spanish/
The Language HubChildren of all ages
52 Keith Ct, Glasgow G11 6QW(0) 141 258 2700http://www.thelanguagehub.co.uk
Live LanguageBasic level through advanced to adults10 Somerset Place,
Sauchiehall Street,
Glasgow G3 7JT
(0) 141 221 0793https://live-language.com
Language Trainers UKprivate groups; all levels(0) 870 760 7373https://www.languagetrainers.co.uk

Now discover the fine tutors online in London to learn Spanish with!

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